From bench to market: the evolution of chemical synthesis, , 2000, 266 pages, walter cabri, romano di fabio, oxford university press, 2000, ebook

From Bench to Market: The Evolution of Chemical Synthesis, , Walter Cabri, Romano Di Fabio, OxfordUniversity Press, 2000, 0198503830, 9780198503835, 266 pages. Who wins the race to turn molecules intomedicines? How much does it cost? What factors influence the choice of synthetic routes and reactionmechanisms? How can pharmaceutical companies protect their discoveries? In From Bench to Market, WalterCabri and Romano Di Fabio chart the process of industrial chemical synthesis, from the first discovery of amolecule, or 'new chemical entity', to its entry in the marketplace as a drug. They discuss all aspects related tothe process research for bulk production, including comparison between different synthetic routes, keymethodologies and reaction mechanisms, costs, patent competition, and crystalline forms. The authors use thereal chemical history of the development of drugs from several therapeutic areas as detailed case studies, eachchosen to illustrate a range of issues and methodologies in industrial chemistry. Several chapters cover thedevelopment of the various ss-lactam antibiotics; two chapters describe the discovery and synthesis of theanticancer drugs Idarubicin and Paclitaxal; in another chapter, the synthesis of the anti-viral drug Acyclovirand the 'patent war' that resulted are explored. The technical, practical, and strategic information gathered heremake this essential reading for graduate and undergraduate chemists intending to work in the pharmaceuticalindustry, as well as for industrial chemists themselves. Lecturers teaching courses in medicinal and organicchemistry will also find it useful. Burger's Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery, Cardiovascular Agents and Endocrines , Alfred Burger,Feb 20, 2003, Medical, 914 pages. Offers access via basic and advanced search engines to broad coverage ofthe field of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery for medicinal chemists, biologists, pharmacologists .
Recent progress in the chemical synthesis of antibiotics and ., Volume 2 , Gabor Lukacs, 1993, Medical, 970pages. .
Medicinal Chemistry A Molecular and Biochemical Approach, Thomas Nogrady, Donald F. Weaver, Aug 11,2005, Medical, 649 pages. Fully updated, this textbook takes a receptor-based, target-centred approach,presenting concepts central to the study of drug action in a logical, mechanistic way, grounded on .
Practical Pharmaceutical Chemistry Part II Fourth Edition, A. H. Beckett, J. B. Stenlake, 1988, History, 320pages. This Fourth Edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to take account of internationaldevelopments in pharaceutical chemistry and to maintain the position of Practical .
From bench to pilot plant process research in the pharmaceutical industry, Mehdi Nafissi, John A. Ragan,Keith M. DeVries, 2002, Medical, 151 pages. Annotation.
Essentials of Pharmaceutical Chemistry , Donald Cairns, Jan 1, 2003, Medical, 239 pages. Essentials ofPharmaceutical Chemistry is a basic introduction for pharmacy students, explaining the principles ofchemistry that underpin the study of pharmacy, pharmacology .
Industrial Biotransformations , Andreas Liese, Karsten Seelbach, Christian Wandrey, Mar 31, 2006, Science,556 pages. The completely revised second edition of this user-friendly and application-oriented overview ofone-step biotransformations of industrial importance. Based on extensive .
Chemical process research the art of practical organic synthesis, Ahmed F. Abdel-Magid, John A. Ragan,2004, Language Arts & Disciplines, 211 pages. This book shows the diversity of structural problems andsynthesis solution as well as the practical aspects and methodologies required for large-scale syntheses. Theeleven .
Enzyme Catalysis in Organic Synthesis: A Comprehensive Handbook, Volume 1 A ComprehensiveHandbook, Karlheinz Drauz, Harald Gröger, Oliver May, 2012, Catalysis, 1985 pages. .
The Generic Challenge Understanding Patents, FDA and Pharmaceutical Life-Cycle Management (thirdEdition), Martin A. Voet, 2011, Law, 198 pages. The Generic Challenge is a must-read for pharmaceutical executives and managers, and regulatory, legal, business development, R&D and strategic marketingprofessionals and .
The development of a strategy for the synthesis of Taxol and Taxol analogs , Paul Edward Floreancig,Stanford University. Dept. of Chemistry, 1997, , 398 pages. .
Naturally Occurring Acetylenes , F. Bohlmann, C. Zdero, 1973, Science, 547 pages. .
Chemistry of Drugs , David E. Newton, Jan 1, 2009, Drugs, 180 pages. Discusses current research andadvances in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry, including drug safety, designer drugs, and the developmentof new drugs.
An Introduction to Chemical Pharmacology Pharmacodynamics in Relation to Chemistry, Hugh McGuigan,1921, Pharmaceutical chemistry, 418 pages. .
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