changes in flow and recharge rates are the considerations with regard to demand side from various Central and State Government judicious utilization of the resources for service organizations, academic institutions physiographically complex areas including ensuring their long-term sustainability.
suitable for the prevailing situations to groundwater resources in the country.
in the XII plan involving the states and stake Summary of the K.R. Karanth Endowment Lecture delivered on 27th December 2011 Trees and Flowering Plants of Bangalore and their Role in Preserving the Ecosystem – Sadananda
Hegde, Bangalore (Email:
Artocarpus heterophyllus (Jack fruit), landscape and enhancing the quality of life Azadirecta indica ( Neem), Bombax cieba abundant huge trees and shrubby thickets.
(Red silk cotton), Butea monosperma, Ficus The district was once rich in native flora bengalensis (Alada mara), F. religiosa with about 980 species in 542 genera under (Ashwatha), F. mysorensis, Gmelina environment and an ecosystem of its own.
arborea, Kigelia pinnata (Sausage tree), Flora of Bangalore District, University of Lagerstroemia speciosa (Pride of India), rare in the wild due to cutting of wood for Mangifera indica (Mango), Madhuca longifolia (Mehwa or Ippe), Melia mental activities. Further, with the emphasis composite (Malabar Neem), Michelia increased population and traffic, the garden (Kadamba), Pogamia pinnata (Honge), Pterocarpus marsupium (Honne), Syzigium to expansion of the city, widening of roads, earlier rulers and the governments, has been cumini (Jaamun), Saraca indica (Seeta metro works, real estate business, etc. In that Asok), Swetenia sp (Mahogani), Terminalia large number of exotic trees and flowering arjuna (Arjuna), T. bellerica (Tare), woodlots and green spaces and water bodies plants along the road side, and in Parks and – lakes, ponds & puddles, streams and rivers, were lost disturbing the environment Delonix regia (Gulmor), Enterolobium and ecosystem. Existing lakes have become saman (Rain tree), Parkia biglandulosa sewerage tanks and rivers highly polluted (Badminton ball tree), Peltophorum and these species have been naturalized over pterocarpum (Coppar pod), Spathodea a period of time giving an environment and compannulata (African Tulip tree), created a unique eco-system. Role of trees medicinal plants are: Withania somnifera in maintaining the eco-system and environ- perennials, have also been introduced for (Ashwagandha), Hibiscus sp (Dasavala), ment will be discussed. Impact of develop- gardening and floriculture. Thiruvady Vijay Lawsonia inermis (Goranti), Aloe vera ment on the trees and other flowering plants (2012, Heritage Trees, Bangalore Environ- (Lolesara), Andropogon citrate (Nimbe Hullu), Asparagus racemosus (Shatavari), to restore and rejuvenate the environment Tinospora cordifolia (Amruta balli), introduced over the last 150 years and have Veteveria zizanoides (Lavancha), Cyperus Summary of the lecture to be delivered at rotundus (Thunge hullu), etc.
the monthly meeting of the Geological Bangalore are: Alstonia scholaris, Society of India on 31 October 2012


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