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Utmvec myometrial uterine microvascular cell systems

Clonetics™ Myometrial Uterine Microvascular
Cell Systems

Clonetics Myometrial Uterine Microvascular Cell Systems contain normal human myometrial uterine microvascular endothelial cells (UtMVEC-Myo) and optimized media for their growth. Each System can Typical time from subculture to confluent quickly generate UtMVEC-Myo cultures for experimental applications in estradiol pharmacology, gene expression, myometrial drug effects and enzymology and uterine pathology. Clonetics Myometrial Uterine Microvascular Cell Systems are convenient and easy to use, allowing the researcher to focus on results. Cryopreserved UtMVEC-Myo Quality Control
All cells are performance assayed and test negative Proliferating UtMVEC-Myo are shipped in third or for HIV-1, mycoplasma, hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, bacteria, yeast and fungi. Cell viability, morphology Clonetics cells, medium and reagents are quality and proliferative capacity are measured after tested together and guaranteed to give optimum recovery from cryopreservation. Clonetics media performance as a complete “cell system”. are formulated for optimal growth of specific types of normal human cells. Each lot of medium is tested for the support of cell viability and proliferative Cell System Components
capacity. Certificates of Analysis (CA) for each cell • One Myometrial Uterine Microvascular Cell strain are shipped with each order. CA for all other Product (Cryopreserved or Proliferating) • One Endothelial Cell Medium BulletKit® - 500 ml Ordering Information
contains one 500 ml bottle of Endothelial Cell Hydrocortisone, 0.5 ml; FBS, 25 ml; GA-1000, UtMVEC-Myo, Myometrial T-25 Flask Uterine Microvascular contains one 500 ml bottle of Endothelial Cell Basal Medium-2 and the following growth supplements: hEGF, Hydrocortisone, GA-1000, FBS, VEGF, hFGF-B, R3-IGF-1, Ascorbic Acid One ReagentPack™ (CC-5034), Containing: Characterization of Cells
Routine characterization of UtMVEC-Myo includes immunofluorescent staining. Cells stain positive for von Willebrand's (Factor VIII) antigen and for uptake of acetylated LDL. Cells stain negative for smooth Cambrex Bio Science Walkersville, Inc. Orders: 800-638-8174 Technical Service: 800-521-0390 Copyright 2002 Cambrex Bio Science Walkersville, Inc. When placing an order or for technical service, descriptions listed above. For a complete listing of all Clonetics products, refer to the Cambrex website or the current Cambrex catalog. To obtain a catalog, additional information or technical service Product Warranty
CULTURES HAVE A FINITE LIFESPAN IN VITRO. Cambrex warrants its cells only if Clonetics media are used, and the recommended protocols are followed. Cryopreserved UtMVEC cells are assured to be viable and functional when thawed and THESE PRODUCTS ARE FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not
approved for human or veterinary use, for application to humans or animals, or for use in vitro diagnostic or clinical procedures. WARNING: CLONETICS AND POIETICS PRODUCTS
POTENTIALLY INFECTIOUS. Each cell donor, where possible,
is tested by an FDA approved method and found non-reactive for
antibodies to HIV -I and hepatitis-B & C. Where donor testing is not possible, individual cell strains are tested for the presence of viral DNA from HIV -I and hepatitis-B & C by PCR. No known test method can offer complete assurance the viruses that cause HIV -I and hepatitis-B & C are absent. All human based products should be handled at BSL-2 levels (Biosafety Level 2) or higher as recommended for any human sourced material as recommended in the CDC-NIH Manual, “Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories”, 1988. If you require further information, please contact your site Safety Officer or Technical Services. Cambrex Bio Science Walkersville, Inc. Orders: 800-638-8174 Technical Service: 800-521-0390 Copyright 2002 Cambrex Bio Science Walkersville, Inc.

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