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but there was an almost hippy us both and changed my life as I feeling during the day while gave up the nightlife and became in the evening people trans- formed and hit the clubs where teaching with Henry.”you could find members of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and sage centre in Loulé and then lat-Cat Stevens.” The jet set party atmosphere had their daughter Allegra but of the region inspired Sylvia to continued with the horses.
write her novel An Algarve Affair while living here, but it had sat in this pushed Sylvia forward to pro- RWORDS Daisy Sampson
ock stars, private jets instantly fell in love with the city other look at the book recently.
and glamorous parties and it made a big impression on marked the early 1970s me as a young woman, so when I Affair, I was in my twenties and I as a trainer, writer, judge and in the region for author was approached to open the first have to admit it was very steamy! lecturer, Sylvia has returned to Sylvia Loch and her London based club in Cascais in When I looked at it again, it was her passion for fiction and the novel An Algarve Affair takes read- 1970, I was happy to make Lisbon like stepping back to that time Algarve and released An Algarve ers back in time to this golden age my home from home.” and with the encouragement Affair in 2010 to the delight of her The disco days of the 1970s of Allegra I went about getting friends and admirers.
Although Sylvia Loch now soon pushed south to the Al- lives back in the UK, it was her garve and, in 1971, Sylvia spear- unlikely move from the world headed a programme to open a Sylvia Loch is no stranger to accurate and runs alongside the of publishing into discotheques series of clubs in the cosmopoli- writing but is better known for revolution here as it was written in the Algarve that shaped the tan destination.
her critically acclaimed books while it was happening. I hope “This was in the time before about riding, Portuguese history that readers will find it not only the revolution and the region was and the Lusitano horses, a pas- enced her to write a book about very glamorous, a time when a sion she developed while living in sion and intrigue but also a way the heady world of expat society private plane between Portimão the Algarve.
“I had always ridden and an Algarve of old.” Sylvia Loch told the Algarve monplace. I was in charge of old boyfriend took me to Mon- Goodlife Magazine: “I first came several clubs here and was based chique one day to ride in the to Portugal when I was running in Albufeira which was still very mountains, where I met my fu- An Algarve Affair is available from the first ever disco at sea on a much a small fishing town then.” ture husband Henry, Major the the GrifÀ n Bookshop in Almancil and She added: “The expats here Lord Loch of Drylaw. This was also online. For further information bon was our first port of call. I were generally quite glamorous the start of a great love affair for please visit January/February 2011


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