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Stress is what you feel when you react to pressure, either from the outside world (school, work, after-school activities, family, friends) or from inside yourself (wanting to do well in your life, wanting to fit in). Stress is a common condition for people of all ages. It's caused by your body's instinct to protect itself from emotional or The way you feel about things results from the physical pressure or, in extreme situations, from way you think about things. Try some of the tips Make a list of all the things/people that are causing your stress. Understand and accept that you can't control everything on your list. Be kind to yourself. Remember that you can't make everyone in your life happy all the time. And it's okay to make mistakes now and then. Take control of what you can. If you should be seeing a doctor for a health issue, do so. If you're tired and need some rest or a break - take it. If you're working too many hours and you don't have time for your personal needs, consider cutting back your work hours, even at some Don't commit yourself to things you can't or don't want to do. If you're already too busy, don't No. In fact, a little bit of stress is good. Most of us take on unnecessary responsibilities. If you need couldn't push ourselves to do well at things - help with a certain task, don’t be shy – ask for it. sports, music, dance, home, work, and school - Find someone to talk to. It’s important to express without feeling the pressure of wanting to do well. your feelings. Talking about your feelings is the Without the stress caused by a deadline, most of first step in learning to deal with them and us also wouldn't be able to finish projects on time starting to feel better. Friends or family can help, but issues in one's social life or family can be the hardest to talk about. If you feel like you can't talk If stress is so normal, why do I feel so bad? to your family or a friend, talk to someone outside We live in a very demanding and challenging world; it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Things that Call Heart to Heart for guidance with this. we can't control are often the most frustrating. What are some things that don't help you deal Maybe your parents or family are fighting, or your with stress? There are safe and unsafe ways to social life is seems a mess. You can also feel bad deal with stress. It's dangerous to try to escape when you put pressure on yourself - like pressure your problems by using un-prescribed medication to do well socially or at work. A common reaction or alcohol. These can be very tempting, and may to stress is to criticize oneself. You may even get seem like a quick fix or easy answer, but they’re so upset that life looks pretty grim and things not. Drug and alcohol use just adds new and more don't seem fun anymore. When this happens, it's difficult problems, such as addiction, health or easy to think there's nothing you can do to change I've tried dealing with my stress, but I really feel like giving up. Stress must never become too Although you can't always control the things that much to deal with. When you feel like giving up, it are stressing you out, you can learn to control may seem like things will never get better. Talk to how you react to them. If you think differently, someone right away. Don’t wait to call Heart to


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Name (last): (first): Chem 233: Organic Chemistry I Dr. Marc Anderson Student ID#: Exam 1 // Spring 2014 // practice Points Total [1] your exam must be in pencil ! [2] ear plugs are encouraged, but headphones are forbidden [3] a non-graphing calculator and organic model kits are allowed allowed ; [4] Cell phone calculators are always forbidden ! [5]

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