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Durham Automobile Club Limited
Held under the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association,
(incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting code of the FIA), and
Durham Automobile Club Limited is a motor sport club recognised by the R.A.C. Motor Sports
Association, and the Auto Cycle Union, and is also a member of the Association of North East
& Cumbria Car Clubs, and the Association of Northern Car Clubs.
2014 Durham Dales Classic Trial
Welcome to the first running of the Durham Dales Classic Reliability Trial, giving competitors the importunate to experience the wonderful Durham Dales EVENT ORGANISATION AND AUTHORITY
Durham Automobile Club Ltd will organise a National B/Clubsport Dual Permit Classic Reliability Trial on Saturday 25th May 2014. The meeting will be governed by the general regulations of the Motor Sports Association (MSA) (incorporating the provisions of the international sporting code of the FIA), and by these supplementary regulations and by any other written instructions that the club may issue for the event. MSA and Department of Environment route authorisations have been applied for. The meeting will also provide classes for Motorcycles and Combinations in accordance with the National Sporting Code of the ACU its Trials Standing Regulations the published supplementary regulations and any final instructions to the drivers that may be issued. The Clubsport event will follow the same route as the National B event but class 0 will visit a fewer number of competitive sections. 2. ELIGIBILITY AND LICENCE REQUIREMENTS

National B
The event is open to all elected and fully paid up members of DAC and to members of
the member clubs of the Association of Classic Trials Clubs (ACTC). All drivers, who are
entering classes 1-8 inclusive, will be required to produce a valid competition licence of
at least clubman status, or a completed application form with the appropriate fee (forms
will be available at the start or from the trial secretary) and a current membership card
for the club under which they are entering. The member clubs of ACTC can be found at
Clubmans Status event
This event is open to all elected and fully paid up members of DAC and to members of
MCC, VSCC, Midland AC, Ilkley DMC, Fell Side AC, Wigton DMC, Preston and District
VCC. The driver must produce a current valid membership card.
Motorcycles, Combinations and Three Wheelers
The event is open to all members of clubs affiliated to the ACU and Trail Riders
Requirement For Car Passengers …
Signed-on passengers in the National B event have to have either a membership card
from one of the ACTC affiliated clubs, or they buy a lifetime passenger membership for
the ACTC at sign-on at a one off fee of £1.



The event will have the eight standard classes as stated in the MSA rule T.10 (but
modified by ACTC) and in addition, will have 2 extra classes (Classes 0A, 0B) for the
Clubmans event. The classes are:-

1 Front engine, front wheel drive production cars (except those in class 6).
2 Production cars built prior to 1941, and the following:- MG TC, Morgan 4-4 Series 1,
HRG 1100 & 1500, Ford models (upright models to 1959) E04A, E494A, E4930A/B, E93A, E493A, and 103E. 3 Front engine, rear wheel drive, production saloon cars (except vehicles in class 6)
4 Rear engine. rear wheel drive production saloon cars, up to and including 1300cc
5 a)Front engine production sports cars (except vehicles in classes 1 or 6).
b)Vehicles built from pre-1941 components (except vehicles in Class 2)and satisfying
the tyre regulations stated in MSA regulationT10.9 and the ACTC guidelines
6 a) Rear engine, rear wheel drive production cars (except vehicles in class 4)
b) Front engine production cars fitted with torque-biasing differentials as standard
equipment, or any other form of traction control as standard equipment, throughout that
model range and unavailable without it from stock.
7 a) Production cars modified beyond Permitted limits.
b) Rear engine production cars fitted with torque biasing differentials as standard
equipment, or any other form of traction control as standard equipment, throughout that
model range and unavailable without it from stock.
c) Front engine cars manufactured on a limited basis conforming to an accepted
specification. (as defined in ACTC rule 4.2.2 available at
8 a) Non production cars
b) Rear engined cars (except vehicles in classes 4, 6 and 7).
c) Front engine cars manufactured on a limited basis (except those in class 7).
0A DAC, FSAC, VSCC, MCC members driving open cars.
DAC, FSAC, VSCC, MCC members driving closed cars.


