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U025-015-Sep2012-R Published on 10 September 2012 UNIFIED CARRIER LICENCE
PCCW-HKT Telephone Limited (“PCCW-HKTC”) and
Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited (“HKT”)

Name of Tariff:
eye2 Communication Package
Description of Tariff:
See Annex A
Effective date of tariff:

10 September 2012
Revision history:

Revision to the tariff published in U025-003 on 27 September 2010 in respect of maximum
pricing regarding monthly rental, installation charge, external relocation charge, reconnection
charge, value-added services, parallel extension phone line, printed paper bills and certain
administration charges for consumer customers.

eye2 Communication Package
eye2 Device means any device such as eye2 device or eye Home Tablet (including the WiFi
tablet, lithium polymer rechargeable battery, charging dock (if applicable) and AC-DC power
adaptor) for access of eye2 Communication Package.

Particular of Service (offered via an eye2 (b) access to various Infotainment Services (as Send to or receive from other eye multimedia service / eye2 Communication Package / eye Home Smartphone Package / 0060 everywhere / Or send to or receive from selected mobile network(s) which have interconnection facilities with eye2 Communication Package. Details can be retrieved from applications – including but not limited to daily news & weather, entertainment news and program updates, cooking tips and story-telling. Internet access (subject to plan subscribed) Other content or application platforms launched from time to time services (“VAS”)
communication package of another eye device Particular of Service (offered via an eye2 Additional charge payable by customers opting (b) Internal relocation5 (maximum of 4 sockets) (c) External relocation / moving charge6 Charge application to cancellation of application for subscription to eye2 Communication Package communication package of another eye device or another HKT’s Local Telephone Service (Consumer Customer) during fixed term of the prevailing contract Delivery of installation gift(s) and/or certain The service is subject to the following terms & conditions (and as amended from time to time) including HKT’s General Conditions of Service or General Conditions of Service (Consumer Customers) (as the case may be), Special Conditions for eye2 Communication Package or Special Conditions for eye2 Communication Package for Consumer Customers (as the case may be), and any additional terms and conditions as may be specified by HKT and/or service provider(s) of the Infotainment Service(s) and/or third party applications from time to time. The service can only be provided in those locations in which HKT’s existing network can support the service. Further, the service relies on the mains power supply and does not support lifeline or lifeline related devices. In case of power failure of the mains power supply, the service cannot be used. Note 3: Customers may send and/or receive SMS between compatible devices with fixed line SMS functionality connected to PCCW eye Multimedia Service / eye2 Communication Package / eye Home Smartphone Package / 0060 everywhere. International SMS only applicable to SMS to/from Canada, England, China (NB. eye2 Communication Package does not support International SMS from China pre-paid phone card), Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau and Philippines The installation of parallel extension (“PE”) is only applicable to areas within the PE service coverage. A maximum of 4 sockets per telephone line for each premises are available and subject to on-site conditions. Such charge is applicable for relocation / moving the subscribed service to different premises. Other terms & conditions remain unchanged.

Source: http://homefax.com.hk/staticfiles/PCCWCorpsite/Customer%20Service/Customer%20Resources/Regulatory%20Notice/U025-015-Sep2012-R%20eye2%20communication%20Package.pdf

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