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Commission meeting

November 24, 2009
Chairman James Graves called the Commission Meeting to order at 9:58 a.m. and welcomed the visitors. CALL OF ROLL TO ESTABLISH QUORUM, INVOCATION AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE
Charlotte Slatton, County Clerk, called the roll; present were Chairman James Graves, Commissioner Doug Williams, Commissioner Wayne Willingham, and County Attorney Dan Willingham. The invocation was given by Attorney Willingham and Commissioner Willingham led the Pledge of Allegiance. APPROVE MINUTES OF THE NOVEMBER 10, 2009 MINUTES, APPROVE APPROPRIATIONS,

Commissioner Wayne Willingham made the motion to approve the November 10, 2009 and November 12, 2009 minutes, approve appropriations, expenditures, requisitions, travel expenses and approve all journal entries to be posted. Commissioner Doug Williams made a second to the motion and upon a voice vote, the motion carried unanimously. PUBLIC COMMENTS
Jeff Smith stated several months ago he presented a petition signed by a number of residents requesting their polling place
be moved back to the Grandview Community Center. He asked the status of their request. Dan Willingham, County
Attorney, stated voting lines are mandated by boundaries such as rivers, streams, highways etc. He has met with the
registrar’s office to determine what boundaries can be used. It appears there would be residents affected by the change
which did not sign the petition requesting the re-location. These individuals must be contacted by the registrar’s offices
before paperwork can be filed with the justice department. Mr. Willingham stated he would like to meet with Mr. Smith to
discuss the situation and review the maps.
Fulton Mauter asked why the Associate Commissioners were “pushing” the Smith Lake water project. Commissioner Williams stated he would be glad to talk with him after the meeting. Mr. Mauter also asked if Wayne Walker’s position at Economic Development has been filled. Chairman Graves stated there are no plans to fill the position at this time. NEW BUSINESS
Consider authorizing the signing of an agreement with Marshall County EMA to take possession of various

Phyllis Little, Director of EMA, stated this is part of Region VI Homeland Security funding. The ATV, which is equipped
as a rescue vehicle, was purchased through Marshall County for Cullman County’s EMS. Eventually each county in the
Region VI area will have a rescue vehicle. Cullman County EMS will be responsible for the insurance, maintenance and
training of personnel involved with the vehicle. The agreement also states Cullman County will deploy the equipment to
other counties in Region VI when needed. She requested authorization for the Chairman and her to sign the
agreement. Commissioner Williams made a motion to authorize the signing of the agreement with Marshall County EMA
for the equipment transfer. Commissioner Willingham seconded. The motion passed on a unanimous voice vote.
Consider the renewal of property insurance
Gary Teichmiller, County Administrator, stated the quote from Travelers/St. Paul is the same as last year for property
coverage effective December 1, 2009. He recommended continuing coverage. Commissioner Williams made a motion to
renew the property insurance with Travelers/St. Paul. Commissioner Willingham seconded, and upon a unanimous voice
vote, the motion passed.
Consider awarding bid for Stony Lonesome OHV Park Environmental Center
Gary Teichmiller stated thirteen bids were received. The architect, Jock Leonard, has reviewed the bids and feels confident
that E-Tech Construction, LLC, with the low bid of $193,630.00, will be able to faithfully execute the project. Mr. Leonard
will be acting as construction supervisor for the project. Chairman Graves stated the environmental center, which is funded
by grant money, is the next step in the overall plan for the park. Commissioner Willingham made a motion to award the bid
for the Stony Lonesome OHV Park Environmental Center to E-Tech. Commissioner Williams seconded. The motion
passed on a unanimous voice vote.
Bid No. 1022 – Materials and equipment for renovation of Grandview Community Center
Mr. Teichmiller stated two bids were received and both were incomplete. Commissioner Willingham made a motion to
reject all bids. Commissioner Williams seconded, and upon a unanimous voice vote, the motion passed.
Bid No. 1027 - Vegetative Management
Mr. Teichmiller stated one bid was received from Naturchem with a bid of $45.00 per mile. He recommended accepting the
bid. Commissioner Willingham made a motion to award the bid for vegetative management to Naturchem. Commissioner
Williams seconded. The motion passed on a unanimous voice vote.
Bid No. 1028 - Materials and equipment for renovation of Grandview Community Center
Mr. Teichmiller stated Walker Brothers of Baileyton was the only bid, $24,917.70. This is within the $25,000.00 grant
received for the project. He recommended awarding the bid. Commissioner Williams made a motion to award the bid for
materials and equipment for the Grandview Community Center to Walker Brothers. Commissioner Willingham seconded
and the motion passed on a unanimous voice vote.
Phyllis Little, EMA Director, reported there continues to be cases of H1N1 (swine) flu. There have been some cases
reported of mutated strains of the virus which are resistant to Tamiflu, the first line drug for treatment of the flu. She stated
it appears the swine flu is going to be year round not just a seasonal event.
Chairman Graves announced the next meeting of NARCOG will be January 27, 2010 at the Decatur office of NARCOG. NEXT REGULAR COMMISSION MEETING TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2009
Chairman Graves announced the next regular Commission Meeting will be Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in the Commission Office Conference Room. ADJOURN THE MEETING
Chairman Graves asked if there was further business to consider and there was none. Chairman Graves adjourned the
meeting at 10:17 a.m.
_________________________ _____________________________ __________________________ James D. Graves, Chairman J. Douglas Williams Wayne Willingham Associate Commissioner Associate Commissioner

Source: http://www.co.cullman.al.us/commission/minutes/2009/11_24_09.pdf


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