A Pre 1965 British Bikes – trials tyres & fitted lights
B1 Solo bikes up to 225cc – trials tyres & factory fitted lights
B2 Solo bikes 226cc - 450cc – trials tyres & factory fitted lights
C Solo bikes over 450cc - trials tyres & factory fitted lights
D Combinations complying with ACU Regulation 12
0C DAC, FSAC, MCC members riding motorcycles or combinations
All references to classes in MSA Regulations T10 will be interpreted as referring to the
class structure published in these regulations. MCC reclassification certificates are not valid
for the National B event.

4.1 All vehicles must comply with MSA technical regulations J5.
4.2 All vehicles must display a current tax disc and be insured for the event (see item 11)
4.3 Where legally required, the vehicle must have a valid MOT certificate
4.4 All vehicles must be effectively silenced. A noise check may be made. If in the opinion
of the Clerk of Course any vehicle exceeds acceptable noise levels then that vehicle will be excluded and will not be allowed to start or proceed if detected after signing-on/scrutineering. 4.5 All vehicles must be fitted with the means of having a tow rope secured quickly. This must be of sufficient strength to withstand the snatch of a tow from a recovery vehicle. 4.6 All vehicles must have provision for the fixing of competition numbers in a prominent, near vertical position at the front and rear of the vehicle. 4.7 All tyres, including spares, must comply with the ACTC Tyre List. For classes 0A & 0B any normal road tyres are acceptable, off-road and ‘Mud & Snow’ tyres are not permitted. For class 0C only tyres conforming to the ACTC specifications printed in the section below will be permitted. An entrant not conforming may be allowed to run at the discretion of the scrutineer but will not be included in the results and will not be eligible for awards. 4.8 Any vehicle failing to comply with roadworthiness requirements will not be allowed to start. Vehicles which do not comply with class requirements will be moved to another class or excluded from the results. 4.9 All competing cars MUST carry a fire extinguisher to K.3.1.1 or better and a small
spill kit complying with J5.20.13
4.10 The ACTC prohibits the use of advertising decals and commercial displays on

