How Do You Make Sense of the Different types of teeth Whitening?everywhere you look there seems to be someone new offering teeth whitening. prices and methods vary greatly yet all try to claim top-quality results. So how does the consumer make sense of all the claims? to help you cut through the marketing spin we have summarised the differences between the major methods of teeth whitening and the risks and benefits of each. the methods are: • laser teeth Whitening at a dental Surgery• Broadband light-Based teeth Whitening at a dental Surgery• Broadband light-Based teeth Whitening By Non-dental Service laser teeth Whitening at a dental Surgery laser teeth whitening with a green light laser is the safest form of teeth whitening. green light (532nm wavelength) is best absorbed in red materials, so this form of teeth whitening combines the green laser with a red gel containing a non-acidic form of hydrogen peroxide. the laser increases the reactivity of the hydrogen peroxide to create a stronger bleaching effect and also targets stain molecules within the tooth structure. this method of teeth whitening does not heat the pulp of the tooth, which increases the safety of the procedure.
the advantages of green laser teeth whitening are that the whitening you achieve at the dental surgery will be maintained or improve in the days following treatment. there is no need for home bleaching trays to maintain the effect and because the process uses an alkaline gel the re is no etching of the tooth surface. the laser can treat stains that other forms of teeth whitening can’t treat, eg. tetracycline, and the laser actually increases the uptake of Fluoride that is applied at the end of the treatment, helping to build stronger teeth long-term.
By having the treatment done at a dental surgery your teeth are properly checked and prepared prior to treatment to ensure a safe and smooth treatment process. (continued over.) Ph. 07 3368 2812 | Fax. 07 3368 3111
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border around your mouth where the gums have been Broadband light-Based teeth Whitening bleached. Needless to say this is not good for your appearance or your self-esteem and it can take many months to resolve. this method also dehydrates the teeth and needs home bleaching trays to maintain the this form of teeth whitening uses broadband light to heat a hydrogen peroxide gel to increase the reactivity of the gel and increase the whitening effect. the difference with this method is that the gel is acidic and can etch the tooth surface. it also creates the whitening effect this method has the lowest concentrations of hydrogen by dehydrating the teeth, which means the results will peroxide used and has no light source to create greater degrade as soon as the teeth re-hydrate. this method of reactivity in the whitening process. therefore it has the teeth whitening cannot remove ingrained stain molecules lowest level of effectiveness. the previously mentioned risks also apply if the tooth structure has a crack in it. this method of teeth whitening can create an initial the advantage of this method is purely price but you whitening effect that is slightly whiter but because the have to be prepared to accept that you get what you pay effect is achieved by dehydrating the teeth it needs to for and that results will be highly variable.
be maintained with home bleaching trays for a number of weeks. as soon as home bleaching trays are not used the effect begins to diminish. the use of broadband light also carries the risk of heating the pulp of the tooth. By having this form of teeth whitening performed at a We have chosen the Smartbleach system at david Cox dental surgery you can ensure your teeth are properly dental, which is the only green light laser teeth-whitening checked and prepared prior to treatment.
system available in australia. in our mind the increased safety, predictability of results, and the fact there is very Broadband light-Based teeth Whitening little you have to do at home after the treatment makes it the best way to help you to achieve beautiful white teeth the results from this system are also long lasting this method is similar to the previous method but assuming good hygiene and an acceptable level of the concentration of hydrogen peroxide that a non- exposure to staining foods and beverages. in fact, dental service provider is allowed to use is far lower. once you have had the treatment if you use whitening therefore the whitening effect is not as good. the other toothpaste regularly in many cases the new white shade complication with this method can come about if your teeth aren’t examined and prepared properly prior to if you have any further questions about the different treatment. an example of what can occur is if there is a types of teeth whitening and the likely change in colour crack in a tooth that is not found prior to treatment you you are likely to achieve when you undertake teeth risk excruciating pain as the hydrogen peroxide comes in whitening please call us on 3368 2812 at the Milton practice or 4992 1144 at the Biloela practice and we alternatively, if your gums are not properly protected during treatment you risk walking away with a white Ph. 07 3368 2812 | Fax. 07 3368 3111
Ph. 07 4992 1144 | Fax. 07 4992 4315

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