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produced during your menopausalyears; and estriol, or E3, the weakest Hormone Therapy Options: form of estrogen, primarily avail- able during pregnancy when it isproduced by the placenta. Each form works differently in differentparts of your body.
ith all the bad news about
hormone replacement therapy
Fact 2.“Natural” is a mar-
over the past few years, is it
keting term, not a
any wonder that more women than
medical term. Just because a medica-
ever are now searching for alternatives
to treat their menopausal symptoms?
symptoms they’d thought long gone.
ral” doesn’t mean it’s any safer than type of therapy best meets her individual to follow any of these requirements.
Fact 1.Your body produces
three different kinds
Fact 3. Women today can
of estrogen. These are: estradiol, or
choose from many
options to treat their menopausal
symptoms. It is important to under-
“bi-estrogen” or “tri-estrogen,” since saliva testing is not reliable; nor is it Fact 5.If hormonetherapy is used to determine dosage or to mon-
indicated, the FDA
recommends that it should be pre-
scribed at the lowest effective dose
Safety and Regulation of
for the shortest time needed. Using
Bioidentical Hormones
all women who choose to use hor-mone therapy. Your health care pro- from pills to creams to patches to a gel.
Fact 4. As with any med- varying doses and hormone therapy cy studies (i.e., studies showing how
ication, all forms
of hormone therapy have the poten-
tial for side effects. Whether it was
Defining Bioidentical
When something is “bioidenti- are no guidelines for their use.4 have certain side effects and risks.
National Women’s Health Resource Center March 2005
Your Hormone Options
Women have numerous FDA- are generally used only to treat toms, including hot flashes and months, at which point it is replaced.
(thighs and calves) on a daily basis.
Therapy & Other Options,” available National Women’s Health Resource Center Start with Your Symptoms
The new approach to hormone American College of
Obstetricians and Gynecologists
If you are considering using
hormone therapy to treat
menopausal symptoms, ask
your health care professional
education on women’s health conditions.
these questions:
American Menopause Foundation
1. Why should I take hormone
2. Which hormone therapy delivery
method is right for me?
3. Could you please review the
term “bioidentical” with me?
4. What is the lowest dose of
National Institutes of Health
Menopausal Hormone Therapy

hormone therapy that I can
take to relieve my symptoms?
5. How long should I take hormone
6. What side effects are possible
with this medication?
increasing it until you’re comfortable, National Women’s Health
7. What are the risks associated
Resource Center, Inc.
with this medication?
157 Broad Street, Suite 315Red Bank, NJ 07701 References
Bioidentical Hormones
National Women’s Health Resource Center North American Menopause
2 Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness.
House Committee on Government Reform.
“Balancing Act: The Health Advantages information to women interested in making 3 EstroGel [package insert]. Marietta, GA.
informed decisions about their health. This information does not suggest individual diagnosis 4 “Hormone Therapy: Fact or Fiction.
or treatment. This publication is not a substitute for medical attention. The publisher cannot accept responsibility for application of the 5 North American Menopause Society Position National Association of Nurse
conditions. The National Women’s Health associated vasomotor symptoms.” Menopause: Practitioners in Women’s Health
Resource Center does not endorse or promote any Menopause Society. 2004; 11(1): 11 – 33. 6 Femring [package insert]. Rockaway, NJ: 2005 NWHRC. All rights reserved. Reproduction of material published in the Women’s Health Update is encouraged with written permission 7 Estring [package insert]. Kalamazoo, MI: from NWHRC. Write to address above or call toll- 8 Vagifem [package insert]. Princeton, NJ: 9 Delestrogen [package insert]. Bristol, TN: support of Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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