The G184’s Powerbrokers — Apaid and Boulos: Owners of the Fourth Estate; Leaders of the Fifth Column By Richard Sanders, editor, Press for Conversion!Andy Apaid and Reginald “fourth estate”—often presented them “founder of Tele-Haiti,”1 the “main ca- ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier.” Apaid Jr. followed sion 2000.and Le Matin,”3 which de- “the political footsteps of his father” scribes itself as “a non-partisan, non- 184, the political ‘movement’ or asso- ideological newspaper.”4 While Haiti’s ciation” that was so “ardently opposed “‘civil society’ campaign to support tral, it was instrumental in the political Apaid is not even a Haitian citizen.7 But successes of the Group of 184 (G184).
the fact that he was born in the U.S.
the least attractive of his qualifications for representing Haiti’s largely-desti- lobbyists in the U.S.”13 for the military rican slaves. In fact, being of Syrian her- after his first landslide election in 1990.
eastern segment of the Haitian elite.”8 public voice behind” the G184, “as well firms as Canada’s Gildan Activewear.
agenda of Haiti’s elite to its logical con- Boulos—like Apaid—is a multi-million- as “68 cents a day” at the time of the aire of middle-eastern, not African, her- with a more business-friendly regime.
porter to U.S. war industries like Sperry/ Press for Conversion! (Issue # 61) September 2007 Haitian,” Haïti Progrès, November 12, babies in Cité Soleil, a dirt-poor Port- ‘fronting’ for U.S. foreign policy in times” stronger than “normal.” This <
sentatives, March 3, 2004, p.98. <www. to “combat the dictatorship” of Presi- 10. Miami Times, February 26, 2004, cited dent Aristide.24 As such, Haiti’s media past tense,” February 20, 2006. <www.
of Cité Soleil as medical guinea pigs.
1993, cited in Ronald Cox, “Private In- fects”19 when, “without…informed con- and the Caribbean Basin,” Contested Social Orders and International Poli- tics, David Skidmore ed., 1997.
12. “Haitian Opposition Leader not even Haitian,” Haïti Progrès, November 12, 13. Charles Kernaghan, “Sweatshop or Real Development,” Contested Social Or- ders and International Politics. David 14. NCHR-Haiti, cited by U.S. Citizenship against Haiti’s poor, or set the stage for 15. Haiti Information Project, “New Attack in Haiti,” ZNet, January 20, 2006.
scribed as “really excellent people,”21 16. “Lack of Government Regulation Pro- tested,” Haiti Information Project (HIP), 18. “Medicines poison kids,” HIP, June 28, controversial topics as the privatization 1. Yifat Susskind, “Haiti - Insurrection in 19. “Reproducing Inequities (in Haiti),” December 1, 2006. <thdblog.wordpress.
20. “Lack of Government Regulation Pro- 2. David Adams, “Confusion rules Haiti; posedly popular, neutral “civil society” Clark,”, Oct. 12, 2006.
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<> 4. Haitian Links Directory <www.haitian 23. “Membres,” G184 website (Archived 5. Thomas Griffin, Haiti: Human Rights Investigation, Nov.11-21, 2004. CSHR, 24. “The Freedom of the Press Barons,” panache—media darlings for the G184.
University of Miami, p.27. <www.
The Dominion, February 1, 2007. <www.
September 2007 (Issue # 61) Press for Conversion!


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