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Electron Spin Inversion
A danger to your health

Many people suffer these days from chronic fatigue, also called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis(M.E.), or Fibromyalgia. There does not seem a cause for it, at least not one that can easily be found by the medical profession. There are theories that it is caused by a virus. Some experts claim it is the Coxsackie virus, others claim it is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. But they remain theories. The two viruses can definitely cause a lot of problems, but chronic fatigue does not seem to be one of them. Of course those viruses may be found in those who have chronic fatigue, but they may not be there as the causal factor, but as a result. The helicobacter bacteria is often regarded as a possible cause of stomach ulcers, but is not. The two are often found together, but cause and effect have been confused. The same thing applies to smoking and lung cancer or heart and vascular diseases. ‘Specialists’ say smoking is the cause of those illnesses. Again, they often go together, but not in a cause-effect relationship. Lung cancer, heart and vascular diseases, and smoking are all a result of the same thing , namely stress. You get stress because you are not capable of doing the things you need to do or think you have to do them. You may do them on will power alone. Will power is often seen as something very positive, but it does not have to be like that. If it is not coupled to being stark and powerful with a lot of drive, then it is useless. Then will power takes energy of which you do not have enough anyway. This will power causes stress, which takes away even more energy. But how can such a thing get into motion at all? We hear ever more of the chronic fatigue syndrome. More and more people seem to suffer from it. It definitely is a civilisation problem. But what is the main cause? It is electron spin inversion. What is this? Every atom has its own nucleus and around the nucleus turn the electrons. Just like the planets turn around the sun. Every planet also turns around its own axis, so do the electrons. If one has an electron spin inversion, those electrons start turning the other way around their own axis. This event is very detrimental to the body. The first symptoms are: a) you are tired even after a good night sleep and b) you get ever more environmental allergies. If this is the case, people are absolutely therapy resistant. They will not react positively on any therapy. They may react the opposite way on medicine, on massage, on acupuncture, on homeopathy, simply on everything. Their body works against itself. It does not absorb any nutrients anymore. Simply nothing will work or works the other way. All kinds of things that they used to enjoy, are not enjoyable anymore. Those people often become electro sensitive, meaning that a TV or a computer puts them down.
This electron spin inversion is always caused by an external magnetic
field. It can be electro magnetic or geo-magnetic, meaning it can be
produced by electrical appliances or wires or by disturbances in the field of
the earth.
Electro magnetic fields
In our present civilisation we are confronted with more and more
appliances: TV’s, computers, stereo sets, clock radio’s, electric stoves,
waterbeds etc. Furthermore we have the power cables( also of trams, trains and trolley busses) and the high voltage cables. All these appliances and wires create a huge magnetic field. And this field attacks the body. If the body is strong it might be able to resist or is not affected by it. But if it gets weakened by a simple cold or by an emotional shock, then the field is suddenly strong enough and gets a hold on the body and it is like a terrier, it does not let go. Then the magnetic field stops the electrons and pulls them the other way round. You might not be aware that you are in such a magnetic environment. Television sets, computers etc. do not radiate much at the front. But at the back and sides !!! The magnetic field radiation at the back of a computer is 100 times stronger than at the front. With a TV it is the same. So you might be living in the field of the computer of your colleagues or your neighbours. Magnetic fields cannot be stopped by a wall, they go right through it. Have you ever checked where your neighbours have put their computer or TV?? Beds are also a big source of spin inversion. In the first place there is the clock radio. It gives out a large magnetic field and especially when you are asleep it can do a lot of damage. Clock radio’s are the main cause of migraine. About 50% of all migraine disappears when people put the clock radio at least 1,2 meters away from their beds. The other big source of spin inversion in beds are the spring mattresses and even worse the box springs and waterbeds.
3000 nT
The body can handle a difference in the magnetic field that it is exposed to up till 3000 nT (nanoTesla). The springs that are in a bed are all made of metal and all have a positive and negative pole. The mattress manufacturer , however, does not look which spring has its positive pole on the top and which spring has its negative pole on top. If it were all equal it would do a lot less damage. But it is not. By one spring having its positive end up and the other springs the negative pole, we create a difference in the magnetic field. And the more appliances( clock radio’s, TV’s. radio’s, computers) there are in the bedroom, the more magnetized the springs become and the stronger the difference and the more chance on a spin inversion.
Box spring mattresses: worse. There we have two springs above each
other, thereby amplifying in positive or negative way or neutralising
magnetic fields.
Sleeping on a box spring mattress is almost a guarantee on a electron
spin inversion.

