Thomas Nguyen, M.D.
Richard Huang, M.D.
Diplomates-American Board of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology COLONOSCOPY INSTRUCTIONS
Your doctor: □ Dr. Nguyen
Dr. Huang
Where you will have your procedure: □ St. Mary Outpatient Surgery Pavillion 760-946-5920
St. Mary outpatient surgery 760-242-2311 ext 6000
PLEASE ARRIVE at_______am/pm on_________Your colonoscopy starts at______am/pm
reparing for the colonoscopy :
Read all instruction ahead of time, do not wait until the day before your colonoscopy
• Plan to have someone drive you to your colonoscopy and take you home afterwards. You are not allowed to drive after the colonoscopy. The procedure may be canceled if
we cannot verify your ride home. NO Taxies or Bus.
NO iron supplements or multivitamins with iron within 1 week of your colonoscopy
NO ASPIRIN or Aspirin products within 10 days of your colonoscopy, unless
otherwise instructed.
• Stop all anti-inflammatory medications (such as ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Naprosyn, etc) 7 days before procedure. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is acceptable.
Avoid nuts or seeds if possible within at least 3 days of the colonoscopy.
 If you take a diabetic pil , skip the evening dose on the day before the colonoscopy, do not take it in the morning of the colonoscopy. Resume with your first meal after the colonoscopy  If you are on a long acting insulin such as Lantus, NPH or 70/30, take half the
dose on the night before taking the prep (2 nights before the colonoscopy). Skip the long acting insulin on the day before the colonoscopy. Resume after colonoscopy once you start eating.
18144 Highway 18, Suite 140—Apple Valley, CA 92307 Tel (760) 946-5800 Fax: (760) 946-5801  If you use short acting insulin, such as regular or Novolog, do not take it on the  Check your blood sugar more often on the day you are taking the preparation • Patients on Warfarin (Coumadin)
Stop Coumadin_____days prior to colonoscopy Stop Coumadin_____days prior to colonoscopy, start Lovenox as prescribed on the day you stop the Coumadin. Hold the Lovenox on the day of your colonoscopy.
Patients with cardiac history (stents, coronary artery bypass) on Aspirin and/or
Plavix (clopidogrel)
Stop both Plavix and Aspirin for 7 days before colonoscopy Stop Plavix 7 days before colonoscopy, remain on Aspirin If taking Plavix and not Aspirin, switch Plavix to Aspirin 7 days before colonoscopy • Patients who are on dialysis or are on a fluid restriction
 Golytely is usually safe, however, you should let your physician or kidney doctor Bowel Prep (what you need to take to cleanse your colon)
GoLYTELY 4 L (prescription wil be given, may switch to generic or other brands). Using a
marker, draw 3 lines on the container to divide prep into 4 equal parts of 1 liter each.
Bisacodyl 5 mg tablets (need to purchase 2 over-the-counter)
Steps To Follow
 Drink only “CLEAR LIQUIDS” for breakfast, lunch, dinner: fruit juices without
pulp (apple, white grape, and lemonade), chicken broth, and green or yellow Jell-O, Gatorade, popsicles, 7-Up, coffee or tea. No thick liquids such as milk, prune juice, etc O red, orange, blue or purple colored liquids . NO solid foods or dairy.
12 Noon: take 2 Bisacodyl tablets with 8 ounces of water.
5 pm: Drink half of the mixture (2L) slowly over 1-2 hours. Drink 2 glasses of
water afterward to optimize the prep. Continue to drink water, clear soda, tea, or
broth every 30 min.to keep yourself hydrated
8 pm: if you have NOT had several (5 or 6) bowel movements, drink 1 more L of
the solution. Skip this step if bowel movements have cleared to a light yel ow
 Continue to drink plenty of fluids.
 If you are taking medications for chronic medical problems, you could continue to take them except for the changes described above for diabetes and heart 18144 Highway 18, Suite 140—Apple Valley, CA 92307 Tel (760) 946-5800 Fax: (760) 946-5801 disease. Try not to take the medications 2 hours before or after drinking the prep, they wil get washed out.
 Hold al non-essential medications such as multivitamins, supplements • DAY OF COLONOSCOPY
 No eating until after the colonoscopy. Stop drinking 3 hours before your  5 hours before your colonoscopy, drink 1 L of the GoLytely solution. Drink 2
 2 hours before the procedure, you should have had at least 12 bowel movements total. Your last bowel movement should be pale yel ow without debris. If bowel movement is not as described, you should cal our office early morning, your colonoscopy may need to be rescheduled  If you are taking medications for chronic medical problems, take them 3 hours before your procedure with smal sips of water  Leave all jewelry at home, wear comfortable clothing and shoes Bring your picture ID, insurance card, co-pay fees and/or deductible payments if • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
1. I am feeling nauseous and vomited some of the prep after drinking the prep, what Drink the prep slower, chil it in the refrigerator, use a straw. Drink other types of fluids before continuing such as hot tea, clear juices, broth. If continue to vomit and can’t keep prep down, you may need to reschedule, cal our office in the morning 2. I am feeling lightheaded, what should I do? If you are diabetic, check your blood sugar, if low, drink plenty of juices before continuing. If you are not diabetic, just drink plenty of juices. If lightheadedness continues or if you have other symptoms such as fainting, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, palpitations, stop taking the prep and go to the Emergency Room.
3. I have some abdominal cramping, what should I do? Some abdominal cramping is common, if in severe pain, go to the emergency department 18144 Highway 18, Suite 140—Apple Valley, CA 92307 Tel (760) 946-5800 Fax: (760) 946-5801

Source: http://hdgastro.com/images/stories/Golytely-prep-instructions.pdf

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