Requested technologies for Zhejiang Province (P.R. China)
Small dose bottle-filling injection piston (gland) link gear
Mainly including main working procedures such as bottle loading, bottle checkup, filling,(interior) cover of glue pressing plug, spiral exterior cover etc, the link gear has the functionssuch as auto checkup (fill when bottles have been loaded, don’t fill when bottles haven’tbeen load), filling (filling quantity is adjustable), automatic glue falling cover, automaticbottles discharge, and is mainly used in industries such as daily chemical industry andpharmacy etc; since there are many types of bottles, pressing interior plug and spiral exteriorcover etc, adaptability of the machine must be strong; only a few components need to bechanged to pack small bottles. Producing high rate of finished products, the link gear is safe,stable and convenient to maintain.
Basic technical parameters of the machine is as follows: Filling quantity: 10~30 ml, 20~50 ml. special filling quantity demand can also be satisfied byspecial manufacture.
Production capacity: 60~80 bottles/ minute 2. Optimized electric controlling system of 1450mm single framework six-roller reversible
rolling mill
Designed speed of our company’s 1450 mm rolling mill is 1000 m/min; transmission agentutilized ABB controller, Siemens ST-300 programmable controller, and upper part connectswith three-level computer control; During utilizing process, motors are unstable whenrotating at speed beyond 600m/min, often cause belt break, and can’t reach the designedspeed of 1000 m/min.
After being diagnosed and adjusted by experts, the motor reaches the designed speed of 1000m/min from 600 m/min.
3. Non-crystalline alloy dry-type triple-post power transformer
For SGRBH11—100~1600 kVA non-crystalline alloy product, iron block structure consistsof a three-phase and five-post structure formed with four frames; when the capacity is huge,the product adopts a structure piled with eight iron block frame. In structure, the transformeradopts a basic structure with coil as framework instead of traditional design structure withiron block as main load-carrying structure, thus the iron block don’t bear any weight. Thetightening of the iron structure uses thin plate or molding structure.
Comparing with SCRBH11 transformer, the non-crystalline dry-type transformer adoptingtriple-phase and triple-post iron block has more beautiful appearance and stronger capacity,and can save 20% energy. Wastage of the non-crystalline dry-type transformer is low, and itsenergy saving effect is obvious - comparing with other dry-type transformer with the samecapacity, the idle wastage of non-crystalline dry-type transformer reduces 70% ~ 80%.
4. Coking unit is developed with electric four-way ball valve
Coking unit of refinery adopts four-way ball valve, type: Q946Y-64I, DN200. Workingtemperature is 530°C, medium is residue oil containing grain-shaped medium. Pre-tighteningforce of valve base is supplied by Inconel 625. Key technical problems needs to be solvedare: 1. Calculation of pre-tightening force of accordion pipe.
2. Design and goods-supplying channel of accordion pipe components.
5. Gas supersonic flowmeter
Integral technical index of gas supersonic flowmeter is as follows: Precision: Level 0.5; scope of flowing velocity: 0~30m/s; specification: DN50~DN500 Key technical problem: supersonic energy converter technology adopted by gas supersonicflowmeter, time-measuring technology of time difference method, and multi-channel digitalmodel etc.
6. Cutterhead hydrogel coater
Our company develops a new generation of products, including Babu plaster (Babu agent)coater, dressing slicer, dressing packing machine, medical infusion bottle sealing machine,automatic packing machine of would paste etc. Currently, while developing a kind ofcutterhead hydrogel coater, our company encounters some technical difficulties, i.e. duringthe process of transverse cutting, there exists some accumulative error, which makes the sizeof the product inaccurate, and thickness couldn’t be measured automatically during coatingprocess.
7. A kind of grooved wheel intermittent device used on shoe-manufacturing machine
A kind of large-scale disc-shaped sole molding machine, 24 workstations are suspended on 2m central framework of the machine, which makes the exterior size of the disc-shaped machine reach 5.6m; a grooved wheel intermittent device consisting of common motor,decelerator and grooved wheel device is installed on the central framework of the machine.
With a huge size, the device produces great inertia in rotating process which cause inaccurateposition setting, thus, the grooved wheel and transmission pin of the grooved wheelintermittent device must be able to automatically decelerate from fast –speed process tolow-speed process before position-setting until the revolving plate comes to a standstill; thetransmitting inaccuracy between any two workstations is less than 0.5mm. The cost of themachine won’t exceed 25,000 RMB yuan.
8. PU-TPU injection molding machine
This is a patented shoe-producing equipment used to produce labor insurance shoes, leisureshoes and mountain-climbing shoes. With this technique, the sole can be completelyconnected to the shoe sides with an injection; the producing efficiency is high and the qualityof the products are stable. Exact demands are: a. High-accuracy and high-speed PU material injecting head; b. Self-cleaning, high-speed material mixing, few air bubble is produced, fixed-quantity injection at fixed position (within mold); High-accuracy TPU injection head used to produce transparent TPU material; d. Pressure of mold-fixing system is suitable for producing transparent TPU sole with the thickness between 1.0 mm — 1.5 mm and few air bubble.