Tyres used on ACTC events must be suitable for On Road use.
The Association wishes competitors to join in the spirit of the event by choosing tyres that
are non-aggressive in appearance or destructive in use.
For Long Distance Trials tyres must be road legal. The distance between the blocks must
not exceed 12mm across the tyre and 16mm between the blocks in a circumferential
direction. The space between the tread must NOT extend across the complete tyre
measured at right angles to the tyre wall unless broken by a block.
Only tyres normally available from Commercial or Retail sources for use on the Public
Highway are permitted. They shall appear in the tyre manufacturers range catalogue or
tyre specification lists available to the general public. They must be manufactured to
comply with the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO) requirements in
respect of load and speed codes and have a minimum service description of 45M. Tread
Patterns of tyres as manufactured must NOT be CUT or ALTERED in any way.
We advise all motorcycle competitors that soft compound trials tyres are NOT SUITABLE
for ACTC Long Distance Trials, using the public road. The tyres suffer from excessive
wear, and break-up of the tyre making the tyres, extremely dangerous. it is the
competitor’s responsibility to ensure that the tyres fitted to his/her machine carry the
correct load and speed rating.
For the purposes of ACTC events, Standard Road Tyres are defined as having a gap
between the tread blocks NOT exceeding 6 mm, and a maximum tread depth of 10 mm.
These dimensions will apply irrespective of machine manufacturers or tyre manufacturer’s
Three-wheelers may use motorcycle tyres, as defined above, or tyres complying with the
regulations for car tyres. The vehicle manufacturer’s standard tyre section must NOT be
The start and finish will be at the Parkhead Station, Stanhope Bishop Auckland Co Durham DL13 2ES (Map Reference 87/000433) Hot food and drinks will be available at the start and finish. Fuel is NOT available near the start of the event. Fuel available along the route will be advised in the Route Instructions. Trailer parking will be available at the start Competitors must sign on & be scrutineered at the start, prior to starting at the official time. Details will be advised in the Final Instructions. The following documents will be inspected at the start:- Competition Licence for National B entrants only, Club Membership Cards for all competitors including car passengers (see Section 2), ACU card for bike entrants and where applicable vehicle MOT Certificate. 6. RUNNING TIME & ORDER
The event running order will be announced in the Final Instructions The order will be in order of receipt of the entry forms. The first competitor will depart from the start at 08:01 am and the remainder at intervals in numerical order. There is no time schedule for the event and no penalty will be awarded for late arrival at a section, except as stated in 6.5. Any competitor passed by the official back marker will be deemed to have retired. TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIP STATUS
Not Applicable
The route will cover approximately 95 miles on public roads plus approximately 20 miles on byways and private tracks. At least 12 observed sections will be run, and 2 observed tests. Competitors in Class 0A, 0B & 0C will attempt at least 10 sections, plus 2 observed tests. Observed tests will count as sections and as a tie decider:- In sections that are observed tests, a penalty of 6 points will be given for hitting a marker or for stopping except astride a line, as detailed in the route book, and a time equal to the slowest time in the class + 10 seconds will be given. Observed Test times will be used only to decide ties. The times of the observed tests will be aggregated. Observed tests will be timed by hand-held stop watches to 0.1 seconds. The route card will be issued at the start and the use of maps is unnecessary. The official route must be followed throughout the event. The onus for finding the correct route rests with the competitor, and any competitor failing to do so will be liable to exclusion. The route is entirely covered by OS maps 87, 88 and 92. Route checks may operate during the event. Some sections may be sub-divided (12-1). Unless specified in the route book, sections may not be inspected (see 9.6). Walking beyond the Section Begins board of any section is prohibited. Failure on any section which is not subdivided will carry 6 marks. Except for observed tests, there is no penalty for striking markers, but the 4 wheels out rule applies (you must not leave & rejoin the section). Some sections will include restarts for some classes. These will be identified at the start or in the route book. Except where stated, restarts will be of the box type, marked by 4 'R' boards. On drop of flag, without rolling back, restart within 10 seconds. Minimum tyre pressures will be imposed for selected classes at some sections, dependent on weather conditions. These will be advised in the route book or in writing at the start. 9. IDENTIFICATION, PENALTIES & MARKING
Competition numbers will be supplied by the organisers and must be fixed in a prominent position at the front and the rear of the vehicle. These numbers must be legible throughout the event and must be removed at the finish, or on retirement from the event. Marking and penalties will be in accordance with MSA regulations T4, see also item 6.4 of these SRs In the event of a tie, the lower or lowest aggregate time of the special tests will decide the winner. If a tie still exists, the time in Test 1 will decide, and if still tying the vehicle with the smaller engine size will win. A 12 mark penalty will be awarded to any competitor who does not observe the country code. A 12 mark penalty will be made for any member of the crew walking past the Section Begins board of any section. A 6 mark penalty may be made to any competitor who finishes significantly later than others relative to their competition number A 12 mark penalty will be made for any infringement of MSA regulation
“‘Bouncing’ will be permitted only within the confines of the seating
compartment, and then only so long as no portion of either the Driver’s or
Passenger’s body, other than arms and hand, is placed outside the sides of the
car or behind the seat they are occupying.”
The maximum number of entries will be 70 and the minimum 30. If there are less than 30 entries, DAC reserves the right to cancel the event. Entries will be selected in order of receipt. The minimum number of entries for each class is 3. If this is not reached the classes may be amalgamated. The entry list opens on publication of these regulations and closes on Saturday 17th May, 2014 or before, if fully subscribed. The entry fee is £35.00 for non-DAC members and £32 for DAC members.
Cheques should be made payable to "Durham Automobile Club".

Entry fees will be refunded (less an administrative fee of £5) provided that
the entry is withdrawn on or before the closing date.

