Oncomax ltd is a russian biotechnology company founded in 2010

Company Overview
MDR-TB remain at current levels, the Russian market for drugs wil grow to 6 billion rubles. (about $220 million). “Infectex” is a private biotechnology company founded in 2011 with the goal to develop and bring to the Russian market an Science and Technology
innovative drug for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) treatment. “Infectex” is a Skolkovo biocluster resident and SQ109 is an analogue of ethambutol, which inhibits the growth takes part in the technology platform called “Medicine of the of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis through a unique mechanism of The candidate product (SQ109) — worldwide rights owned by The results of preclinical and clinical studies of SQ109 suggest Sequel a in Maryland, USA — is a low-molecular ethylene that the molecule has the characteristics that should shorten diamine compound, some compounds of which family are used and simplify the treatment regimen for MDR-TB and allow the in the first-line treatment of tuberculosis (e.g., ethambutol). In drug to become a new effective anti-tuberculosis antibiotic: 2010 Thomson Reuters Pharma™ rating agency included SQ109 in the top five most promising drugs that are in Phase 2 clinical High efficiency against al forms of M. tuberculosis (both sensitive and drug-resistant forms of TB); In 2012 “Infectex” received approval from the Russian Ministry Activity against latent tuberculosis (passive form of the TB, which can transform into an aggressive under adverse of Health to begin the pivotal clinical trial (phase 2b-3) associated with a drug registration submission, and is now conducting the clinical development of SQ109 for treatment of Pharmacokinetic parameters allowing to achieve target concentration during the treatment course; Synergistic effect with isoniazid, rifampin, and TMC207 (TMC207 is a new anti-TB candidate of Johnson & Johnson) Market Opportunity
 Compound safety shown in a series of pre-clinical studies Tuberculosis causes enormous social and economic damage  Therapeutic focus on pulmonary tuberculosis; promising due to the fact that, in general, it affects the working age opportunities in extra-pulmonary tuberculosis, including population, requires long-term care, medical examination and digestive, urinary and nervous system, and osteoarticular hospitalization, and it needs prevention and anti-relapse measures. According to WHO in 2009, 14 million. people had the active form of the disease with severe symptoms, and another 9 million. people get infected every year, the largest number of The scientific team is headed by Sergey Borisov, MD, Professor new TB cases being observed in China, India, South Africa, of pathophyisiology at the Russian Medical Academy of Nigeria and Indonesia. About 2 mil ion people die from TB Postgraduate Education, deputy director for science and clinical every year in what amounts to about 6% of all deaths work at Moscow Research Center for TB control of the worldwide. Thus, TB is the most dangerous infectious disease Department of Health in Moscow. The company’s management in the world. The global TB drug market was about $700 mil ion comprises highly-qualified specialists from “Maxwel Biotech in 2010. It is expected to reach $846 mil ion in 2015. There are Group” and the Russian biotech industry. about 300,000 TB patients in Russia being managed by Intellectual Property Status
The development of multiple drug resistant (MDR) TB strains is The company’s assets include an exclusive license for the another major issue of modern pathophysiology. MDR develops development and commercialization of SQ109 from Sequel a, in in 30 % of previously treated patients and diagnosed in 15 – the territory of Russia and the other members of the Eurasian 17% naïve patients. There are now some cases of total drug Patent Convention (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, and Armenia). The Company wil also register all new intel ectual property In Russia’s national TB control program, there is an extensive system of TB facilities and diagnostic laboratories. Al the necessary TB drug preparations, including for the treatment of Contacts
MDR-TB patients are provided free of charge at public expense. The minimum cost of treatment of MDR-TB in Russia is about In 2010, Russia spent for procurement of II series TB drugs II (used to treat MDR-TB) from the federal budget nearly 3,3 bil ion rubles (about $120 million). By 2020, the number of MDR-TB patients receiving medication wil reach 20,000, which means that if the volume of al ocated funds for the treatment of

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