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S.R.O. 483 (I)/2009.- In exercise of the powers conferred by section 19 of the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969), the Federal Government is pleased to direct that the following further amendments shall be made in its Notification No. S.R.O 567(I)/2006, dated the 5th June, 2006, namely:- (i) in clause (g), the word "and", at the end, shall be omitted; (ii) in clause (h), after the semi colon, at the end, the word "and" shall be added and thereafter the following new clause shall be added, namely:- " (i) Ministry of Livestock and Dairy Development, in case of goods specified against serial (i) serial number 2C in column (1), and the entries relating thereto in columns (2), (3), (4) and (5) (ii) against serial number 4 in column (1), for the figure "2833.2990" occuring in column (2) against the words "zinc sulphate" in column (3), the figure "2833.2940" shall be substituted; (iii) against serial number 4 in column (1), in column (2) after the figure "2922.5000", the following new entries in columns (2), (3), (4) and (5) shall be added namely:- (iv) after serial number 4 in column (1) and entries relating thereto in columns (2), (3), (4) and (5), the following new serial number and the entries relating thereto shall be added, namely:- This facility shall be available for dairy sector, subject to certification by the Ministry of Livestock (v) serial number 30A in column (1) and the entries relating thereto in columns (2), (3), (4) and (5) (vi) serial number 47 in column (1) and the entries relating thereto in columns (2), (3), (4) and (5) (3 ) for Table III, the following shall be substituted, namely:- " TABLE III
(i) It shall be valid upto 30th June, 2010. (ii) The quantity to be imported shall be certified by the Ministry of Health in each case. (ii) Ampicillin sodium sterile USP/BP (Pharmaceutical grade) (iii) Bacampicillin HCL (iv) Carbenicillin and its salts(v) Carfecillin (vi) Cloxacillin and its salts excluding [sodium] (compacted/ powder form for oral use) (vii) Flucloxacillin sodium (viii) Pencillin V.Potassium (ix) Benzyl pencillin sodium/potassium (x) Cloxacillin sodium sterile USP/BP (xi) Pencillin benzathin (xii) Procaine pencillin G.fortified, sodium/potassium (xiii) Sultamicillia tosylate (xiv) Sultamicillin (Pharmaceutical grade) (xv) Ticarcilin disodium (xvi)Piperacillin Sodium B. EXCEPIENTS/CHEMICALS
(ii) Gum acacia powder BP (iii) Gumbenzoin, Styrax, Tragacanth, Xanthan(Pharmaceutical grades) (ii) Valerine roots (Pharmaceutical grade) Sugar (pharmaceutical grade) if imported by manufacturer of pharmaceutical Products ion the quantity to be determined by Ministry of Health (ii) Dextrose (injectable grade and pharmaceutical grade) (ii) Sodium chloride (injectable grade) (Pharmaceutical grades) Oils and other products of the distillation of high temperature coal tar (Pharmaceutical grade) Liquid paraffin (Pharmaceutical grade).
Microcrystalline petroleum wax, ozokerite, lignite wax, peat wax and other mineral waxes (Pharmaceutical grade) (ii) Sodium hydroxide solid or aqueous solution (Pharmaceutical grade) (ii) Dibutylphthalate (Pharmaceutical grade) piperazinyl)Carbonyl]amino}-4 hydroxy-benzene acetic acid (HO-EPCP) (Pharma grade) hiazole[MMTD]; (ii) (Z)-2)2-aminothiazole-4-yl)-2-Tert-Butoxycarbonyl) methoxyimnno Acetic acid (ATMA); (iii) (Z)-2-(2-aminothaizole -4-yl)2-2(tert-Butoxycarbonyl)- isopropoxyimino Acetic Acid[ATIBAA or ATBA; (iv) Sin-methoxyimino Furanyl Acetic acid Ammonium Salt(SIMA);(v) 7-{[2-Furany(sin- methoxyimino)acetyl] amino}-3-hydroxymethyl ceph-3-em-4- carboxyclic acid(Pharma grade); Other surface-active agents (Pharma grade) (ii) Ampnocerin “K” or “KS” (Pharma grade) Activated carbon (Pharmaceutical grade).
Other activated natural mineral products Industrial fatty alcohols (Pharmaceutical Polyglyceryl ricinoleates (Pharmaceutical Interferon and other medicines for hepatitis, and etc.