9. Improve working accuracy of comma scraper
Comma scraper is mainly used to accurately measure coating quantity. However, duringlong-term utilizing process, comma scraper usually appears some distortion (the longer thescraping roller, the bigger the distorting degree ) which affects the complete jumpiness,column degree of the scraping roller, linear degree of blades, and the equality of coatingcloth. As key component of coating head, comma scraper needs to be accurate to realizeaccurate coating.
(5) Flatness degree, roundness tolerance and coaxiality etc. of roller surface<0.002mm.
Give full consideration to high-precision characteristics of scraper and its demand on lowand reasonable price, adopt simple designing plan to meet actual production demand ofenterprises.
10. Intelligent inspecting system of valves
Test Cv and Kv value of water process valve: the main problem is solving the applicability oftested system, the tested flux needs to be tested is 0.5 t/h ~ 40 t/h.
Test the bursting pressure and recycling pressure of valves: bursting pressure testingequipment can directly reach needed pressure with computer input, the scope is within 4MPa;while connecting 10 products, the pressure of circular pressure testing equipment needs torelease the pressure immediately after reaching 1.0MPa from 0 (the pressure maintainingtime doesn’t exceed 1 second), and resume to <0.014MPa before next circulation. Theduration from pressure ascending and pressure release shouldn’t exceed 5 seconds.
Flux testing system of water treatment valve: be able to test the circulating flux of watertreatment valve between 0.1~0.6 MPa, backwash flux, salt absorption flux, water mendingflux and normal wash flux, and form pressure — flux curve under each pressure.
Service life testing system of water heating and solar valve: test the service life etc of waterheating and solar valve according to relevant standards.
11. Development of numerical control lathe, drill and miller etc specially used for valve
Our company is planning to develop specially used numerical control hydraulic lathe, realizeprogram actions including fast forward – project forward-project reserve-fast reverse etc;technique innovation of electromechanical integration including lathe, multi-core driller,milling machine needs to be finished urgently.
12. Technology to lengthen service life of mould
Our company uses 1600T friction press mould. The material is :5CrNiMo. The mould needsto be renewed after producing 4000 pieces of products, which can’t meet production demand.
The service life of the mould needs to be lengthened to reach the production demand ofproducing 8000-10000 pieces of products with an renewal. Dimension of the mould is:(530*400*130)mm.
Design effective, energy-saving and environment-friendly seamless steel tube

Seamless steel tube equipment produced by our company can roll 60-100 times/minute,which lags far behind international advanced level of 200 times/minute. The productivity ofour products need to be increased and be more environment friendly.
14. Oil pump cover positioning pinhole processing technique
Main content: adopt common lathe (e.g. desk drill), special processing mold, clamps andknives to realize high precision process of pump body, pump cover and positioning pinhole.
Main technical and economic guidelines: 1. precision of pump body, pump cover positioningpinhole aligning to benchmark hole (axle hole) : position deviation 0.03; 2. exchangingperiod of wearing part is 5000 pieces; 3. demand of producing tempo: 30S; 15. Auxiliary transmitting device of decelerator
Technical demand of auxiliary transmitting device of decelerator: 1. don’t change original principal transmitting structure, solve structure and conformation 2. independent transmission rather than linkage of principal and auxiliary transmitter; Power: 0.18kw-1000kw (thereinto, brake, frequency conversion) 16. Development of solar multi-crystal silicon exclusive super durable ball valve
1) the structure format and technical performance of chosen project products should meet the security demands of reliable operation, longer service life, fireproof and explosionprotection of solar multi-crystal silicon in stern production condition.
2) Main material of adopted project products should be able to completely meet the special demand of high temperature, abrasion, erosion, flammability, explosive of raw materialand semi-finished products of solar multi-crystal silicon production in stern workingcondition.
(1) applicable product: multi-crystal silicon exclusive super durable ball valve (5) applicable medium: silicon powder, HCI etc.
(6) inspection standard: GB/T 21385-2008 Metal Airproof Ball Valve 17. Large-scale crude oil tank anti-sedimentation mixing system
Crude oil tank mixer can be promoted to use in other industries such as chemical industryand paper making etc, and substitute traditional fixed-angle mixer.
Problems need to be solved immediately include: 1) designing and processing craftwork of periodic swaying structure of mixer; 2) airproofing problem of rotating parts; Development of energy saving technology of baking passages and oven of full
automatic glass printer

Infrared baking passage and oven. It can be used extensively, and is applicable to planeprinting of all kinds of glass products or industry, agriculture and fishery fields.
The product will consume a large amount of energy. Commonly used stainless heating pipe,glass pipe and iron pipe heating etc consumes much power, the rate of finished product is low,and the speed is low, thus the competing capacity of the product in the market is restricted.
Our technical indexes are environment protection and energy saving.
