Contents of the 03-04 registration packet

Back-to-School Registration for BCS Students
A Parent’s Guide - 2012-13 School Year

We are excited to see all of our BCS families at the Back-to-School Registration on August 16th or 22nd.
Please keep in mind that each BCS student should be registered on one of these dates. If you cannot
make one of these dates, please see important instructions below.

At student registration, you will be able to: turn in forms, obtain the student locker assignment, put
money on lunch accounts, be included in the school directory, view the student’s choice hour schedule,
pick-up a packet of very important information, talk to PTSA and Proud Dad representatives and purchase
spirit wear. Registration is also a great time to reconnect with each other and to meet new families.
BCS Staff Contacts for Registration
• Patricia Chinn, Interim Principal: 248.203.4430,• Nancy Best, BCS Secretary: 248.203.4522, • Mary Baughman, Counseling Office Assistant: 248.203.4515,
Registration Dates and Times

All BCS students should be registered for the 12-13 school year prior to the start of school. There
will be NO REGISTRATION on the first day of school. • Student registration will be in the BCS cafeteria on Thurs., August 16 and Wed., August 22 from
10am-12pm and 5-7 pm. Families who register in the cafeteria can enter a drawing to win free
spirit wear for the BCS children in their family.
• Please follow this guide and bring completed forms with you to BCS registration.
• Student schedules will not be available at registration, but will be given to the students on the first
day in their homeroom or academic lab classes. • Choice hour schedules will be posted on the choice hour board in the 300 hall during registration. What if you are out-of town during registration?
You may:
 Have a relative or a BCS family friend register your child(ren) on one of the registration dates.  If it is not possible for your BCS student to be registered by you or your designee, please contact Nancy Best to schedule an appointment for a different day before school starts. How does it all work?
• Go to the BCS website, and - mouse over the “Parent Resources” link at the top
- follow this guide as you read important letters and complete forms online
- print the required number of copies of necessary forms
- sign all copies of necessary forms
- bring all forms with you to registration – you pick the day/time that works for you
• If you would like to complete the registration forms with a pen (no computer), please contact Nancy Best. She will mail printed blank registration forms to you or you can pick them up at BCS. Residency
If you have moved since the last school year, it will be necessary to submit additional documentation prior
to registration
. Please go toand mouse over the Prospective Families link at
the top. Click on Enrollment Options, then BPS Enrollment Residency to determine records that are
required. Please note that the location to submit your documentation is dependent upon whether you
own or lease. Students cannot be registered until enrollment documentation is complete. Only students
who are residents of the Birmingham Public School District may attend Birmingham Covington School. The
BCS contact for residency is Mary Baughman.
Lunch Service
The cafeteria is open for full lunch service on the first day of school. Funds can be deposited to student
lunch accounts during registration. Checks are made payable to BPS Lunch Program or you may use cash.
Additionally, money can be put onto a lunch account througat no charge. You
will need your child’s student ID#, which can be found on powerschool.
Parents of students who are eligible for the Free or Reduced Lunch program should submit a completed
application to Patricia Chinn or the SODEXO office. Applications must be completed each school year and
are available at BCS o– scroll down the “Quicklinks”. All information is kept

Students and Families NEW to BCS

 If the new BCS student is also new to Birmingham Public Schools, a certificate of immunization is required by the State of Michigan prior to the student’s first day of school. Please provide your
child’s immunization records at registration.
For immunization questions, please contact Mary
Incoming 6th grade students
 Michigan law requires the school district to assess the immunization records of all 6th grade students. Please provide your child’s immunization records at registration. For immunization
questions, please contact Mary Baughman.