Blood fraction & immunological products (biological products) including rabies immunological (150 IU per ml) (Human) Factor viii & plasma derived fibrin sealant. All medicines of cancer. An illustrative list (i) Aminoglutethimide(ii) Anastrazole(iii) Asparaginase(iv) Azathioprine(v) BCG strain 2-8x108 CFU per vial (vi) Belomycin(vii) Bevacizumab(viii) Bicalutamide(ix) Bortezomib(x) Busulfan(xi) Capecitabine(xii) Carboplatin(xiii) Cetuximab (xiv) Chlorambucil(xv) Chlormethine(xvi) Cisplatin(xvii) Cladribine(xviii) Cyclophosphamide(xix) Cyproterone acetate(xx) Cytarabine(xxi) Dacarbazine(xxii) Dactinomycin(xxiii) Danunorubicin(xxiv) Docetaxel Trihydrate(xxv) Diethylstilbestrol-Diphosphate Sodium (xxvii) Disodium Pamidronate(xxviii) Doxorubicin(xxix) Epirubicin(xxx) Erlotinib(xxxi) Etoposide(xxxii) Filgrastim(xxxiii) Fludarabine(xxxiv) 5-Fluorouracil(xxxv) Flutamide(xxxvi) Folinic Acid, calcium salt(xxxvii) Gemcitabine(xxxviii) Goserelin(xxxix) Granisetron (xl) Hydroxyurea(xli) Ibandronic acid(xlii) Ifosfamide(xliii) Imatinibmisilate (xliv) Irinotecan (xlv) Lenograstim(xlvi) Letrozole(xlvii) Leuprorelin(xlviii) Lomustine(xlix) Medroxyprogesterone(l) Megestrol(li) Melphalan(lii) Mercaptopurine(liii) Methotrexate (liv) Mitomycine(lv) Mitoxantrone(lvi) Octreotide(lvii) Ondensetron (Iviii) Oxaliplatin(lix) Paclitaxel(lx) Pemetrexed(lxi) Procarbazine(lxii) Rituximab(Ixiii) Sorafenib (as tosylate) (lxiv) Tamoxifen(lxv) 6-Thioguanine(Ixvi) Topotecan (lxvii) Trastuzumab(Ixviii) Tretinoin(lxix) Triptorelin Acetate(lxx) Tropisetron(lxxi) Vinblastine(lxxii) Vincristine(lxxiii) Vinorelbine(lxxiv) Zoledronic Acid All medicines of Cardiac. An illustrative (iii) Contrast Media for angiography MRI (lopamidol and lohexol Inj. and etc.) (v) Glyceryl trinitrate infusion or tablets (vi) Iso sorbid Injection 8(Mono/dinityrate)] (xi) Sodium Amidotrizoate Meglumine Amidotrizoate (Urograffin) (xii) Reteplase (Thrombolytic treatment of suspected myocardial infarction) illustrative list is given below, namely:- (i) Atazanavir(ii) Darunavir(iii) Diadanosine(iv) Efavirenz(v) Indinavir(vi) Lamivuldine(vii) Lopinavir(viii) Navirapine(ix) Nelfinavir(x) Ritonavir(xi) Saquinavir(xii) Stavudine(xiii) Zaduvidine(xiv) Zalcitabine illustrative list is given below, namely:-(i)Deferasirox (ii)Defriprone (iii)Desferrioxamine Mesylate Drugs used for kidney dialysis and kidney transplant, Hemodialysis solution/concentrate and Peritoneal dialysis solution/concentrate. List of drugs is given below, namely:- (i) Azathioprin (ii) Basilliximab (iii) Cyclosporine (iv) Daclizumab(v) Everolimus (vi) Muromonab-CB3(vii) Mycophenolic acid(viii) Mycophenolic acid and its salts D. PACKING MATERIALS / RAW MATERIALS FOR PACKING
transfusion set pack in Aluminum foil with set.
tamper proof closures (with or without dessicant) indicating particulars of registered drug and manufacturer (Pharmaceutical grade) Other self-adhesive plates, sheets, film, foils, strip and other flat shapes of plastic (Pharmaceutical grade) Printed viskerings (Pharmaceutical grade) Non-toxic plastic bags for I.V. solutions and other infusions (Pharmaceutical grade) Stopper for I.V. Solutions (Pharmaceutical (i) 13 mm Rubber stoppers for injections. (ii) 20 mm and 32 mm Rubber stopper for injections (Pharmaceutical grade) Medical bleached craft paper with heat seal (i) Self adhesive paper and paper board. (ii) Cold seal coated paper (Pharmaceutical grade) Paper and paper board coated, impregnated or covered with plastic (Pharmaceutical grade) record sleeves (ii) Glassine sleeve (Pharmaceutical grade) without graduation USP II (Pharmaceutical grade) (i) Neutral glass cartridges with rubber dices and plungers and aluminium seals. (ii) Neutral glass vials 1-2 ml U.S.P-1. (iii) Moulded glass vials U.S.P. Type III (for antibiotics Inj-powder). (iv)Glass bottle USP type I. (v) Neutral, clear glass, USP type I (pre-sterilized) close mouth. (vi)Moulded glass vials (Pharmaceutical grade) 7607.1990 (i) Aluminum foil, “printed” coated with mylar polyester or surlyn monomer resin onone side and vinyl coating on the other side indicating particulars of drugs and manufacturers (Pharmaceutical grade). (ii) Aluminum foil printed, indicating particulars of drugs and manufacturers in rolls for wrapping. (iii) Printed Aluminium Foil for Sachet/I.V. Infusion Bag] (iv) Printed Alu+Alu-Cold forming Aluminium Foil bearing the particulars of drugs and manufacturers Pharmaceutical grade]. (v) Aluminium Foil coated with nucryl resin top and bottom (ii) Rubber plug tear off seal. (iii) Closing lid (aluminium A1, High density polyethylene/polypropylene) (Phamaceutical Grade) (ii) Tear off aluminium seals for injectables. (iii) Flip off seals for injectable vials. (iv) Rubber plug with Tear off seal. (v) Closing lid (Aluminium A1. High density polyethylene/polypropylene) (Pharmaceutical grade) Non-toxic plastic bags for I.V. solutions of dextrose and other infusions (Pharmaceutical grade) E. DIAGNOSTIC KITS/EQUIPMENTS
This Notification shall take effect from the 14th June, 2009.
[ C.NO.3(2)TAR-I/2009 ]
Munir Qureshi
Additional Secretary

Source: http://download1.fbr.gov.pk/sros/CustomsSROs/2009SRO483-.pdf

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