19. Hardening treatment of aluminum alloy surface
Dispose the surface of aluminum alloy and improve the hardness of its surface to make itmeet the utilization of substituting stainless steel and bronze alloy etc.
20. Hydraulic closing door speed regulating gemel temperature control self-regulating
Structure and principle of temperature control self-regulating device satisfies the flux ofself-regulating hydraulic fuel when temperature changes, make the speed, action and time ofclosing door constant; the structure should be able to put into 40mm ¢20 pipe.
21. Betterment of grinding head of terminal face knife grinder
1. During grinding process, knife blades are often pasted, which influence the quality and service of blades; in addition, cooling water and grinding powder are often thrown outthat influence the working unit.
2. When materials are different, the cooling effect is often uneven, in particular for blades Grinding length 1600; movement amount along principal axis of grinding head; maximumwidth of grinding blade in 22° 300; linear degree of knife blade 0.10/100; temperature raiseof bearing 35°C; noise of machine 80dB(A).
22. High or medium pressure rotating feeder used to transfer solid material and gas
1. In internal cavity of large-diameter rotator, airproofing of medium mixing gas and solid 2. Decrease crack and distortion when materials pass rotating feeder in structure.
3. Control of leakage. During the process of transferring air force, the lower part of rotating feeder is high-pressure zone. When the feeder is rotating, control the gasamount leaked above the rotating feeder.
When the rotor is rotating at the speed of 0.5m/s, from pressure scope between 0.6-3.5bar,the efficiency utilized should reach 85-70±3%. Granule medium whose diameter is biggerthan 8mm and smaller than 15mm is applicable.
23. Online checking system of transformer oil
1. Adopt special high-performance permeable membrane, only penetrate small molecule malfunctioned gas in capturing oil; realize integral design of gas chamber, realizecomplete separation of dissolved gas and oil vapor, solve the technical difficulty of gasvapor pollutes chromatographic column and sensors in online supervising system,ensure the sensitivity and service life of chromatographic column and sensors.
2. There isn’t rotating components in the whole system, optimize loop of compact system, avoid gas leakage and oil leakage of transformer’s oil chromatogram online supervisingsystem in on-spot utilizing process, effectively improve the operation reliability of thesystem.
3. Complete intelligent expert diagnosing system, automatic capture summit, automatic increment, realize threshold comparison of real-time data.
4. Unique design of exclusive chromatogram column, sensor and controlling component, combining automatic gaining function of management software, improve inspectingprecision of system, inspecting sensitivity of C2H2 should reach 0.3mL/L.
24. Application of remote sensing technique in communication industry
Acquire space information by remote sensing technique and be able to apply tightlyintegrated utility system with products of our company. High-degree integration of systematic data, software and hardware. Space data acquire systematic technique, acquireproduct technique such as equipment with PDA and integral data of mobile communicationcomponents. Support application platform and portable terminal products based on positionservice function.
Detailed key technique needs to be solved: 1. Compiling thought and codes of system platform software; 2. Construction and applying technique of system database; 3. Hardware technique of relevant system terminal; 5. Uniform communication agreement technique.
25. Network transmission of image information
1. Transmission and records of multi-way network vidicon image information; 2. Network transmission and display of signal of digital TV; 3. Project argumentation and realization of multimedia system on train; 26. High-power super thin (mini) type loudhailer
Our company professionally develops all kinds of police equipment; however, among all theequipment, loudhailer isn’t ideal, such as large in size, small power, low transformingefficiency; structure and appearance isn’t novelty, innovation capacity isn’t strong; voicevoltage level is low, transmission bands is narrow, transmission distance is short; cost is high,structure is simple etc.
27. Telephone fare bill inquiring machine based on embedded system
With embedded computer as hardware, the inquiring machine can access websites ofcommunication company (such website of China Mobile), display and print communicationfare bill.
1. Hardware adopts ARM9 embedded system, processor is 400MHz; 4. Adopt TFT colorful LCD, displayed color: 18 bits (262144 colors); 5. Possess abundant interface resource: serial port, parallel port (printing port), keyboard port, mouse port, U disk port, network port etc.
6. Support WindowsCE.net operating system; 28. Foreign currency detecting technique of note counter
Main content: develop detecting technique aiming at Euro and US dollar.
4. Temperature of working environment: 0-45°C, humidity: 20%Rh-90%Rh 29. Note detecting and counting machine based on light array sensor
With light array sensor as the core, absorbing and reflecting capacity of different wavelengthlights of various currency as researching emphasis; judge the surface of notes and interiorpaper quality and improve discriminating rate of layer connecting currency by reflection andtransmission examination of various wavelength. Meanwhile, effectively check andrecognize special hidden optical symbol of various currency with the sensor.
30. Coin discriminating machine
Research technique to machines to discriminate coins of different countries.
