Express Scripts Home Delivery
Pharmacy Services
Frequently Asked Questions

Revision date 2/19/2010
*This document is for reference only and is applicable to membership that has
migrated to ESI systems.
**Members who have an inquiry regarding Home Delivery should be directed to
the Express Scripts Patient Care Contact Center.
Note: Documentation is accurate as of the revision date. Processes are subject to changes as a part of standard business practices. GETTING STARTED/ORDERING A PRESCRIPTION:

1. How can a patient order a prescription for Home Delivery?

• Obtain a new prescription from your doctor for your medication(s), requesting a 3- month supply with 3 refills, or the maximum your benefit allows through mail order pharmacy services. PLEASE NOTE: Express Scripts will process all prescriptions at • Complete the Patient Profile section of the Express Scripts home delivery profile • Mail the prescription(s) along with your applicable payment and profile form to: Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin Members Only Phone: Physicians can call in prescriptions for home delivery pharmacy at:
Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin Members Only # 800-677-0444
# 800-553-3750
Web: Members may access the pharmacy information using their health plan website
to print a home delivery pharmacy order form. In addition, members can request Express Scripts to transfer prescriptions from the retail pharmacy to the Express Scripts home delivery pharmacy. Fax: In accordance with the Board of Pharmacy, Express Scripts Home Delivery
Pharmacy Services will only accept faxed prescription requests sent directly from a physician or physician’s office. PLEASE NOTE: Express Scripts will process all faxed prescriptions at the time of receipt. The doctor must include the following information along with the prescription: • Patient's name • Patient and/or Cardholder identification number • Prescribing Physician's name, office phone number, and fax number • Only physician or physician’s office should fax coversheet containing the full name
of person faxing the prescription, a telephone number (if different than above), and
the time and date of transmission. Faxed prescription requests should be forwarded
to Express Scripts Pharmacy Home Delivery Pharmacy at:

Ohio Members Only
Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin Members Only • Please allow 24-48 business hours for a faxed prescription to be visible. 2. How can a patient refill a prescription?
Mail: Patients may order a refill using the refill request form included in the initial
prescription package.
Web: Patients may place orders for refills online by using the health plan website and
selecting the “My Pharmacy” section.
Telephone: Patients may order refills 24-hours a day by opting to talk directly to
customer service or by using a touch-tone phone to input refill orders electronically.
3. Do new mail order users need to fill out a mail order profile form each time
a prescription is sent in?
No. It is only necessary to complete this form the first time a patient orders
medication, unless any information changes. Please list all medications being taken so
we can review for potential interactions. Provide additional information on a separate
sheet of paper if necessary. If a patient prefers a nickname rather than a given name,
please write the name in the appropriate space.
4. Can a patient send in more than one prescription at a time?
Yes. We will process all of the prescriptions you mail to our pharmacy according to your benefit.
5. How does a patient pay for prescriptions?
Express Scripts suggests that all orders include payment to allow processing without delay. Orders may be paid for by: • VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover
6. How long will a patient have to wait for their order?
Pharmacy processing time will average about two to five business days. However, patients should allow additional time for postal service delivery. It is advisable for
first-time users of the home delivery pharmacy to have at least a 30-day
supply of medication on hand
when a request is placed with Express Scripts Mail
Pharmacy. If the prescription order has insufficient information, or if we need to
contact the prescribing physician, delivery could take longer. It is advisable for first-
time users of the mail order pharmacy to ask the doctor for two signed prescriptions.
• One for an initial supply to be filled at your local retail participating pharmacy
• The second for up to a 3-month supply with refills to send to Express Scripts
7. Can prescriptions be faxed to the home delivery pharmacy?

Patients cannot fax a prescription to an Express Scripts pharmacy. We only accept faxed prescriptions directly from a doctor. If a patient has less than a 14-day supply, they should obtain a short-term supply at a participating pharmacy. The home delivery facility does not accept faxed prescriptions for Class 2 (C2) prescriptions or for
Accutane, Amnesteen (isotretinoin), or Lotronex (alosetron).
Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin Members Only 8. What is the turnaround time for the data entry of prescriptions faxed from a
doctor’s office?
Receipt of faxed prescriptions will not be visible immediately. Faxed prescriptions take
24-48 business hours to be visible in the Express Scripts home delivery system. When
a patient care advocate discusses faxed prescriptions, they provide a 24- to 48-hour
turnaround timeframe.