Please note that a paper copy of a form is not included in this packet, unless indicated. All letters and forms can also
be found on the school website. For some forms, you will use your computer to download and save the form, “fill in
the blanks”, then save it and print it. For other forms, you will just print the form and complete it in pen.

important information for you to read.
1. WELCOME BACK LETTER from Patricia Chinn, Interim Principal – paper copy included & online also 2. PEANUT DIETARY RESTRICTIONS & ALLERGIES OR OTHER HEALTH CONCERNS LETTER – paper copy included & online 3. TRANSPORTATION LETTER regarding BCS Busses – paper copy included & online 4. MEAP LETTER from the BCS Counselors-paper copy included & online 5. BCS CALENDAR – paper copy included & online

1.____ STUDENT ENROLLMENT SHEET – 1 copy (front and back) required for each student (download form)
To update the student enrol ment records. 2.____ EMERGENCY INFORMATION / HEALTH INFORMATION FORM – 3 copies required for each student, please sign

each copy (download form)
This is one form, the front is titled Emergency Information, the back is titled Health Information and is utilized by the office and classroom teacher.
(paper copy provided)
3. ___ PTSA CLEARINGHOUSE BACK-TO-SCHOOL RECEIPT – 1 receipt per family (paper copy provided)
Voluntary payments for various items, such as direct donation, student planner, classroom dues, pay to participate for non-athletic teams, etc. Payments accepted by cash, check, Visa or Mastercard. 4. ____ BCS PROMISE TO PARTICIPATE – one form for each family (paper copy provided)
PTSA is asking each parent/guardian to pledge to participate in at least one volunteer opportunity during ______ BCS PTSA STUDENT DIRECTORY AND EMAIL INFORMATION (no form is needed, but everybody must do this)
Stop by the directory table to confirm your family information to be printed in the BCS SCHOOL DIRECTORY
and the email address to be utilized by the PTSA for communication throughout the school year. Each
family MUST stop at this table to validate the printed information.
The PTSA uses a purchased
software program to complete the directory.


5.____TECHNOLOGY ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY - SIGNATURE PAGE – 1 copy for each new student to BCS (please download
and read the entire policy, then sign pg. 3)  Signed by the student and parent. Enables the student to have computer privileges. 6.____ DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH FORM (paper copy provided))
Please return this form at registration if you do NOT give BPS permission to use your child’s likeness, including image and voice, for educational, informational or publicity purposes.
7.____ BPS PREPARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION - 1 form required for students participating in interscholastic
sports (grades 6-8) or Snow Club (download form)  Physical evaluation must be after April 15, 2012 and signed by the student’s physician. A parent or guardian must complete and sign the Health History section of the form. Fall interscholastic sports are boys soccer (7th & 8th grade), girls basketball (7th & 8th grade) and cross country for boys and girls (6-8th grades). Fall sports registration is an online process will be open in mid-August. An email will be sent to announce the opening. Snow Club starts in December and details will be provided later; however, physical evaluations are required. We suggest getting a physical done before the season starts as appointments may not be available. 8.____ICHAT VOLUNTEER CONSENT FORM - (download form)
Each parent/guardian who will volunteer at BCS during the upcoming school year and wil be working independently with children should complete a form. BCS will utilize the information for the sole purpose
of obtaining a conviction only criminal history file search. Examples of volunteers subject to ICHAT
include (but are not limited to): office volunteers, media center volunteers, field trip drivers, field trip
chaperones, coaches of proud dad sports programs, and parents who assist sports coaches.

This section applies if a student requires medications to be administered during the school day, including daily
medications, occasional medications, or emergency medications due to a medical condition. Please bring all
required forms AND medication to registration
. Forms cannot be accepted without medication and medication
cannot be accepted without forms.

(read this document online)

9.____PERMISSION TO ADMINISTER MEDICATION FORM – (download form or contact Nancy Best)
Completed and signed by the student’s physician and parent for prescription medications. Completed by the parent only for over the counter medications (ie: Ibuprofen and Tylenol).
10.____CARE PLANS – (download appropriate CARE PLAN or request a copy from Nancy Best)
A CARE PLAN provides instructions to school personnel for daily and emergency management for the fol owing medical conditions: Asthma, Diabetes, Severe Allergy, Seizure Disorder, and Insect Stings. If your child has one of these medical conditions a CARE PLAN is required to completed and signed by the parent AND the student’s physician.

Kids Club is a licensed program offering after school care (4:05 – 6:00PM) for BCS students. ______WELCOME TO KIDS’ CLUB LETTER (read this online)

11._____REQUIRED INFORMATION FOR BCS KIDS’ CLUB – 1 form required for each student
(download form)


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