1. Check and discriminate many kinds of coins such as US dollar coins and Euro coins.
3. Reliable discriminating capacity, stable work, correct rate is above 99.9%.
4. With low cost and compact structure, the discriminating type is convenient and easy.
31. Notes distinction machine
Currently, most of the machine are imported. With the innovation of China’s RMB managingsystem and continuous improvement of the demand on note quality, the machine will becomean indispensable financial device for banks in three years.
32. Point of sales (POS)
Point of sales is a kind of device placed in cashier of shops to handle bank cards. Whenconsumers buy commodities, they can pay their bills with bank card instead of cash. Shopscan open an account in a bank to accept payment with bank cards, money of all transactionsof the POS will be transferred into the account within one working day. This is a great way toavoid fake notes, and makes financing very simple and convenient. the types of POS is asfollows: 1) Consumption POS, with functions such as consumption, pre-authorized rights, inquire stop payment list etc, mainly used by contracted shops to handle consumption withpeony cards.
2) Transfer POS, with functions such as financial transfer and transfer between cards, mainly used by finance departments of companies.
33. Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)
With functions such as withdrawal, account inquiry, transfer, password revision, receipt and settle accounts bill printing etc. Demand strong fake notes discriminating capacity, highaccurate rate of note accounting, strong capacity of safeguarding data; currently, most ofsuch machines in China are imported. So far, there are 639 ATM and some automaticdepositing machine in Wenzhou. In developed countries, every 80 persons have an ATV inaverage; there is a huge market for ATM in developing countries such as China. Ourcompany is planning introducing foreign technique and organize a team to tackle keyproblems, and set a key project in this field.
34. Multimedia information inquiring machine
With this machine, banks can offer all round multimedia inquiring service to customers bytouching screen, bank cards reader, thermo-sensitive printer and service phone number etc. itcan offer financial information such as video, voice, picture and characters etc and printinquired result. Different from ATM and CDM dealing with cash business, on the one hand,multimedia information inquiring system is a necessary complementation, sharing non-cashtransactions such as inquiry and transfer etc, thus gives ATM and CDM more time to handlecash transaction; on the other hand, it can handle the increasing counter consulting business,such as interest rate, exchange rate, quoteprice inquiry, bank business, network introduction,latest news distribution, personal financial service, yield comparison, accumulation fund andsocial insurance inquiry etc.
35. Gas quality flowmeter
Caliber: DN15~300, measuring scope: 1~15000 m3/h (in standard state), response time: 10ms, measurement range ratio: above 100 : 1, precision: better than ±1%, anti-explosion andanti-erosion, multi-gas selection, don’t need re-verification (with display), dynamic numberdisplay. Total technique reaches domestic advanced level.
36. Long-distance multimedia transmission reliability technique
1) Construction of long-distance video conference, including video transmission, voice synchronization, non-distortion of images etc.
2) Court digital trial system quoting information collection, how to realize control in court.
3) How to realize stadium integral integrated video supervision, exterior invasion, regional 37. Research and development of main controller of project excavator
Main controller of project excavator collect and handle all kinds of sensor signal, and issueinstructing action to all executing institutes.
Key technique needed: centralized treatment and controlling technique of all kinds of sensorsignal.
38. Improve detecting precision of infrared customer flux sensor
Customer flux sensor developed by our company is used to produce a very small facula toincrease illuminating energy of facula infrared by focalizing infrared eradiated by infrared transmitting tube with lens. However, in actual utilization process, halo phenomenonproduced during focalizing process affected inspecting precision.
We require non-spherical lens design meeting our standards and manufacturing technique tosolve facula problem of lens, improve actual testing precision of sensor and overcomeworking blind zone of sensor.
39. HDI high-density multi-level printing breadboard manufacturing craftwork
1. For the manufacture of high-density exterior circuit (wire width/wire interval) 3 4 mil/3 4 mil (1 mil = 0.0254 mm), equality degree of plating should reach above 95%,equality deviation of etching on upper and lower sides should be within 3% to guaranteeequality degree of chemical etching.
2. Minimum diameter of blind hole is 0.1mm; 3. For four-layer pressing craftwork, alignment precision between interior layers, and interior layer and exterior layer should be within 2mil; separation phenomenon won’thappen in high temperature effect, and form even thickness within the whole plate; High-density exterior circuit (wire width/wire interval): 3-4 mil/3-4 mil (1 mil=0.0254 mm);minimum diameter of blind hole: 0.1 mm.
40. High speed infrared sensing technique
How to utilize infrared technique on electric thermometric indicator, make productmeasurement convenient and fast, and precision reach high standard demand. In techniqueprocess, there are still problems such as CUP microprocessor chip, overcome problems ofdeferent current demand on circuit board.
41. Development of troponin, cystatin C in vitro diagnosis reagent
Clinically, immunity intensified turbidity comparison method is mainly adopted to test thecontent of troponin and cystatin C in blood serum. So, the key technique is to develop highlyspecific anti- troponin monoclonal antibody and anti- cystatin C monoclonal antibody, andcarry out packaging treatment with latex solution. Then make Latex Agglutination antibodyinto reagent.