9. Who can request a copy of a prescription? Can copies be faxed?
State law allows the pharmacy to provide a copy of a prescription to the patient. Patients can request a copy of their prescription by calling the patient care contact center. Express Scripts will only fax copies of prescriptions to the prescribing doctors’ offices. A copy is provided to the client if the patient specifically requests this in writing.

10. What does it mean when a Home Delivery medication is on back order?

When an order is received for a medication that is no longer available from the manufacturer and is unavailable for a period of time, medications that can be filled within the order continue to process. Express Scripts attempts to make contact with the prescriber for an alternative medication and with the patient to provide status, when possible. When an alternative is not prescribed, a letter of explanation is sent to the patient.
11. What occurs if a patient sends in a prescription written for a future date?
Express Scripts is unable to hold prescriptions to fill in the future. Prescriptions written for a future date are returned to the patient if a hardcopy prescription is submitted.
12. Can compounds be filled at Home Delivery?
Some compounds can be filled at home delivery pharmacies. Depending upon the ingredient availability and stability, some compounds are not suitable to fill at home delivery pharmacies. Add a minimum of three additional business days to normal turnaround time if Express Scripts requires ordering an ingredient and the product requires hours to compound. Common forms of compounds include capsules, troches, suppositories, creams, and topical syringes. Express Scripts is unable to make sterile
13. Is an existing prescription expired when a new prescription is received for
the same medication?
Yes, when a prescription with an increase in dosage is received, the existing
prescription is expired and the new prescription is processed.
14. Can a doctor write “dispense as written” (DAW) on a prescription and specify

the manufacturer?
Yes, the doctor is required to write on the prescription, in addition to DAW, a specific
manufacturer is medically necessary and the manufacturer name. Without the words “medically necessary” the pharmacy uses the manufacturer in stock.
15. Can a patient get brand or generic drugs?

That depends on the patient and his/her physician. A patient may save money with FDA-approved generic equivalents. Where permitted by applicable law, generics may be dispensed when appropriate and permitted by the physician. 16. What if a patient wants the brand dispensed?
The patient can submit a note with the prescription to have the order filled with the brand drug. This may increase the amount a patient will pay.
17. How long is a written prescription valid?
A prescription is valid for one year from the date that it was written, unless written for a controlled substance. A prescription for a controlled substance is valid for 6 months. • Class II controlled prescriptions are only valid for a one-time fill. (i.e. Oxycontin, • Class III – V controlled prescriptions are valid for 5 refills, in addition to the initial fill. (i.e. Valium, Vicodin, Phenobarbital)
18. Can a patient send in a prescription and call when ready to order it?
Express Scripts does not delay filling prescriptions. All prescriptions mailed, faxed, or phoned in will be processed upon receipt and mailed to the patient. Patients should only submit those prescriptions ready to be filled. Once medications are mailed, they may not be returned to Express Scripts.
19. What happens if a patient orders a prescription and it’s too soon to refill it?
When a new prescription or a refill is unable to process due to refill too soon, but it is within 90 days of the date it can be filled, the prescription requested is held until its fill date. All unaffected medications in the order will continue processing. A letter is sent to the patient to inform them of the date the order can be filled and that their order will automatically be processed at that time.
20. Does Express Scripts coordinate benefits when I am covered by a secondary
ESI’s mail COB process is also at Point-of-Sale. If the secondary payer information is
passed to ESI, the technician will manually submit the claim to the secondary payer.

21. Does Express Scripts Home Delivery consolidate when a prescription is
written for less than a 90-day supply?
All prescriptions are entered into the Express Scripts system as they were written by
the prescriber. The system will auto consolidate the eligible medications based on the
standardized consolidation list and if the prescription has sufficient refills to increase
the quantity dispensed to meet 90-day supply. Certain drug classes may not be eligible for consolidation. Examples of prescriptions that will not be consolidated are: (This is not all-inclusive.) • Injectables (Insulin is an exception) Some states may not permit consolidation. Currently, Texas, Ohio, and Oklahoma do not allow this practice.

