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Board of County Commissioners of Lincoln County 9:00 Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance 9:05 Public Health Director Tonda Scott to discuss the Planned Parenthood Program 9:30 Approve payroll and expense vouchers 1. Approve the minutes from the November 19th meeting 2. Review revisions to the leases for the office space in Limon for Public Health and Social 3. Review a State Highway Access Code Notice to Proceed for Conrad Bene Schafer 4. County Commissioners’ reports 5. Old business 6. New business The Board of Lincoln County Commissioners met at 9:00 a.m. on November 29, 2007. The following attended: Chairman Ted Lyons, Commissioners Steve Burgess and Gary Beedy, and Clerk to the Board Corinne M. Lengel. County Administrator Roxie Devers was absent and excused. Chairman Lyons called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance, and then Public Health Director Tonda Scott met with the Board to discuss the Planned Parenthood Program. Mr. Burgess commented that he had not been aware, when she asked to move to the new location, that she would be performing pelvic exams in order to distribute birth control. Ms. Scott responded that what she planned may come far into the future, if at all, but she would like to be able to help the residents who cannot get in to Plains Medical Center to see Liz Pottler, who comes over from Kit Carson County to give Planned Parenthood classes. She said that it is very difficult to schedule with Ms. Pottler because she stops at several different locations when she comes to Limon and isn’t always at PMC for very long when she does come, which sometimes is only once a month. Ms. Scott went on to say that she does not have the proper licensure to perform pelvic exams, nor does Ms. Pottler, so they would still need to contract with someone, possibly from PMC, and Mr. Burgess said that he would not like to see them take business away from PMC, especially since it is in such a financial crises. Ms. Scott also said that she checked with the State, and was told that they don’t have specific funding for this type of venture, but she would probably be able to find funding elsewhere if she took the time to research it more. Her objective is to put out a survey questionnaire to find out just how much interest there is for such a program, and then she will need to compile the numbers prior to making any other decisions. Ms. Scott said that, in the mean time, she would use the exam room in the new building for other types of exams, but at least the room would be set up so that she could order other medical products for it. She added that they would also be able to get some financial help for the furniture. Mr. Lyons commented that he did not see the advantage of performing pelvic exams at the new facility if they had to have a licensed practitioner come in and do it anyway, but Ms. Scott explained that she would still be able to work with the patient as far as family planning, nutrition and actually administering Depo-Provera shots. Ms. Scott also mentioned that Dawn James had come to go over the community-wide plan that Mary Terlep had developed with her. When Mr. Burgess commented that he did not really want the county to get into the business of providing birth control, in connection with his own personal beliefs, Ms. Scott stated that she assumed the idea would be met with religious obstacles but, on the other hand, providing the birth control may do away with many unwanted pregnancies and reliance on Social Services programs. She reiterated that the idea of performing pelvic exams and distributing birth control was simply in the planning phase, and that she would certainly have to develop some data and go through the proper channels before anything could be finalized. She went on to say that one of her main goals is to start Lamaze classes, as well as teach proper nutrition and how to deal with other pregnancy issues. Mr. Burgess said he appreciated her forthrightness and honesty, and would be grateful if she would keep them updated. Ms. Scott then asked about the leases for the office space in Limon for Public Health and Social Services, and once the Board had reviewed the revisions suggested by County Attorney Stan Kimble, Mr. Beedy made a motion to sign the amended leases. Mr. Burgess seconded the motion, which carried unanimously. While approving the November payroll and expense vouchers for the month, the Board noticed that the jail deputies had quite a bit of overtime for the month. Mr. Burgess commented that if that trend was going to continue, they may need to consider hiring another employee at the jail. He called the sheriff to see if he had a few minutes to meet with them, and when Sheriff Nestor arrived, Mr. Burgess explained what they had discovered. The sheriff explained that he did not think it would be an issue for much longer, as he felt the reason for the additional overtime hours was because he had hired three new deputies and they had to be trained before he felt they could be allowed to work on their own. He said he would like to hold off on hiring another jail deputy for now, as what he would really like to do in the future was hire another road deputy. Sheriff Nestor also commented that there is a rather heavy docket set at the courts for December 7, which is also the day of the DA’s open house Christmas celebration at the courthouse. He felt another courthouse security committee meeting should probably take place, because jury selection is set to begin the first week of December in the Court cases. Discussion was held regarding the fact that the open