Performance requirement of troponin diagnostic reagent box: sensitivity: 0.3 g/L; linearity:0.3-25 g/L; veracity: result of tested quality controlling article should fall between thereference value scope of quality controlling article. Precision within batches above 95%,precision between batches above 95%. Can be reserved for 12 months at 2-8°C airproofingenvironment.
Performance requirement of cystatin C diagnostic reagent box: sensitivity: 0.2 g/L; linearity:0.2-8.0 g/L; veracity: result of tested quality controlling article should fall between thereference value scope of quality controlling article. Precision within batches above 90%,precision between batches above 90%. Can be reserved for 60 day at 2-8°C open airenvironment and 12 months at 2-8°C airproofing environment.
42. CT, low radiation dosage digital X-ray machine
2. How radiation dosage digital X-ray machine can acquire and handle diagnostic medical X-ray imaging under the condition of multi low radiation patient dosage.
Advantages: reduce radiation dosage by 30-100 times, be able to swiftly reach computerarchive material without fire risk, improve diagnosis possibility, and transmit images byelectric network, without X-ray film etc.
43. D-galactose producing, separating and purifying technique
Amylose exists in plant source, including D-galactose, many kinds of coupling sugar can beacquired after hydrolyzation; Currently, separation of the hydrolyzation liquid hasdisadvantages of low yield, high cost and complicated separating method etc. Our companyis seeking efficient separating and purifying technique to realize large-scale production ofD-galactose.
Technique and economic indexes: calculated according to Arabia glue, the yield is above40%, content of finished products is above 98%, material cost is lower than 200 RMByuan/kg.
44. Albendazole composing technique
With ortho-nitraniline as raw material, react with sodium sulfocyanate to manufacture2-nitryl -4- aniline-p-thiocyanate, then react with bromopropane to acquire 2-nitryl -4-propylthio aniline, don’t separate it, directly mixed with methyl carbamate to acquireAlbendazole. Total yield will exceed 65%.
45. Fluroxypyr composing technique
With pentachloropyridine as raw material, acquire finished product after fluoration,amination and esterification. Total yield will exceed 70%, product content will exceed97.5%.
46. Harmonic wave computation and harmonic wave analysis in electric network
On the basis of utilizing mainstream measuring chip, calculate electric quantity of harmonicwave (at most 31 times), can accurately analyze voltage at each phase, content of currentharmonic wave (at most 31 times), and calculate voltage and currency distortion factor.
Technical indexes: inaccuracy of harmonic wave computation <0.2% 47. Heat radiation and optical design of LED encapsulation and lamps
1. With eutectic welding technique in high-power LED encasing process, voidage after 2. In integrated packing technique of high-power LED, series-parallel connection of single electrode, total heat resistance of LED is less than 5W/°C; 3. For circular heat pipe (copper T1) and radiator (aluminum 6063-T5) welding equipment, how to guarantee the solidity of the welding plan (100% bigger than parent material), and heat conductivity after welding (above 180 w/m.k).
4. Solution of heat radiating material, many large-scale street lamps adopt die-casting aluminum, but the heat conductivity and intensity of die-casting aluminum can hardlymatch No.6 and No.7 aluminum. A kind of material with above 230 w/m.k heatconductivity, 25°C MPa extension strength, hardness 500 kg, power 10 mm and goodplasticity (length 900 mm, width 400 mm T = 1.5 mm product molding) to solvedie-casting and molding problems.
Development of flame-retarded nylon series products without halogen and red

Key technique: selection of flame-retarded agent Influence of dispersing effect of flame-retarded agent in nylon on Good processing capacity, including material preparation and product flame resistivity (vertical 3.2~0.8 mm) V-0 level cost of assistant agent 6000 RMB yuan/ton 49. Supervision of mechanical failure of high-voltage motor
Diagnose mechanical failure by librating signal of motor.
50. Development and application of AC LED
AC LED illuminating technique adopts alternating current to directly drive lighting of LEDchip, rectification transformer isn’t needed; matched with solid heat guidance and hotreplaceable technique. Besides compatible with traditional illumination, AC LEDilluminating technique greatly reduces heat radiating problem of traditional LED, andcompletely change traditional design and utilizing method of high-power LED package;according to primary estimation, 15%-30% power consumption of traditional LED duringAC and DC switch. AC LED illuminating technique not only saves energy, reducesdischarge, but also improve illuminating efficiency of LED.
51. Plating and welding technique of automobile oil transferring pump
Metal components surface treatment: level 8 salt mist experiment 96 hours after plating; EGR external flow cooler spiral coil welding, can endure temperature above 1100°C; 52. Design and manufacture of electromagnetic valve used on automobiles
Design and manufacture of highly sensitive electromagnetic valve: induction quantity ofmagnet: 210uH±10uH; direct current resistance: 0.3 -0.4 ; dielectric strength 1000V-2S.
