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Professional Career of the Invitee:
Shotgun DNA sequencing bearing fruits:
probing the dynamics of genome size
Professor of Molecular Biology and Director
Joachim (Jo) Messing
DNA sequencing reactions can result in the determination of a
Professional Experience (selection)
contiguous order of bases of up to around 1,000 nucleotides. To 1988-present: Director, Waksman Institute, Rutgers University determine the sequences of entire chromosomes, the universal primer 1985-present: University Professor of Molecular Biology, Rutgers University method was developed nearly 30 years ago, which requires the 1996-1998 Acting Chair, Department of Genetics, Rutgers University purification of DNA templates for sequencing by DNA cloning and a 1989-1990 Acting Chair, Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry primer complementary to the vector sequence. Because of the highly 1985-1988 Director of Research, Waksman Institute, Rutgers University parallel nature of this process, the method was named shotgun DNA
Honors (selection)
2007 Member, German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina Because sequenced DNA templates overlap, they can be 2004 USDA Secretary’s Honor Award (US Rice Genome) concatenated, thereby permitting the reconstruction of long 2003 World Technology Award in Biotechnology (IRGSP) contiguous DNA sequences. While in concept such a theme should be 2002 Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science limitless in the size of DNA that can be sequenced, it has now been 1981-1990 World's most-cited scientist, Science 254:28, October 1991 proven that even large chromosomes of multicellular organisms can Editor/Editorial Boards (selection)
indeed be sequenced this way. A particular enigma in terms of DNA 2005-present: Member, Editorial Board, Genome Research size has been the C-value paradox.
2005-present: Member, Editorial Board, BMC Plant Biology Striking examples are species in the plant kingdom, which differ in the 1996-present: Member, Editorial Board, Current Opinion in Biotechnology size of their genomes by several orders of magnitude. The most 1994-present: Guest Editor, Molecular Breeding important crops in the world range in size from 0.4 Gb (rice) to 16 Gb 1993-present: Member, Editorial Board, Methods (wheat), but do not differ in their morphological complexity the same 1989-present: Member, Editorial Board, DNA Sequence1983-present: Member, Editorial Board, DNA and Cell Biology By taking advantage of conserved gene order across species
Professional Activities (selection)
(synteny), we sequenced contiguous segments of closely related 2005-present: Elected Member, Sorghum Genetics Executive Committee grass species so that it becomes possible to investigate whether 2004-present: Elected Member, Maize Genetics Executive Committee chromosomes of species with larger genomes expanded in size and 2002-present: International Sequencing Consortium 1997-present: Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, BioArray Solutions1989-present: Ad hoc reviewer to DOE, NSF, NIH, EU, Israel


The assessment of traumatic brain injury

Feeling better – Lifestyle management for chronic mental disorders In this module we have learned about three risk factors associated with poor physical health: overweight, lack of physical activity and smoking. All three factors are more common in patients with chronic mental disorders than in the general population and may be associated with a tangible reduction of life expectancy.

MENDELNET 2013 THE EFFECT OF MOLYBDENUM ON OVARIAN FUNCTIONS OF RAT Detvanová L.1, Kolesárová A.2, Kalhotka L.1 1Department of Agrochemistry, Soil Science, Microbiology and Plant Nutrition, Faculty of Agronomy, Mendel University in Brno, Zemedelska 1, 613 00 Brno, Czech Republic 2Department of Animal Physiology, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences, Slovak University of Ag

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