house may have to be re-scheduled, but the sheriff said he would check to see if anything is listed on the docket for 3:00 p.m. or later, since that is when the open house celebration is scheduled to start. Mr. Burgess said that there is a department head meeting scheduled for December 4, so they could discuss it more then. The following correction was made to the November 19, 2007, meeting minutes: change “evening” to “morning”. The minutes stand approved, as corrected. The Board reviewed a State Highway Access Code Notice to Proceed for Conrad Bene Schafer, and then Mr. Burgess reported that he talked to road foreman Roger Noakes on November 20 regarding the budget changes and remaining budget amounts for the current year. He also went by the landfill and noted that the bundles of metal are being removed a little bit at a time, and commented that there had been no payment received for them yet. On the Twenty-sixth, Mr. Burgess picked up some material samples for chip seal jobs on his way to attending the CCI conference. While at conference on the Twenty-seventh, Department of Revenue Executive Director Roxy Huber caught him and said she had been contacted by legislators in regard to Lincoln County’s non-county issued driver’s license document surcharge. She told the legislators that they would need to contact the county, as the state had nothing to do with implementing the surcharge. Mr. Beedy commented that he felt they would have to watch legislation closely next year, since they may need to testify to support their decision regarding the surcharge. He felt it would be likely to hit legislation in some manner, and Mr. Burgess added that he felt other counties were just biding their time to see what happened in Lincoln County. He said that he assumed others would follow suit if nothing came about in the 2008 legislative session. Mr. Burgess said he was contacted by Kevin Rogers regarding the Genoa Motorsports track, and was told they are still proceeding with the project. Earlier this morning, Mr. Burgess spoke with Travis Miller regarding the fence along the highway at the fairgrounds. He told Mr. Burgess that there were plans to re-pave Highway 40/287 in concrete east of Hugo and that the fence would be upgraded at that time. He said there was also some discussion about putting in a concrete retaining wall. Mr. Burgess also talked to Wayne Brown, who is in charge of CDOT in this area, since anything along the highway is taken care of by the State. Mr. Beedy reported that he participated in the CHP conference call on November 20. During the Anthem conversion this past year, it was discovered that they had over-applied maximum out-of-pocket expenses to some participants. Employees who were required to pay a provider in certain instances may receive a refund, plus interest and penalties. He said that if any county employees received a refund from Anthem it might be for that reason. On November 26, Mr. Beedy attended the Regional Learning Center meeting, saying that they may be getting money to do a feasibility study through PDC. He also attended the CCI conference beginning on the Twenty-sixth. Mr. Lyons reported that he received a phone call from someone with the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission concerning using salt water on County Road 26. He was told that they would try to push the approval through this year because more stringent regulations are being developed for next year. They will take samples and let Mr. Lyons know what they find out. Mr. Lyons also attended the CCI conference. In regard to old business, Mr. Burgess brought up the fuel storage again. He said he’d had Chris Monks do a study, and he’d learned that District One only spent between four and five hundred dollars less than District Two had. He said he would table further discussion for the time being, but was afraid that if something were to happen to the two distributors in Limon, the county would be in severe trouble for fuel. As for new business, Mr. Burgess said he’d been looking over the handout from CTSI regarding the Colorado Counties Casualty and Property Pool, which showed a formula that calculates the loss rate based on the county’s percentage of total exposure and total loss in regard to vehicles. Mr. Burgess felt that they needed to look into it further, since there were several old vehicles around the county that may not even be utilized anymore. He added that if they were being assessed $375.00 per vehicle, which was the way he understood the report to read, they would really need to look at whether or not they wanted to get those unused vehicles off the list. He added that Lincoln County has a total of eighty-five vehicles according to the Pool. Mr. Beedy and Mr. Lyons both agreed that they would need to be sure they were using those vehicles, and they made the decision to discuss it with Ms. Devers when she returned, since she was more familiar with the CAPP. The Board reviewed the November statement of revenues and expenditures for the County General fund, and then Ms. Lengel asked if the Board would approve credit cards for two of her employees who would need to attend HAVA election training in January. Mr. Burgess made a motion to approve county credit cards for Margery Pitts and Peter Holmstedt, each with a $500.00 limit. Mr. Beedy seconded the motion, which carried unanimously. With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned until 9:00 a.m. on November 30, 2007. ___________________________________________ ____________________________ Corinne M. Lengel, Clerk to the Board Ted Lyons, Chairman


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