53. Automobile engine management electric controlling unit (ECU)
Relevant technique of automobile engine management electric controlling unit (ECU) Development and controlling parameter marking technique of automobile enginemanagement electric controlling unit (ECU) aiming at domestically produced engines.
54. Reduce the distortion of ball passage of interior Rzeppa after quencher
1) Ball passage of interior Rzeppa that can move along axis will distort greatly after quencher (medium frequency), the distortion needs to be avoided or reduced.
2) Research and design new structure for constant-velocity universal joint to cancel dust hood (latex) etc, meanwhile, align with whole automobile currently in the market tolengthen service life and reduce cost of the product.
55. Digital electric gasoline injection valve
1. Build hydrokinetics simulation model, calculate the injecting process of electric gasoline injection valve, as so to find the influence rule of electric circuit, magneticcircuit and structure parameter etc on the opening and closing process of needle valve.
2. Research and develop parameter testing system based on coil current curve, develop electric gasoline injection valve dynamic performance testing platform, realize accuratemeasurement of key parameters such as flux characteristics, needle valve opening andclosing delay time of needle valve etc.
3. Improve the structure of traditional electric gasoline injection valve, finish product design of new electric gasoline injection valve with digital designing technique, andestablish relevant processing craftwork.
Sample trial-manufacture, reliability experiment, platform experiment andcomprehensive performance evaluation of electric gasoline injection valve.
1. The delay time from electrifying electric gasoline injection valve to complete opening is less than 1.2ms, and the delay time from power supply suspension to completeclosedown is less than 0.5ms; Linear relevant coefficient of electric gasoline injectionvalue flux characteristics curve exceeds 0.9999.
2. Electric gasoline injection valve can endure 500 million times of impulse reliability experiment with the period of 5ms; after experiment, the static flux deviation is within3% and the dynamic flux deviation is within 5%.
3. Other performance of electric gasoline injection valve, such as heat durability, impact resistance, intensity, vibration, leakage and climate, meet the demands regulated inrelevant standards.
56. Solve color change technique for cans and dehydrated vegetables
1. Shelf life of fruits and vegetables in cans, such as mustard and bamboo shoot is short.
Some mustard and bamboo shoot turn black and soft after being stored for 2-3 months.
Shelf life of dried fruits and vegetables, such as green sword been and evergreen is short(generally 5-6 months), the main problem is their color changes.
The color change problem of cans and dehydrated vegetables needs to be solved.
57. Porphyra haihanensis breeding technique in -2~-10 shallow sea
1) Breeding rafts or plan with strong capacity against wind and wave, exactly speaking, can bear the influence of 10-11 level gust for three days in a row.
2) Drying time is longer than 2 hours a day.
58. Tea-shaped Porphyra haihanensis (dry) processing technique
After being processed into the shape of tea, Porphyra haihanensis (dry) will shrink with theratio of 1: 5.
59. High-strength anti-wave plastic buoy (cylindrical ) producing technique
Producing technique of high-strength anti-wave plastic buoy (cylindrical ) used as Porphyrahaihanensis breeding rafts.
1) The plastic buoy should be strong performance of antifriction and anti-impact, and be able to endure 80-100kg/m pressure for 150 days; 2) Material mixing, recipe creation, process and molding technique.
60. Purple seaweed harvesting system
2) Normal harvesting speed is 10m breeding shade/minute 61. Distill of tea fibre
Change tea fill into tea fiber filling, the weight reduced from 2 kg to 1kg, and its degree ofhardness is basic the same to that of common cotton fiber.
62. The removing method of formaldehyde aquatic products processing course
1) Formaldehyde is an important factor of influencing the security the aquatic products, our company urgently needs technique to remove formaldehyde from aquatic products,so as to make our products meet agricultural standards NY5073 Pollution-free foodLimiting Standard of Harmful Substance in Aquatic Products 2) Our company is planning to strengthen research and development of meat essence and condiment (chicken flavor, beef flavor and cooked meat flavor), but our capacity in thisregard is weak, so we need support of experts in this regard.
63. Full-floating purple seaweed breeding drying operation
Full-floating purple seaweed breeding drying operation is not easy because the workingintensity is great, stability is insufficient in drying process and operating time is long. Weneed a small machine with the characteristics of small working intensity, great stability andeasy to operate.
64. Storing, packaging, quality maintaining and preservative technique in kelp processing
2) quality and freshness preserving technique of constant kelp package 65. Under-mine carbon molecule sift nitrogen air treatment
In order to guarantee attachment of sift, carry out drying treatment of air source beforeentering absorption tower, reduce temperature of exposed air source to -20°C in order toreduce contained water; however, limited by safety demands on coal mine, we don’t havelicensed cooling machine to use.
66. Virescene garbage pollutant-free consumption and recycling technology
1. Introduce in self-propelled tree crushing machine to crush branches and leaves and carry out green belt covering experiment with organic material.
2. Aerobic fermentation of branches, leaves and lawn to create high-quality organic 3. High-temperature sterilization of Manila and ryegrass powder, mechanical compression, process grass powder to make feeding stuff for grass-eating animal.
