Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, Rushmore Conference Room (114 MVR), Cornell University Meeting commenced at 5:43 pm
Board members present:
Casey Carlstrom, Karen Grover, Joe Reynolds, Chris Reynolds, Steve Shaum, Katie
Stettler, Nancy Kleinrock, Lorrie Tily, Evan Kurtz, Alan Lockett, Jim Miner, John Dailey, Jr., Tim Ingall, Don Tily
5:30 Additions or deletions to the agenda
Women’s distance festival, under other business Approval of the March Meeting Minutes. Under “Newsletter,” correct typo in line 3: “is” Æ “in” • Thom B Trail Run (5/12)—Evan Kurtz Trail issues regarding “gremlins removing course marking” Found all arrows in place when went to pick them up, and roughly ¾ of ribbons Katie Stettler reported that the rogaine had also been vandalized. Lorrie says it was irresponsible to run the race having heard a rumor that Great turnout, great weather, and good profit Next year will publish a cutoff time for starting the second loop • RecWay 10k (5/27)—Josh & Val (Karen reported for them) Smooth preparations, in large part due to help from other directors Problem was the guy who collapsed; he went out with Boris—way too fast for that guy. An ambulance came at the hurt man’s request 55 registered, sold 17 shirts; profit $260 Got complaints of having it on Sunday (especially since commencement); will • Tortoise & Hare (6/02)—Tessa & KC (Karen for them) Much better turnout than last year (81 finishers); good weather Some confusion due to “preregistrants” who hadn’t signed form, who were then Make note of bib # and full name of an injured runners who leave(had a problem • Summer Track Meet -CU (6/05)—Tim Ingall A good meet in spite of the cold weather. Not all waivers were signed, Shelly reported while doing results. • Note that race directors are to give waivers to Herb, who holds them for an extended period in the archive. (Josh and Val weren’t sure what to do with them) 1. Evan notes that it is the respective VP’s job to offer new RDs a helping Alan makes arrangements with Joe to get equipment; Tim has stuff in his car he will pass to Alan after the meeting; Tim will bring ribbons to the race. Evan will facilitate getting entry blanks, taking them from Jim Chely to Pat Leone Alan will find out what is the latest acceptable time for Pat to receive the In the future, perhaps Alan should put his own address on the entries • Finger Lakes Fifties (6/30) – Chris Reynolds Looking for volunteers still Lots of donations from Hammer Have 55 prereg (30 in 50 mile) • Summer Track Meet-CU (7/3) - Tim Ingall Finances – Katie Stettler (Finance Committee) • The money is pouring in from profitable races and from memberships • Will owe ~$100 in sales tax from club clothing sales • Sunshine Fund?, non-related club expenditures Spoke with RRCA about what is permitted for 510(c)(3) corporation. The law is a bit fuzzy, but we will follow the RRCA’s way of doing things It is permissible for club money to be spent moderately for things like funereal No email voting is written into our bylaws Suggests that every January all board members be handed a copy of the bylaws, finance policies, and other policies Milestone Marathon Committee – (Evan Kurtz, Lorrie Tily, Joe Reynolds) Committee’s intent is to bring ideas to the board to decide on; and another group can then be established to carry things out Postage is down; Gnomon got the newsletter right the first time this month Past policy states that membership dues should be brought before the board Was proposed several years ago to raise dues, but these days newsletter is reasonably covered by dues due to electronic acceptance Comp 11, family 163, individual 137, life 26, team 3: 340 total New tables, coolers, and drink jugs—all set. Been letting the FLNF know what they’ve been doing up there. Joe suggests putting together a list of good chip-timing companies (Pat Leone is Katie adds that perhaps should have a list of preferred vendors • FLRC Youth Initiative – Tim Ingall, Joe Reynolds, Becky Harman, Katie Stettler Katie: it’s going great, ~40 kids—a successful program, both the older and younger kids are having fun; turned out better than Katie expected; lots of FLRC volunteers; don’t utilize the volunteers as well as they might, though • Tompkins County Travel Guide – Jim Strehle—tabled, since Jim isn’t here • FLRC Motto or Vision Statement – Mark Thompson Karen passed around a list of things people emailed to her • Student entry free to FLRC events (revisited from May meeting) Tim believes all students should run free at track meets; otherwise should have all entry forms specify 18-and-under-half-price policy Triple Cities, Syracuse, etc., folks have expressed interest in coming With so many people, need to worry about parking Karen got an email from the Ithaca Tri Club regarding run clinics; need 8–12 people do a given session, $10 per session, for a series of session; coach is Jen Potter (IC women’s track coach) Suggest open invitation via FLRC listserv 5K in Dryden in September; Evan will be helping them out Tomas, Chinita, and the girls will be leaving the end of July; Tim will be honoring Karen has gone to the lite 97 radio station to request sponsorship in terms of free Others suggest hitting up on-the-course sponsors, like the Hilton Garden or coffee places; also Guthrie Medical Center since Cayuga Medical Center is no longer sponsoring Next Board Meeting: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, Rushmore Conference Room (114 MVR), Cornell University Submitted by: Mark Thompson, with thanks to Nancy Kleinrock.


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