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15th National Congress on Cardiovascular Update
17-20 September 2013
Tehran – Razi International Hall
Organized by:
Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis
Wednesday 18 Sep 2013
Opening Ceremony
Holy Quran
H. Ranjbarnezhad
National Anthem
Welcome to participants
M. Ghasemi (Chairman of Iranian Society of
Atherosclerosis and Chairman of Congress)
Report of scientific program of 15th congress on
M. Eslami (Secretary of
cardiovascular update
Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis and Scientific
Secretary of Congress)
Risk factors of cardiovascular disease in 2013
A.R. Esteghamati (Professor of endocrinology
of Tehran University of Medical Sciences)
The status of cardiovascular disease in Iran
F. Noohi (Chairman of Iranian Heart Association)
Difficulties of treatment in Iran, now and future
B. Moazami (Managing Director of Pars Hospital)
Lunch & Exhibition Visit
Wednesday 18 Sep. 2013
2nd Session: 14-15:30
Chairpersons : E. Nematipour, D. Kamalhedayat, Y. Nouzari, D. Akhlaghmoayed
Novel anticoagulants in comparison to warfarin
M. Jabbarzadeh
Beyond syntax I and syntax II
P. Serruys
Intervention left main disease and multivessel disease
J. Fajadet
Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit
Panel Discussion: Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
Moderator: Z. Emkanjoo

embers: M. Haghjoo, A.R. Ghorbanisharif, M. Taherpour, A.F. Fazelifar, M. Jabbarzadeh
hursday 19 Sep 2013
1st Session: 8-9:30
Chairpersons : A. Barzegar, H. Sezavar, A. Hakimpoor
Diagnosis of diastolic LV dysfunction in outpatients clinic
M. Moshkani
8:30 – 9
Management of STEMI by primary PCI
OCT, IVUS and NIRS to guide stenting of complex lesions
O. Hlinomaz
Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit
2nd Session: 10:30-12:30
Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold Symposium: The 4th Revolu on in Interven onal Cardiology
Members: P.Serruys, J.Fajadet, M. Ghasemi, A.F. Zandparsa, S. Abdi

Most recent findings from ABSORB clinical trial program-what do these data
mean for our patients
The importance of good vessel measurement
11:30 -12:10
Real-world applicability with bioresorbable vascular scaffolds:
Indications today and indication for the future
Questions and Answers
Lunch & Exhibition Visit
2:30 – 1
Panel Discussion: Challenging issues in multimodality imaging
Moderator: R. Sattarzadeh
Members: M. Toofan Tabrizi, N. Samiei, A. Sadeghpoor, M. Parsaei

Which modality should we choose for assessing myocardial viability? ( M. Toofan Tabrizi)
Challenging issues in diastology ( N. Samiei)
3D versus 2D echocardiography, what are clinical implica ons now? ( A. Sadeghpoor)
Constrictive pericarditis or restrictive cardiomyopathy? Which modality is more helpful? ( M. Parsaei)
Acute aortic syndrome? Are we safe now? ( R. Sattarzadeh)

Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit
15:30 - 16
Panel Discussion: Interventional Cardiology
Moderator: A.M Hajzeynali
Members: S. Abdi, J. Zamani, D. Kazemi Saleh, E. Nematipoor, M. Ghasemi
Friday 20 Sep 2013
Cardiac Surgery Program
1st Session: 8:30-10:30
Prosthetic Valve Endocarditic (PVE)
Chair persons: M. Mohraz, H. Ahmadi, M. A. Yousefnia, P.
Nakhostin Davari, H. Radmehr
Etiology, Pathogenesis and classification
Clinical Manifestations and diagnosis
A. Bakhshandeh
Anticoagulation therapy in PVE
J. Bagheri
9:15 - 9:30
Imaging diagnosis and echocardiography
R. Sattarzadeh
Management and medical treatment of PVE
M. Rasolinejad,
Z. Ahmadinezhad
Surgical treatment
M. Salehi
10:15 - 10:30
Questions and Answers
Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit
11:00 - 13:00
2nd Session: Endovascular and Cardiac Surgery
Chair persons:
M.H. Mandegar, A.A. Karimi, M.Marzban, M. Mirhoseini, M. Ghasemi
TAVI (Film and case presentation)
11:20 - 11:40
EVAR (Film and case presentation)
A.M Hajzeinali
11:40 - 12:00
Iliac Aneurysms and Endovascular
Hybrid procedure and TEVAR (Film)
M. Shirzad
12:30 - 13
Questions and Answers
Lunch & Exhibition Visit


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