22. How will a patient know if their prescription order has been received?

If you have not opted out of the automated outbound call notification or email notification, you will receive a notification once the prescription order has been entered for processing under your account. Please allow 24-48 business hours for a prescription to be visible and notified of receipt.
23. A patient received an automated phone call and/or an email notification, what
is this for?
There are 4 different types of automated outbound call notifications/email notifications.
• Order Received: Patient will receive an order receipt notification once the order has
been entered for processing. Please allow 24-48 business hours for a prescription to be visible and notified of receipt. • Order Shipped: Patient will receive an order shipped notification once the order shows • Order Delayed: Patient will receive an order delayed notification if the order has been • Refill Reminder: Patient will receive a refill reminder when a medication is due to be filled. Patient should follow the prompts to either refill or decline to prevent future calls on that prescription. PLEASE NOTE: Due to HIPAA regulations, the patient’s name and drug name cannot be
mentioned on the automated outbound calls.

24. What can a patient do if he/she no longer wants to receive automated outbound

notifications / email notifications?
A patient may contact customer service to request removal from the notification
distribution. Being removed from this distribution will remove them from all categories of
automated outbound call notifications/email notifications, including order received, order
shipped, order delayed, and refill reminders.

25. Can a patient request different lids (i.e. non-childproof) at Home Delivery?

Yes, the patient calls the Express Scripts contact center and the PCA handles the request.
26. Can an order be split at home delivery pharmacies? If yes, how and when can it
Express Scripts will not automatically “split” medications in an order. Attempts are made
to keep all medications within an order together. There may be circumstances when an
order will be split.

27. Can Express Scripts accommodate vision-impaired patients by displaying larger
print at home delivery?
We are unable to attach larger print on the bottle labels but we can include a copy of the
bottle labels in large print as part of a patient’s paperwork packet. The Patient Order
Form contains a box stating, “Check here for a COPY of your bottle label in LARGE print
on a separate sheet of paper.” We mark the account for this to occur on all future orders.
28. Will Express Scripts return an Rx to a patient?

Yes, if Express Scripts is unable to a fill a prescription it is returned to the patient. This is a change from the NextRx process that only returned prescriptions when a patient specifically requested it.
29. Can Express Scripts process replacements on controlled substances at home

delivery pharmacies?
Yes, a new hard copy prescription is required for Schedule 2 medications. A pharmacist contacts the doctor to inform the patient is requesting a replacement. A replacement is not processed until a new hard copy of the Schedule 2 medication is received. If the request for a replacement is due to damaged medication, the medication must be returned and received prior to processing the replacement. Class III – V replacements require verbal approval from the doctor to replace, and must have a valid refill on file. If no valid refill is on file, a new prescription must be obtained prior to dispensing the replacement.
30. Can a doctor write a control Rx for himself / herself?
No, Express Scripts will not fill a prescription that a doctor has written for himself / herself. Express Scripts will fill a prescription written by a doctor for their family member (only when state law permits).
31. A patient’s order status shows that it has been shipped, but the patient has not
received the order. What can be done?
When an order is delayed in transit (due to mail carrier delays or wrong address),
Express Scripts will process a second claim and grant an early refill when the following
criteria have been met:
• Patient inquires about the status of their order within 45 days of the date the order
• Patient has not received the order after at least 12 calendar days of the original ship date and was shipped via a USPS (First Class Mail) carrier • Express Scripts unable to validate delivery • Express Scripts Pharmacist has reviewed and approved the early refill request • Patient can obtain a 30-day supply of medication from a retail pharmacy if eligible for an override from Pharmacy Help Desk. The patient will be responsible for the If the original order shipped 30 to 45 calendar days from the date the patient is contacting Express Scripts, a replacement order (early refill) will be sent. If the original order is received as well as the early refill order, the patient will be responsible for the
32. Will Express Scripts accept a returned order / prescription?
If an order was processed and filled correctly, Express Scripts will not accept a request to return the order.
33. Does Express Scripts reimburse for emergency supplies obtained from a local
pharmacy when waiting for a home delivery prescription?
Express Scripts may authorize reimbursement to a patient for a local supply obtained on
an emergency basis when the following criteria are met:
• Patient has 10 days or less of medication on hand • Order in-house greater than 7 days due to an Express Scripts delay or shipped to an incorrect address due to an Express Scripts error If the situation meets the above criteria, the patient care advocate will provide the • Patient can obtain a small supply (i.e. 10 days) of medication and Express Scripts will reimburse the patient for their cost. Instructions will be given to the patient on how to proceed. • Patient can obtain a 30-day supply of medication from a retail pharmacy if eligible for an override from RMHP Pharmacy Help Desk. The patient will be responsible for the applicable retail copay.
34. How are temperature-sensitive medications handled?