1. Turn garbage into treasure, the investment on self-propelling tree crushing machine can be acquired within one year, the second year will yield more than 100,000 RMB yuaneconomic benefit.
2. The processed feeding stuff grass should comply with sanitary and security standards 67. Manufacturing craftwork of cleaning polyurethane
1. Reclaim and utilization of castoff produced during the process of manufacturing polyurethane, reduce cost by 200 RMB yuan/ton; 2. Reclaim and utilization of, save cost of water 100 RMB yuan/ ton; 5. We are intended to purchase invention patent of polyurethane.
68. Pesticide cleanliness producing technique
Since CS2 is utilized during the process of compounding contrasting thiazolidone (F), strongodor is produced and waste water is difficult to dispose.
5-(4-chlorphenyl)-4-cymene-2- thiazolidone (contrasting thiazolidone for short) Requirement: (1) Better not use it in composing process (2) 1000 kgD raw material produces 720kgF (content is above 95%) 2-amino-1-(4-chlorphenyl) propanol hydrochroride (hydramine hydrochroride for short) 69. Soft coal molding technique
1. Molding technique of deferent types of soft coals can be used in gas coal after molding; 2. All kinds of capability such as mechanical intensity equals that of lump coal; 3. The molding cost of 1 ton of coal should be controlled within 100 RMB yuan.
70. Research and development of pesticide watercraft reagent
Substitute the research and development of pesticide emulsifiable solution such as wateremulsion, micro-emulsion and suspending emulsion etc; 2. Low toxicity, highly efficient and safe; 3. Fluidity, frost resistance and great adhesive property; 4. Cost is lower than emulsifiable solution products, and raw material is convenient to 71. High-performance ink recipe and pen head producing technology
Water recipe of board pen, night righter pen, top grade mark pen and ink and ink for manyspecial pens (such as ink for glass pen, metal pen, CD pen and film pen etc.) 72. Manufacturing method of teflon artificial blood vessel
Our company is intended to develop teflon (PTIE) artificial blood vessel, the maindeveloping content include: 1. Bring forward the technical course for researching teflon (PTIE) artificial blood vessel; 2. Bring forward the manufacturing craftwork of teflon (PTIE) artificial blood vessel; Bring forward detailed technical indexes and checking method etc for researching teflon(PTIE) artificial blood vessel.
73. Forming method of teflon positive ripple soft pipe
Currently, domestic enterprises can only produce teflon screw thread soft pipe, and can’tproduce Teflon positive ripple soft pipe, which can be used as anticorrosive lining of metalpositive ripple soft pipe.
Since this technique is very difficult, if it can be formed together with metal soft pipe, therewill be a huge potential market, and have great purpose in petrifaction, nonferrous metalrefining, medication and fertilizer fields etc.
74. Physics method (metallurgy method) multi-crystal silicon producing method
While producing multi-crystal silicon with physics method (metallurgy method), the puritydemand is 6N (99.9999%), and the cost of production should be controlled within 15 US$/kg (including raw material fee, fuel and impetus fee, wage fee and depreciation expense ofcapital assets etc. ) 75. E-1 level urea formaldehyde resin glue producing technique
E1 level urea formaldehyde resin glue used in roll-in medium density fiber board; therequirements are controlling its cost within 300 RMB yuan above the cost of E2 level ureaformaldehyde resin glue, suitable for roll-in producing craftwork and all physical indexesmeet international standards.
76. Flame-retarded nylon series products without halogen and red phosphorus
Influence of dispersing effect of flame-retarded agent in nylon onflame-retarded performance Good processing capacity, including material preparation and productmolding flame resistivity (vertical 3.2 ~ 0.8mm) V-0 level cost of assistant agent 6000 RMB yuan/ton 77. Static electricity and rust prevention of entertainment establishment
Eliminate or reduce static electricity phenomenon of entertainment establishment duringutilizing process Rust prevention technique of entertainment establishment 78. Uneven graph and insufficient brightness of spherical raster
When plastic sheet material is squeezed out, uneven graph and insufficient brightness onstabilizing roller influence visual effect . Current glossiness (60°) of lens raster film is about95%, we hope it will reach 98%.
79. Meridional resistance rate equality of monocrystalline silicon mixing gallium
1) Realized length 1200 mm perfect crystal preparation, diameter 156 mm, feeding 3) Uneven degree of meridional resistance 5% 4) After mixing gallium, hit rate of target resistance 95% Cost requirement: Appropriate expense of cost is all right 80. Bamboo carbon prilling (round) connecting technique
Currently, the project has successfully created 2 cm-3 cm gain; however, after molding, thegrain is loose. Originally, the project uses inorganic glue instead of organic glue. If usingorganic glue, the adsorbing function of nanometer level carbon powder will be influenced, soinorganic glue must be used to solve the problem.