Waterbeds have a huge electrical heater under the bed. Its magnetic
field is enormous.

I have been on occasion called in to test an electricity company that was
worried about some of its employees who got sick the moment they turned up for work, and there was nothing physical or psychological that doctors could find. I found that it was the chair on which those people sat. The chair had two metal armrests . Those armrests had opposite polarity and there was a field difference of 9000 nT from one side to the other side. The field goes right through the body and the body cannot handle
such a difference. We changed chairs and the problem was solved.
Geomagnetic fields
We all know that the earth has a magnetic field. This field gets temporarily
disturbed by the sunspots or solar flares. When this occurs, we see earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, suicides, a four fold increase in heart attacks and a ten fold increase in traffic accidents. But I do not want to talk about this now. This field is a grid. And on this grid there are a lot of disturbance spots. The human being can easily handle these disturbances. Sometimes an underground water stream or an old mineshaft creates such a problem that our body cannot handle it. But there are other, more common problems. We add to those disturbances by our building methods, especially reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete has a lot of iron bars in it. These iron bars are highly magnetic and all have their positive and negative pole. If the manufacturers would place all the iron bars in such a way that we would have an equalized field there would be no problem. But they do not pay attention to it. So we have a similar problem as with the springs in the bed. There is then a disturbing geo-magnetic field that causes the body to spin the wrong way. There are more things wrong with our buildings which can also cause spin inversion, like the places where water or sewage pipes run, the floor heating system, places where the electricians put the wires, the meter cupboard. All simply because they do not know how much damage our ‘comfort’ causes our body.
High voltage tension wires
The high voltage tension wires that run through the country also cause spin inversion. The range of such a field is about 1 mile to either side of the wire. Average tension on these wires is 360.000 Volt. In some places in Europe there are already wires of 720.000 Volt. Since magnetic fields decrease over distance, there is not much danger if you live 1 mile away. But the closer you get to the wire itself, the higher
the risk on electron spin inversion.
Magnetic beds or mats
A lot of shops and dealers sell magnets or magnetic beds, inlays for shoes
etc. in order to let you feel better. Generally this does work. You feel
better, but you are not. In fact you are worse. What happens? Our body evolved in a field of about 0,5 Gauss, the earth magnetic field. Even a little horseshoe magnet has a strength of about 28.000 Gauss, which is 56.000 times stronger than the field in which the body feels well. This causes maximum stress to the body. The body reacts with the production of endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s own morphine. These endorphins make you numb, you do not feel anything anymore, therefore also not your problems and so you feel ‘better’. Pains go away. But in actual fact you are destroying the body’s own immune system by paralysing it. In fact you may be creating your own auto-immune disease, because high endorphin levels are characteristic for all auto immune diseases. An aspirin does the same thing, as does marihuana. It makes the body produce endorphins. Production is controlled by the pituitary gland and carried out by all the nerves in the body. Have you ever asked yourself how an aspirin exactly knows where the pain is? Well, it does not. It simply disturbs the pituitary gland, which instructs ALL the nerves to produce endorphins. At the same time you get rid of your pains, you might create a spin inversion., which brings other, possibly more serious diseases.
What to do about it?