Express Scripts works actively with drug manufacturers and shipping vendors to ensure the integrity of medications is maintained during shipping. Packaging and mailing guidelines are in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations and adhere to FDA mandates. Refrigerated drugs will be shipped expedited mail service at no additional cost to the patient.
35. Can Express Scripts ship medications internationally?
Medications are not typically shipped internationally. Due to the unpredictability of international shipments, Express Scripts will only ship a medication internationally if the patient provides an American Post Office (APO) address or a Fleet Post Office (FPO) address. The preferable options to shipping internationally are: • An early refill with a quantity greater than 90 days (based on plan setup and the amount of medication needed by the patient). • Reimbursement of medication purchased out of the country, if allowed by plan. • Medication is shipped to a relative in the U.S. who forwards to the patient. • Medication is shipped to the patient’s place of employment to be forwarded through intra-company mail. The patient should notify their employer of the incoming • The patient should call to discuss the best option for their particular scenario. Refrigerated items are not shipped internationally. Express Scripts does not ship medications to a country not allowing foreign shipments of medication into the country. A package shipped to a foreign address and returned as undeliverable without a new FPO / APO address is not replaced and the patient is not credited.
36. Can Express Scripts ship overnight delivery to a P.O. Box?
A street address is required to ship medications by overnight delivery or by a specific carrier. Overnight options may be available upon request and require additional shipping and handling charges. For information on pricing and availability, contact Express Scripts
37. How will an order be mailed?

Orders are shipped in tamper-proof packaging by USPS unless the drug requires special handling, such as refrigeration. There is no indication on the package that it is from a
38. What are the shipping methods used by Express Scripts?
Express Scripts uses a variety of carriers including: USPS, DHL, FedEx, and UPS.
39. When is a signature required for a package?
Signatures are required for Class II controlled substances, narcotics, and medications valued at $5000 and above. Signature-required orders are shipped by UPS, FedEx, or USPS Signature Confirmation. 40. How does a patient change or correct a mailing address for prescriptions?
Patients should call the Express Scripts Contact Center when they want to change, modify, or correct a mailing address. Be aware that Express Scripts conducts a nightly “cleansing” process which syncs up addresses on file at Express Scripts with what the
post office has on file. The post office file will write over any addresses that are different
than what they have on file. If a patient corrects their address to 1234 B ½ Rd., but the
Post Office has 1234 BE ½ Rd. on file, the post office file will over write the address. If
this appears to be a problem, please ask the patient to contact the post office.

41. What are the copay thresholds at home delivery pharmacies? How does this

affect an account with a credit card on file?
Express Scripts threshold limit is based on the total $ amount of an order, not the
individual Rx copay. The thresholds are: $150 without a credit card on file $500 with a credit card on file When an order exceeds either copay threshold, Express Scripts will check history for a similar buying pattern (i.e. similar medication with similar copays.) If the pattern exists, the order is released to continue processing and either invoiced or charged to the credit card on file. If no similar buying pattern exists, Express Scripts will contact the patient for approval before shipping. Express Scripts will attempt to contact the patient to resolve the copay exception. In the event that a message is left, Express Scripts will hold the order up to 2 business days awaiting a response. If approval is not attained, the order is removed from processing and the patient is sent a letter of explanation.
42. Can I use my flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA)
card at home delivery pharmacies?
A benefits card issued for FSA or HSA programs can be used as a debit / credit card if the
card is issued through a valid credit card vendor such as Master Card or Visa. It is the
responsibility of the patient to provide notification to Express Scripts for its use and when
to remove the card from Express Scripts files once benefits are exhausted. Real-time
reporting is in place. Express Scripts currently works with Evolution Benefits, MBI / Metavante and First Data in this capacity.
43. When will a patient’s account be considered delinquent? How does it affect
future prescriptions?
Orders are not filled on accounts with past due balances in excess of $40 for 90 days or longer. For fills / refills requested on delinquent accounts, the patient is contacted and provided the following information: amount overdue, number of hours Express Scripts will hold the refill, and the phone number to call for questions or to pay down the balance. When payment is received, the order is released for processing. If the copayment is not received after our attempt, the patient is informed by mail that a payment is required. If it is a new prescription, it is returned with a letter of explanation. When a patient does not pay for their medications we will send monthly statements requesting payment. After a certain time period, if payment is not received, the account is turned over to a collections agency that sends letters to the patient. When patient is placed in collections, they are informed going forward they must provide payment upfront (check or credit card information), prior to shipping the medication.
44. Can a stop payment be put on a check?
Yes. There is a $15 fee per stop payment request.
45. If a patient has an experience with nonsufficient funds (NSF) on a check /

