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646.428.5250   , Brooklyn, NY
RESPONSIBILITIES: Custom built member-based forms , forum and interactive drag-n- drop interface for touch devices and mouse • Web architect and database implementation • PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, Jquery UI and OpenCart Social network integration • Custom digital artwork and bulk photo retouching • Branding and animation creation Air and Heat Systems of VA, Virginia Beach, VA
-Recommended by Scott Cust, Owner of Perfect Event Rentals Web Site design and consultation • Face Book and Linked In page development and Integration Client Consulting and Liaison for both Print & Web
Village Butcher, Virginia Beach, VA
Vendors Ads: Print, Banner and Email
Brand Identity: Logos • Collateral Materials
-Has referred me to potential clients due to positive results Direct Mail • Outdoor • Presentation Kits
Website Design and Maintenance: HTML, CSS, SEO,
RESPONSIBILITIES: Web Site design and consultation • Favicon design • Site maintenance • Business card and Poster Social Plug-ins and Maps, Mobile Conversion, PHP
and MYSQL Programming, HTML Forms, Java Script,
Vinyl Daze Records, Virginia Beach, VA
Jquery UI, Custom Buttons, Artwork and Favicons,
Open Source, Flash Animations, Photography, Photo
Logo Update for T-shirts and collateral materials Galleries and Re-touching • Video capture, editing and J. Costa Construction and Design, Brooklyn, NY
conversion , Pre+Post Production of Print and
-Won this job after high praise on the Access 2 Care account Multimedia • Illustration: Portraits, Landscapes
RESPONSIBILITIES: Strategize, conceptualize, design and develop web site • Gallery creation and compilation -JavaScript Software Proficiency: Cross-Platform
Access2Care, Lincoln Park, NJ
Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, FileZilla, -Currently updating, adding dynamic Products Catalog and Search Features OpenCart, Freehand , PageMaker, QuarkXpress, RESPONSIBILITIES: Strategize, conceptualize, design and develop web site • SEO • Favicon design • Custom artwork, buttons • Bi-Lingual mirror site • Mobile conversion • Favicon Design Marchak Financial, Fords, NJ
American Intercontinental University
RESPONSIBILITIES: Branding Design: Logo Creation, Business card and Stationery design Perfect Event Rentals, Virginia Beach, VA
The School of Visual Arts
RESPONSIBILITIES: Strategize, conceptualize, design and develop web site • Photo gallery creation and Video embedding Site maintenance -JavaScript •Business card Design, E-Mail and Print Ads Hit Web Design, Provo, Utah
-Many of these clients continue to use my consultation services after company closure CLIENTS: Employer Brand Works • New Healing Dimensions • Stone of Help, Inc. • Home Theater, Inc. The Art Institute of Philadelphia
Disc Planet • Diana Rabin Accounting • TLC Pet Pals • Scooter Scoot & Roller Skates • Pleasant Travels for You RESPONSIBILITIES: Branding Design: Logo Creation, Business Card, Stationery, Newsletter and Brochure design Cline Davis and Mann /Lab9, New York, NY
-Selected from over 30 graphic designers to join Lab 9, which was a start-up company derived from Cline Davis and Mann staff CLIENTS: Genentech • Janssen • Amgen • Novartis • Novo Nordisk • Pfizer Specialization: Liberal Arts and Sciences RESPONSIBILITIES: Design, typesetting and pre-press of ads, meeting materials, presentations, sales aids Course Work: Psychology • Visual Arts • Literature and launch materials, pitches and in-house materials • Studio management Health Science Communications, New York, NY
Art Director/Designer/Production Artist
-Graduated to Full-Time position from freelance due to satisfactory feedback CLIENTS: Lowe Advertising • Harrison and Star • CLIENTS: Femara, Novartis • Alcon • Amgen • Aventis • Clarinex • BMS • Genetech • Sanofi Harper Collins Publishing • Donors For Life • Muses RESPONSIBILITIES: Design, typesetting and pre-press of meeting materials including monographs, newsletters, Cafe • Marie Bove Hair Salon • Cline, Davis & Mann • Dr. Marerro • B&C Jewelry • DCI Inc. • Gary Montanile Bouchez Kent & Company, New York, NY
Makeup • Cebu Bistro • Strictly Sunglasses • Merkley and Partners • CitiGate Global Hue • Muses Cafe -Was recommended by a staff member at Bozell Advertising -Concept won the Starwood Luxury Hotel Account RESPONSIBILITIES: Conceptualize and create brand CLIENTS: Starwood Luxury Hotels • Yahoo! Hot Jobs • Madison Square Garden identity and logo development • Art direct, design RESPONSIBILITIES: Conceptualize, design and pre-press ads, collateral and outdoor materials • Illustration & retouching and maintain web sites, ads, business cards, direct Bozell Advertising, Inc., New York, NY
mail and collateral materials • Illustration • Copy Writing • Client relations • Typesetting • CLIENTS: Bank of America • Verizon Wireless • Milk • Bahamas • FEMA Photography • Photo Retouching • Production RESPONSIBILITIES: Design, typesetting, photo-retouching and pre-press ads, brochures and collateral materials


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Evidence Reports of Kampo Treatment 2010 Task Force for Evidence Reports / Clinical Practice Guideline Special Committee for EBM, the Japan Society for Oriental Medicine Reference Ohnishi M, Hitoshi K, Katoh M, et al. Effect of a Kampo preparation, Byakkokaninjinto, on the pharmacokinetics of ciprofloxacin and tetracycline. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 2009; 32: 1080–4. CE

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