Entries must be made on the official entry form, or a photocopy thereof, and must be signed and accompanied by the correct fee. Motorcycle entrants must complete the ACU entry form. Entries to be sent to:
Lindsay Burnip,
7 Alpine Terrace,
Bishop Auckland,
Co Durham.
DL14 9QT.
Phone – 01388 832323 or 07727 098450.
e-mail -
Entries will be acknowledged only by dispatch of the Final Instructions one week
before the event, unless your entry is accompanied by a stamped addressed
envelope or a valid email address is added to the entry form. Results will be
sent by e-mail where a valid e-mail address is provided, if you require results by
post, please include an ADDITIONAL stamped addressed envelope
Competitors must have Insurance in place which provides Third Party Liability cover that complies with the Road Traffic Act. This can be an extension to the existing motor policy for the car or purchased via the event organisers. If a competitor uses an extension to an existing policy, they will be required to sign a declaration that the cover complies with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act. Any responsibility for a fraudulent or misleading declaration about existing cover lies with the competitor. The Club has applied to REIS (Underwritten by Chaucer Insurance) for a blanket Cover Note. This will provide competitors who need to use the scheme with Third Party Cover necessary to meet RTA requirements on the Road Sections of the Event. The basic rate is £15.00 for cars and motorcycles. If a competitor wishes to purchase cover via the organisers then they can do so
prior to the event providing they comply with the following:
Age 19 years or over
Has held a full licence for a minimum of 6 months
Has no more than 6 points on their licence
Has had no more than 1 fault claims in the last 3 years
Anyone aged less than 19 years old will also be accepted at the same price
should their co-driver be a more senior member of their family or over 25.
Any competitor, who falls outside these parameters, may be offered cover at the
standard price (or a higher price) depending on circumstances. These
competitors must ask the club to obtain agreement from REIS prior to the event
Provisional results will be published as soon as possible after the event. Protests, which will be unwelcome, must be lodged in accordance with MSA regulations and made to the Clerk of the Course. Awards will be made for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall and in each class as follows:-
First in Class (subject to there being at least 3 starters in the class)
Second in Class (subject to there being at least 7 starters in the class)
Third in Class (subject to there being at least 12 starters in the class)
Other awards will be announced in the Final Instructions
No competitor may win more than one award, PLEASE NOTE
This event is routed along and/or across public rights of way. Competitors must
exercise caution and reduce their speed accordingly near other path users.
Be especially careful near horses - slow down, stop and switch off your

On official public rights of way other users have priority. Competitors are required to follow the 'Country Code'. Failure to observe this code may incur a 12 mark penalty and lead to disciplinary action. Special care must be exercised near livestock and gates MUST be closed after every competitor AFFILIATION
ACU Affiliation is now assigned to the individual and not the club. Motorcycle competitors must have an ACU Competition Licence or ACU Trials Registration to enter this event and be a member of a club affiliated to the ACU, Durham Automobile Club is affiliated to the ACU. If you have not already applied to the ACU and require a form please contact Peter Masters, Trial Co-ordinator on 01388 663262, Accommodation
Suitable accommodation near by are:-
Parkhead Station, Stanhope, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham DL13 2ES
Tel- 01388 526434 - Contact-Lorraine - £35.00 PP PN
Castlene UK Guest House. 18/20 Front Street, Castleside, Co Durham DH8 9AR
Tel - 01207 506634 – Contact Jan - 1 NIGHT £30 - 2 NIGHTS £25-PP
Deneview Guest House. 15 Front Street, Castleside, Consett, Co Durham DH8 9AR
Tel - 01207 502925 – Contact Catherine - 1 NIGHT £30 - 2 NIGHTS £25-PP
Country Manor House Motel. Carterway Heads, Shotley Bridge, Durham DH8 9LX
Tel 01207 255335 + 255269 – Contact Les
Rooms Double or Twin £40.00 PN
The Manor House Inn, Carterway Heads, Northumberland DH8 9LX
Tel 01207 255268 – Contact Chris
Single Room £55 PN, Double £75 PN inc Breakfast

Haggs Bank Bunkhouse, Nentsberry, Alston Cumbria CA9 3LH
Tel - 01434 382486/07919092403 – Contact Danny
Sleeps 23. £18PP PN, with facilities for camping and tourers.

Best Western, Derwent Manor Hotel, Allensford, Northumberland, DH8 9BB
Tel: 01207 592000


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