Energizing, awakening the mind, refreshing
Green Gunpowder tea (the best known green tea, with
a strong taste), mixed with fresh mint leaves. This is
the classic tea of northern Africa, and soon becomes a
personal favourite of nearly all who try it. It awakens the
mind but keeps the heart peaceful and calm.

Caff eine-free, soothing, warming, increases circulation
Love and passion are the heart and soul of this tea,
made from two of the world's most famous aphrodisiacs:
catuaba (from the bark of a Brazilian rainforest tree) and
green oats. Add them to gingko, which increases blood
circulation, ginseng and cola nut, which energize, and
cocoa and rose petals, which speak the very language of
love, and you have a potent concoction! Ginger, cinnamon
and peppermint leaves add to the seductive fl avour.
Never has tea for two led to so many possibilities. Have

KASMIRI (green & black)
Warming, energizing, aids digestion
A delicious mix of green and black teas, plus cloves,
cinnamon, orange peel, ginger and vanilla - these
ingredients make this very close to traditional Armenian
tea. Its spicy, warm character brings images of exotic
evenings in the mild breezes of faraway lands.

Saaremaa Vodka
Saku, Orginaal, Kuld
Smirnoff Red
Jose Guervo Blanco
Bon Aqua still
Bon Aqua sparkling
Coca Cola
Bombay Sapphire
WATER PIPE (Apple, strawberry, anise, fruit)
Bacardi Superior
Bacardi Black
With Wine
Hennessy V.S
Pot of tea
Hennessy VSOP
Hennessy XO
J.W Red Lable

Jack Daniels
Hedone Tea Menu

Calming, healthy, good after massage
Vana Tallinn
A perfectly satisfying everyday green tea grown near the
stunningly beautiful Jade Snow mountain range in the
province of Yunnan. There is a slight aftertaste of apricot
Martini Asti, Brut, Rose
which off ers a fresh, cool (almost snow-capped!) surprise
after its round and delicate fl avour. Moreover, this tea

Moet & Chandon, brut
contains many delicate tips (buds) and is hand produced -
this quality is hard to fi nd for this price!

Dom Perignon
Roederer Cristal
ask price from staff
Energizing, regaining strength
A brisk drink, bright red in your tea cup, this black tea

Spier Chenin Blanc/Sauvignon Blanc, LAV
is cultivated from the hot, sunny plains of Kenya. The
leaves of the tea plant are in Kenya picked by men only

Chablis Maison Louis Jadot, France
(unusual in the tea world), which may account for its
broad, robust nature! Much of Kenya's production (they

Spier Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon, LAV
are the world's fourth largest tea producers) results
in rather harsh-tasting teas; the ones at the Marynin

Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Itaalia
Garden are considered among Africa's fi nest partially as
there, traditional hand processing techniques have been
preserved (tea leaves are not processed by machine).


Patients with hemophilia

Patients with haemophilia WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF. Caution: if bleeding persists despite the first aid-methods mentioned below or if you have any doubt, call the nearest haemophilia centre and / or inject factor VIII / IX Note: Octostim® by subcutaneous injection or intranasal spray is only effective in case of mild haemophilia A Haemarthrosis (bleeding in a joint) −

5 myths about health care around the world

By T.R. Reid -- Five Myths About Health Care in the Rest of the World As Americans search for the cure to what ails our health-care system, we've overlooked an invaluablesource of ideas and solutions: the rest of the world. All the other industrialized democracies have facedproblems like ours, yet they've found ways to cov

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