payment, will the patient be able to pay by check in the future?
After three occurrences of nonsufficient funds, Express Scripts requires the patient to pay
by money order or credit card for all future orders.

46. What is the turnaround time for checks to be posted to a patient’s account?
When we receive a check with a home delivery fill, it takes approximately five to ten business days to post and deposit the check. If an order processes and ships over a short time frame, the order may contain an invoice stating the patient has a balance due if the check is not posted and deposited. Payments sent after the order has shipped are 47. What are general guidelines around home delivery AR processing?
• Refunds: Account balances and credit balances will transfer to Express Scripts. Refunds are auto-initiated on any credit balance carried for more than 120 days. • Copay Limits: (Express Scripts standard) If paying by check - $150 / if paying with Credit Card - $500; If patient does not respond to call, the order is pended. The opposite was true for NRX, with the exception of Part D patients can carry up to $150 Balance. • Collections Process: If there is no payment within 90 days (letters will be sent), Express Scripts will turn the account over to a 3rd party for collection. • Bill Me Later is an option where a 3rd party vendor will provide credit for 90 days, same as cash. $150 min. / no max. Members can register for this option via the pharmacy website or Express Scripts customer service. • Credit Card on File: Patient can select a preferred card over the last card on file.
48. Will Express Scripts write off a balance due?
Express Scripts will only write off a balance when a patient is deceased. All other balances are sent to collections after we have attempted to collect payment.
49. How will a patient know if he / she has an outstanding balance?
Patients receive an invoice with each order processed by Express Scripts. Additionally, monthly statements are sent to patients with outstanding balances.
50. How does Express Scripts apply payment when multiple credit cards are on file?
When an order is received, the preferred credit card vs. the last credit card will be used. Upon shipment, the card will be billed and the statement will reflect the charge.
51. If a patient registers online, does the patient need to mail in a patient profile in
order for prescriptions to be processed?
No. When a patient registers online, we recommend they mail their prescriptions with a
profile, but it is not required. The profile is the form for first-time users. An order form is
generated with each order and we highly recommend the patients send this form with
future orders.

52. Can Express Scripts
home delivery pharmacies accept prescription transfers
from retail pharmacies?
No, Express Scripts is unable to accept transferred prescriptions but will assist the
patient by contacting the doctor to obtain a new prescription.

53. Can a prescription at Express Scripts home delivery be transferred to my retail
Yes, Express Scripts can transfer a prescription during business hours to a retail
pharmacy if it has already been filled at Express Scripts at least once, has refills
available, and has not expired. The transfer would require the retail pharmacist to call
the Express Scripts Customer Service Dept. The PCA would triage the call and transfer
the call to an Express Scripts Pharmacist to perform the transfer.
54. How does branded generics process work?

When Express Scripts is able to obtain favorable pricing on a brand, it is able to pass that savings on to the patient and client by billing the drug as a generic.
55. When is a patient’s eligibility determined?
Eligibility is determined at the point of adjudication. When a patient is either not able to be located or there is an edit regarding active coverage. • If a patient is determined to be “Not Active” or “Coverage Termed,” Express Scripts will attempt to find alternate coverage prior to returning prescriptions. • A letter of explanation is sent to the patient. If applicable, the prescription submitted Contact Information


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