Can we do something about the problem? Yes, we can.
In the first place I have to inform you that unfortunately the electron spin inversion is pure physics. Not chemistry. So the medical profession, although ever more working with physics is not trained to look at these things nor are they able to by lack of suitable instruments. A lot of electro- acupuncturists have such devices with which they could detect a spin inversion, but they often lack knowledge. Far less therapists have the possibility and knowledge to correct a spin inversion. It only takes two minutes. And after those two minutes your life might look very different, as many people have already experienced. A woman who had not left her house in twelve years and had numerous environmental allergies, was totally healed after those 2 minutes. I could give you numerous experiences in which so called miraculous healings have taken place. Leukaemia is a disease which in 100% of the cases is due to a spin inversion.
How can you test if someone has a condition of electron spin

There are a few ways. With a device for electro acupuncture according to Voll(EAV), whereby you measure the acupuncture points. There are 3 meridians which react most immediate on a spin inversion and they are the Triple Warmer, Heart and Circulation meridians. Other meridians might react too, but not always. Normally when measuring the readings are steady or show a slow drop. When a body is suffering from spin inversion, most of the points on the Fingers will show a sharp drop.

Healthy reading
Disturbance present
If one sees such a drop further diagnosis is of no use, because bodies in this condition cannot be diagnosed properly. Some times, unfortunately ever more, people show no disturbance at all. This is frequently the case with M.E. They show no disturbance even with a spin inversion. Everything seems in order. Those people have a very high production of endorphines, the body’s own morphine. High endorphin production is characteristic for auto-immune diseases. An pain killer does the same thing. Any aspirine causes all nerves of the body to produce endorphins. That is why the pain disappears no matter where the pain sits. Cardiologists also prescribe aspirine as blood thinner. The aspirine caused the body to produce endorphins. The endorphins relax the body,after which the bloodvessels become wider, and then the blood has more space and becomes thinner. That is why in cases of ME nobody can find anything because all disturbances are suppressed. In these cases the spin inversion is not detected, but if those people do not react on therapy or adversely react, then they MUST have a spin inversion. Another way is with kinesiology. If you do the muscle test, your muscles should become weaker when you take sugar in your hand. If the muscle becomes stronger with sugar, then you have a spin inversion. Sugar is a left spinning substance.
Correction of electron spin inversion
There are a few ways to correct a spin inversion.
1) with bioresonance or photon resonance device 2) with an EAV device 3) with kinesiology I will now describe the easiest and in my opinion the most effective way, through a photon resonance instrument. Your EAV specialist, Kinesiologist or Chiropractor will tell you how the other ways work and what he/she can do for you. Many chiropractors are also kinesiologists or EAV therapists, so they will have various ways of doing things. The important thing is that they pay attention to this phenomena, because it happens in about 25% of the patients that are coming for treatments in the about 1000 practices where I have trained practitioners. Correction by means of bio- or photonresonance The treatment is very easy when you have the right instrument to do it with. The instrument needed has to be a bioresonance or photonresonance device like the Health Angel StarLight. You take a drop of blood from the finger and put it on a paper tissue. (With blood it works always immediately; you may also take saliva, but then results are mixed.) You put it in a cup connected with the input of the device. In this cup sits a copper or brass spiral, which turns clockwise downwards. This blood has a 100% resonance with the patient, because it is his or her own. That is why an absolute minimum quantity of blood is sufficient. Because of the spiral this blood gets the right spin. Then you give the patient two electrodes in the hand and let therapy run for two minutes. Then the spin inversion is gone. When you measure again, you will find all readings a lot higher, the sharp drops have disappeared. Subsequently you can continue with diagnosis and therapy. If people have a suspected endorphin production, this therapy works equally well and the endorphin production might come to an end. The body produces namely endorphins when it is under extreme stress, be it physical, chemical, emotional or otherwise. Due to the removal of the spin inversion the stress might disappear. Endorpin production is under supervision of the pituitary gland, the center of discrimination in the body. It has to discriminate what is good and what is bad. If that gland does not work properly, you have a problem, because you feel better but are in fact worse (Joggers High and a Marihuana High
are also caused by extreme endorphine production).
But can we avoid it from happening again?
In order to avoid a spin inversion happening again we have to look for the
cause. It is not always in the home or in your office or work place. Sometimes you get suddenly tired when you go into a shopping mall. There are so many disturbing magnetic fields there , that is enough to make even the most healthy person weak. And that could be the cause. If that is the case you do not have to worry about getting it again, unless you go again to that shopping mall, when you feel weak. (the important thing is that you listen to your body) You have to change your environment, put the clock radio further away from your bed or replace your bed and mattress with items that do not contain any metal, change the set up of your computers or TV. You simply have to look at what could be the cause- But the real cause is of course YOU. You should be able to with stand those fields. That is only possible if you get clean, emotional and physical.

