FORM: Work Experience Application 2014 (Secondary)
Please indicate two suitable weeks from March to November in which you are able to complete your work experience week (e.g Monday 17th – Friday 21st February 2014). Please check the calendar on our website to confirm whether the dates you are after are available.
Why have you chosen The Lost Dogs’ Home for your work experience placement? What are your key strengths and skills that make you suitable for this placement?Do you have any previous animal handling/care experience?What career path are you looking to pursue after completing secondary school?What is your understanding of what The Lost Dogs’ Home does, and our role within the community?Do you have any medical conditions? (please outline below) The Lost Dogs’ Home | Work Experience Application 2014 FORM: Work Experience Application 2014 (Secondary)
I have read the Work Experience Information Sheet and understand the tasks involved:
I am comfortable and confident around dogs, including medium-large sized dogs
I understand I will be required to work ‘hands on’ with the animals e.g. cleaning enclosures I understand I will be required to take part in outdoor, physical activities e.g. walking dogs I understand I will be required to help out with daily administration tasks e.g. mail duties APPLICATION PROCESS
• Applications are submitted in hard copy to the Work Experience Coordinator via mail.
• Applications are accepted from January each year and close once all vacancies are filled.
• It is recommended to apply early to avoid disappointment.
• Applications take three to five weeks to be reviewed. Please be patient.
• The Work Experience Coordinator will notify all successful/unsuccessful applicants via email.
• If the dates requested are unavailable, the Work Experience Coordinator will notify the applicant via email.
• Successful applicants are then required to complete a Work Experience Arrangement Form.
• The Lost Dogs’ Home Work Experience program runs from March - November.
I have completed the Work Experience Application in full I have checked the calendar on The Lost Dogs’ Home website to ensure my requested dates are available I have attached a cover letter with this application I have outlined any medical conditions I may have I am up to date with my tetanus vaccination I have read and understood the application process and the work experience information sheet Please submit this application along with a cover letter to:
Elena Calodoucas
Work Experience Coordinator
2 Gracie Street,
North Melbourne VIC 3051
Please do not send your Work Experience Arrangement Form with your application.
We only require Work Experience Arrangement Form from accepted applicants.
The Lost Dogs’ Home | Work Experience Application 2014


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