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Gary Fields IOS Application Suggestions

Updated - 2/22/13
Shazam – Music recognition
SoundHound – Music recognition
TWC – My favorite weather program
Zyrtec – allergy forcaster
Chronograph – My favorite Chronograph
Trapster – Alerts for traffic (speed traps, red light cameras, etc.)
Phoenix Light Rail Timetable
Traffic View – See what the traffic cameras see
Dvice – SyFy Tech magazine
Blastr – NBC Digital Science Fiction, Fantasy and Paranormal
Mashable – Tech News
cnet – CBS Interactive Tech News – Tech web site
News360 – Great news reader – interesting technology Blog
PopSci – Popular Science on line magazine
Macworld – Macworld Digital magazine
Phoenix New Times – Local Newspaper
MailOnLine – Britain’s number one online newspaper
Readr – Monthly fee unlimited magazine service
Zinio – Electronic Magazine Source
Instructables – How-tos, Hacks, Recipes, and inventions
Emer.Radio – Police Scanner
Rdio – Streaming unlimited music
Zillow – Property Information
– File Sharing
WordWarp – Great word game
RunPee – When to go to the bathroom during a movie
IZIK – Search engine for the iPad
Congress – Members of congress information
HP (calculator)
Contact – One Touch dialing automater
Actions for the iPad – Actions for Macs on the pad add-on automation
AppZappPro – Bargain guide for Apps
PocketRX – Drug information, medication organizer
Al Coir’s IOS Application Sugestions
Cards - Free Application by Apple to make greeting cards and mail them.
PhotoMgrPro - Allows creating folder and subfolders to organize for photos.
Camera Awesome - Really great camera app. Its the one I like best.
GPS Drive HD - A really great GPS app for driving with voice direction.
QRReader - Reads QR codes and bar codes.
Reunion - Genealogy app works with the most popular Mac application.
WinZip -
Permits the decompression apps from Windows or Mac
iMDb - Movie data base, Complete source of Move/TV information.
MyCalendar - Calendar event organizer with alerts works with Facebook.
iPassword - Best way to securely save those passwords and key codes (Mac Synced)
Jasime - Takes the place of the Mac app. A full featured YouTube client.
Blastr - News client for NBC universal.
Appzilla - 150 Applications in one Replaces many specialized apps.
Magnifier - Allows images \magnifying up to 9 times.
Bento - The only good data base apps for IOS works with Mac app.
Quickoffice - MS Office app for Word, Excel, Power Point.
Audiobooks - Hundreds of free audio books available.
VBookz ePub - Text to speech audio book app. (Visually handicapped)
Free Books 23,469 - A really great reader for printed and audio books.
Battery Memory System Status Monitor - Does just what it says.
MacTracker - System information on all Apple Products.
Speedtest X - A speed test of your WIFI connection.
Wimp - Family friendly videos
Web Feeds - News reader for Mashable, Engadget, Huffington, Google ect.


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