The strength of our body’s own magnetic field is dependent on the energy
that we have available. The speed at which the electrons turn is also
dependent on the energy that they have. The more energy, the faster
they turn. And the faster they turn , the more difficult it is for such an external magnetic field to get a hold on them. So in that case we have to accumulate energy. We can do that by eliminating a lot of disturbances in our bodies. The cleaner we are, the more energy we have. We have to be open for the light. If we are not open to that, we remain in the dark ages with all the consequences. Imagine yourself as a tree. The insects come and are a real plague to you. Why are they there? Where do they suddenly come from? Why you? Why not an other tree? The reason is: because you attract them. What is it that attracts those bugs? Your vibrations. If you were tuned just a bit higher, those insects would not have been attracted to you. You happen to vibrate at the same low level as the insects. It is simply love at first sight. Those insects are a sign, a sign that you (the tree) have fallen ill, that you have to make your immune system stronger. You have to grow out of it! If the cause is geomagnetic, in other words caused by a disturbance in the earth magnetic field, you can try out putting various metal things under your bed, couch and/or chairs. There are various professionals( dowsers) who will advise you in this respect.In my experience this prevention method works only if the disturbance is caused by the so called ley lines( underground streams or currents). If the cause is geomagnetic, but is caused by the construction of the building, the mattress couch or chairs themselves, this method will have no effect. It is always better to have your furniture without metal. In that case I advise to reorganise your furniture and try that first, before acquiring all new things. It is extremely important to know what exactly is causing the spin inversion. Then measures can be taken. If the cause is electro-magnetic, you will have to look where cables are running and whether the earth connection is really connected to the earth, (if not, a huge electrical field can be generated, equal to that under high voltage cables) and where appliances stand. If they are opposite each other they generate a huge magnetic field between them. If your TV or computer is standing against a wall and on the other side of the wall is your bed, then remove computer or bed. If you are living under high voltage( 360.000 Volt) cables (their magnetic field is 1500 yards to either side of the cable), then the best option is to move. 50% of all cases of migranes are caused by electrical clock radio’s, which stand on the night stand. A TV in your bedroom radiates also about 16 feet away. Especially in the USA where almost all mattresses are filled with springs, this is a very dangerous thing. Through the magnetic field generated by the TV, the springs get magnetized and the effects will be far worse.
Shape up or ship out
You have to raise your vibrations to get out of resonance with those bugs. If you have it done with insecticide , your immune system does not improve. It gets weaker, the vibrations are getting even lower and now the waiting is only for the next series of plagues. They will give you another chance on improving your immune system. Take it or leave it. Most people leave it and take antibiotics or some other drug. Trees get more pesticides. We simply do not take the time to be ill. Those pesticides weaken the tree even further. Nature first sends insects, then other bugs, then fungi, then bacteria and viruses to try to get you to DO something about your system. If you do not, your system will degenerate ever further. Nature sends all those creatures to clean up the weak: shape up or ship out. If you shape up, if you increase your vibrations, you go out of resonance with the bugs, the bacteria, the viruses. They will not even see you. Everything is based on resonance. If your vibrations are so low that they match the vibrations of bacteria, you will attract them: Like attracts like. Healthy people have high vibrations. Every disturbance , whether it is emotional, mental, physical, lowers those vibrations, because the disturbance is of a lower vibration itself. The light that is emitted by all the cells gets chaotic in stead of coherent, thereby losing its capability to communicate properly.
You are the only one responsible for your body, for your life You cannot
place that burden on the shoulders of medical doctors, government,
churches, trade unions, insurance companies etc. We have all been led to believe that they could take that responsibility, but now we are finding out that they cannot and have never been able to. Take the responsibility back into your own hands. That is going to be accompanied by fear, simply to trust yourself. Do not go by what you think, because in your brain is only what others have programmed you to think. Go by your intuition, by what you feel. Do not confuse this feeling with emotions. They are totally different.


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