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Ovarian Drilling for Infertility
This fact sheet was developed in collaboration with The Society of Reproductive Surgeons
If you have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), you may Will I get pregnant after ovarian drilling?
have very irregular cycles. This usually means that you Your chances of pregnancy are good as long as your may have difficulty getting pregnant because you don't menstrual cycles become more regular and no other problems ovulate or release an egg on a regular basis. This medical make it hard for you to conceive. In the year after ovarian condition changes the amount of important substances, drilling, about half of the patients get pregnant. You are called hormones, that your body produces. You end up with less likely to get pregnant with twins or triplets after ovarian too much testosterone (yes, women, not just men, produce drilling than if you are taking fertility drugs. However, your cycles may become irregular again as time goes by.
Certain medications may be helpful in making the cycles or Sometimes menstrual cycles do not become more regular some hormone levels more normal in these patients. Birth after this surgery, but it may be easier to induce ovulation control pills can make you have a monthly cycle, but will with fertility drugs after the surgery.
prevent you from becoming pregnant. Clomiphene, a fertilitydrug that is taken by mouth, may help you ovulate on a What are the risks of ovarian drilling?
more regular basis. Metformin lowers insulin levels and is This surgery could cause injury to your intestines, bladder, generally reserved for PCOS patients who have problems blood vessels, and ureter. You could also have bleeding, an with insulin levels. All of these drugs may improve the infection, or a reaction to anesthesia. There is a risk of The use of a surgical procedure called ovarian drilling can If there is too much damage to the ovary, you may run out help promote normal menstrual cycles and lower testosterone of eggs at a younger age and go through menopause (which levels. This may make it easier for you to get pregnant.
is when you stop getting your period). After the surgery,adhesions or scar tissue can form between the ovaries and What happens if I have too much testosterone?
the fallopian tube, which carries the egg out of the ovary High levels of testosterone cause some symptoms of into the uterus. If you develop adhesions, it may be more PCOS. You may have more body hair than most women. In addition, you may be overweight. Your periods may beirregular. Your ovaries may not release eggs every month,so you probably don't ovulate regularly and you may havea difficult time becoming pregnant.
What is ovarian drilling?
In patients with PCOS, your ovaries typically have a thick
outer surface and you may produce more testosterone than
women without PCOS. Ovarian drilling breaks through the
thick outer surface and the drilling also reduces the amount
of testosterone your ovaries make. In this laparoscopic
(minimally invasive) procedure, a tiny camera attached to a
thin telescope is inserted into a small incision (surgical
opening) below your belly button. Special tools are inserted
at other on your belly. These tools make very small holes in
your ovaries, which help reduce testosterone production. You
may get your period regularly and you should start to ovulate.
The American Society for Reproductive Medicine grants permission to photocopy this fact sheet and distribute it to patients.

Source: http://fertilitybabies.com/babies/pdf/OvarianDrilling.pdf

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