81. Bottom solidifying problem of colorful dope
Bottom solidifying of colorful dope and color adjustment of painting (nitrate paint) aredifficult, technical problem such as abnormal attachment capacity of painting in printingprocess.
82. Cold waiting static pressing method matching teflon powder technique and products.
Common pressure of general matching PTFE powder 15 Mpa. Since the pressure isinsufficient, PTFE powder can’t be pressed tightly in inner wall of steel tube, which leads tohigh contraction rate after agglomeration and defects such as crack, bubble and leakage oflining.
Hydraulic pressure test: 1.5 times of designed pressure, maintaining pressurefor 0.5h without leakage 83. Nanometer improved super-thin low – temperature fixing powder dope
1. Construction performance: improve electric performance with nanometer material, make the resistance of powder maintain 1012 , increase first power feeding rate, andovercome defect caused by “faraday effect”, not influenced by shape and structure ofcomponents being coated; 2. Improve physical performance of coating layer, increase intensity of coating layer by utilizing strong surface combining power between nanometer and resin. Since thepowder has long stability in storage, the surface of coating film has great smoothnessand brightness after being stored for one year.
3. Products of the project can be solidified under 140°C /15min solidifying condition, film thickness of powder coating material is 25 m~35 m.
Technical indexes: solidifying condition: 140 °C /15 min; diameter of grain:15 m~20 m;coating film:25 m~35 m; Dashing out intensity: 90 kg/cm2; rigidity of pencil: 3H.
84. Development of titanium material fastening pieces
At present, our company utilizes titanium material valve-used fastening pieces processedwith TC4, TA2. Since the friction coefficient is big and the pieces are often overdriven, it isdifficult to install the valve. We are intended to improve the processing technique of titaniummaterial fastening pieces and its performance.
85. Development of antibiosis healthcare drygoods
With a kind of hypertension curing technique, the product is used on pillows. On the onehand, it has auxiliary curing effect by improving sleeping with pillows; on the other hand, ablood pressure testing device is installed on the equipment, the device will alarm when bloodpressure is too high, which make the service of paramedic convenient.
The product adopts a skin disease auxiliary curing technique. On the one hand, it helpscuring skin disease by physical therapy; on the other hand, the product adopts techniquessuch as antibiosis to realize the effect of auxiliary physical therapy.
86. Technical development of top grade wooden leather shoe box that can lengthen the
service life of leather shoes
New wooden products for developer to pack top grade leather shoe, mainly functions are asfollows: 1) can effectively avoid leather hardening problem, thus lengthen the service life of leather 2) can effectively avoid undesirable odor, insects, and going moldy of leather shoe, better have certain effect for curing dermatophytosis; 3) Convenient to place in home, occupy as few space as possible; convenient to take at 87. Automatic puller installing device of plastic film zipper bag
Plastic film zipper bags are extensively used in fields such as communications and officework etc. However, with the increase of automatic degree, traditional manual puller can’tmeet the continuously developing industrial demand, so a device to automatically installpuller is urgently needed to improve productivity.
88. Multi-head compound non-weaving cloth making equipment
Adopt double M heads to improve obstructing performance of products. When M content ofcompound products is identical, filtration, obstruction of double M compound product isbetter than that of single M compound product; thus applicable scope of the product is Stable and high-speed rotation of connected machines. Adopt even pressure design forthermal rolling machine, stable tension design for high-speed automatic disconnection ofwinding machine and splitting machine, net curtain anti-deviation design for high-speed webforming machine.
Technical indexes: multi-level compound: (four and more layers), product specification:(15-100)g/m2; breadth: 3200 mm, 2400 mm; economic index: productivity 7000t/a; 89. CAD/CAM automatic cutter of natural leather vamp
Collection and processing technique of data of natural leather line graph is vital for successof the machine, so how to collect these out-of-order graph data and data processing techniquebecomes the key of successfully develop this machine.
1. adopted precision of graph data: ±1mm; 4. leather positioning style: vacuum negative pressure adsorption; 90. Deviation rectificatin of automatic hull machine, research of vacuum board transferring
Design deviation rectifying and positioning device of hard paper, make its inaccuracy ofrelative position is less than 0.05mm. Deviation rectifying device can accurately place hardpaper (or inner paper) on tissue, eradiate the inaccuracy caused by deviation of tissue,improve taste of hull machine, quality of finished product and work efficiency. Designvacuum three-circuit recycling board transferring institute, realize inhale, release andplacement of hard paper by negative pressure sucker.

Source: http://ictt.by/Rus/Portals/0/TR_Zhejiang_Prov09_05_12.pdf


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Antibacterial Agents II Reference Katzung, B.G. Basic and Clinical Pharmacology , Eighth Edition, Chapters 44 and 45, p774-783. Cast of characters Aminoglycosides (streptomycin, amikacin, tobramycin, neomycin, etc.), Spectinomycin Chloramphenicol Clindamycin Tetracycline (and minocycline, doxycycline, etc.) Erythromycin (and azithromycin) Fusidic acid Linezolid All of the a

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