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Welcome! We would like to thank you for choosing our is best attained when he or she comes into the treatment room practice to help you get your asthma and allergies under alone where the patient can speak in private with the physician. If the patient is a child, due to limited space, werequest only 1 parent accompany him/her.
We are providing this information regarding our officepolicies and procedures with the hope that this information You must stop the following medications 1 week prior to the will put you at ease and will answer some of your concerns Allergy presents itself in so many different ways: hay fever, sneezes and / or wheezes, cough, sinus problems, or sometypes of headaches, rashes, stomach upsets and even recurrent infections. In order to completely evaluate these problems, our physicians and staff will approach them in a team effort.
 You may spend 3-5 hours with us on your first visit. Much of this is development time between stages of testing, (as explained below), so you may wish to bring items forentertainment and a snack if necessary.
If you are taking an antihistamine which is not on this list,  The nurse will talk with you at length and obtain a detailed please call our office for further instructions.
Rescheduling Appointments
 The physician will then review the history with you, do a physical examination, and determine what testing is If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, please call our necessary, including allergy skin testing.
office as soon as possible to reschedule another one. Late  Prick skin testing is a relatively simple procedure involving cancellations or “no-shows” prevent others from being seen.
a minute prick of the skin to deliver a drop of allergen To address this need, cancellations less than 48 hours in extract. It takes about 20 minutes before the results can be advance will result in a $25 fee. Missed appointments will read. At times, a second test, called an intradermal skin test result in a $60 charge. Note that these charges are the may be applied. This consists of injecting a tiny bubble of individual’s responsibility as insurances do not cover these the extract superficially into the skin of the arm, again to be Billing and Insurance
 You may have laboratory work or other tests ordered as well. If asthma-like symptoms are reported, a breathing test Initial visit fees depend on the complexity of the problem and the amount of time required as well as the extent of lab work  After all the testing is completed, your nurse will explain and testing which the physician may order.
some of the general steps in the treatment of allergies. Your We are participants of Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Healthkeepers, physician will then outline with you the recommendations Medicare, Southern Health, United Healthcare and Virginia regarding your individualized treatment plan.
Health Network. You, the patient, are responsible for  Beta blockers, sedative medication and certain obtaining any insurance referral that may be required. Please antidepressants, should be stopped if possible but only bring it with you or have it in our office prior to your visit.
under the direction of your prescribing physician. Please callour office for the exact length of time and further details.
Services are always the responsibility of the patient. Payment  Most asthma medications can be continued. If possible, do for co-pays and deductibles are due at the time of services.
However, we are always willing to work with our patients who not use your asthma inhalers the morning of your may not be able to pay in full by setting up a monthly budget appointment-bring them with you for use shortly after you arrive. Let the nurse know prior to its use if possible.
Patients who are unable to complete their allergy workups will Many of your fellow patients are highly sensitive to strong be charged for the professional services, pulmonary function smells. We ask that you refrain from wearing strong perfumesor colognes when coming to our office.
tests, and testing charges up to the point they discontinued theworkup.
A doctor-patient relationship is a privileged one. For thisreason, we do not give out information about our patients toothers. If the patient is an adult, the doctor-patient relationship H:\WordPerfect\Forms\Authorized\AAC_Welcome Letter.doc 3/22/2011


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Report on Availability of essential medicines in PHCs of 5 districts of Maharashtra During the 4th phase of Community based monitoring (CBM) in Maharashtra, availability of essential medicines in PHCs has been assessed quite extensively. Availability of 28 essential medicines was assessed in the 4th phase of CBM (data collected in the period Sept. 2010 to March 2011). All selected medic

Letter to physician requesting NCAA Medical Exception Documentation to Support the Diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and Treatment with Banned Stimulant Medication I am one of your patients, and I am a student-athlete at Brevard College. The medication you prescribed for my ADD/ADHD is on the NCAA’s list of banned substances. The NCAA allows for medical exceptions for this medication if proper do

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