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Resident Handbook
Mission Statement

Inspired by the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and the life of
St. Marguerite D’Youville, Marianhill provides love and compassionate
Care in the Catholic tradition to older adults within their homes, the
community and Marianhill.

Marianhill was founded in 1954 by the Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception and has since its conception aimed at providing quality care. Upon construction of the new General Hospital, the Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception converted the old hospital into a Home for the Aged called Marianhill, providing care for over 100 residents. The present Marianhill was built in 1980-81. Marianhill is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of men and women from throughout the community. The Board of Directors is accountable to the Catholic Health Corporation of Ontario, the Ministry of Health and to the public, and governs in the interest of Marianhill and those we serve. Marianhill has evolved into a 200 bed facility. Marianhill offers long term and complex continuing care, including a palliative care unit, which serves the Pembroke area. The Dr. L.U. McCluskey Centre provides dementia respite services for individuals suffering from Alzheimer Disease or a related dementia. Marianhill also serves the community with adult day programs, Marianhill Kiwanis Audiology Clinic as well as geriatric assessment clinics. Marianhill emphasizes independence, choice, respect for privacy, and dignity of the person. The Board of Directors and staff members strive to follow the example of St. Marguerite d’Youville by offering compassionate care with Marianhill and the community. Marianhill is pleased to have the opportunity to work with individuals and organizations throughout the Upper Ottawa Valley. More than 160 volunteers support our work at Marianhill. We also benefit from the support of area service clubs, private donations and memorial contributions, which help us attain items that are not covered by government funding. Summary of Services Provided

Nursing and personal care provided 24/7;
Supplies and equipment for skin care, continence products, for infection
control and sterile procedures ;
Medical devices such as catheters and colostomy and ileostomy devices;
Supplies and equipment for personal hygiene and grooming, including skin
lotions and powders, shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes,
denture cups and cleansers, toilet tissue, facial tissue, hair brushes, combs,
razor/shavers, shaving cream, feminine hygiene products;
Equipment for general use such as wheelchairs (if a wheelchair is required
on a permanent basis see note below), geriatric chairs, canes, walkers, toilet
aids, and other self-help aids for the activities of daily living;
Meal service and meals, including three meals daily, snacks between meals
and at bedtime, special and therapeutic diets, dietary supplements and
devices enabling resident to feed themselves;
Social recreational and physical activities and programs, including related
supplies and equipment;
Laundry, including labeling, machine washing and drying of personal
Bedding and linen including comfortable mattress with waterproof covers,
pillows, bed linen, wash cloths and towels;
Cleaning and upkeep of resident room and building
Drugs and medical supplies: Marianhill cannot charge for non-prescription
drugs, medication and treatment products and supplies obtained through
Ontario Government Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Services upon
Some non-prescription drugs, medication and treatment products and
supplies not available through Ontario Government Pharmaceutical and

Medical Supplies are not covered. Before ordering such items, you will be
informed if a cost will apply.
A nurse call system is provided in your room and bathroom. Staff members
have pagers and phones which notify that you have asked for assistance.
Opened exit doors also ring through to the pagers.

Cablevision, Newspapers
It is your or your family’s responsibility to make the arrangement with
the service supplier for start up and payment of these services . It is
recommended that direct payments be arranged from your personal
bank account. Please discuss this with your personal banking officer.
Arrangements can be made for Marianhill to pay personal bills from
Trust fund accounts for a fee of $1.00 per bill.
Resident and Family Care Concerns

Marianhill is committed to providing the highest possible quality of service to
our residents. If you have a concern or comment about the level of care
provided to you/your family member, please raise that concern or comment
• Immediately with the staff member present at the time, or with the • With the Unit Manager responsible for the unit in person or by the You may also raise your concerns directly with the Director of Care or the Chief Executive Officer. Telephone numbers are listed below. Your concerns and compliments may also be documented on the Resident/Family Concern Forms that are available at the Reception Desk and at the Unit Stations. The form may be left at the Reception Desk or returned by mail. The form is forwarded to the appropriate member of staff who is responsible for recommending action to be taken to address the concern and prevent further occurrences. All forms are forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer and presented to the Management Team at their monthly meetings. Linda M.Tracey
Concerns may also be forwarded directly to the Ministry of Health and Long
Term Care at (613) 241-4263 or 1-800-267-8588.
Coffee Shop

There is a coin automated coffee dispenser in the coffee shop and vending
machines. The residents are provided snacks, tea, coffee, and juice
between meals and during the evening on each wing .
Marianhill may be entrusted with the knowledge of personal and private
affairs of its residents. Under the declaration of confidentiality and code of
ethics, all employees undertake not to divulge any of this knowledge at any
time with any unauthorized person during the term of employment with
Marianhill or thereafter, except in the course of duties as an employee.
Dental Care

You are encouraged to maintain your dental care with your dentist. Dental
appointments may be arranged on a regular basis . Good oral hygiene has
resulted in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases such as periodontal
disease. Good periodontal health starts with you, visit a dentist at least twice
a year for a thorough cleaning and oral examination.
We recommend that residents have their dentures personally labeled. This
can be done by a local dental lab.
Dietary Services

Three meals and three snacks are prepared on site in the main kitchen according to Canada’s Food Guide and the Long Term Care Guidelines. For those frail residents needing to be fed, three unit dining areas are staffed to meet your individual needs. A three week cycle menu is followed to ensure a variety of foods are offered to you. Please check with the staff for designated meal times. Nourishments/snacks are delivered to the residents on each unit, and in their rooms. Family and visitors are welcome to dine with residents. Guest meal tickets are available for a minimal fee at the administration office. Please notify the nurse on your unit if you wish to have guests for a meal. Please book your reservation one day in advance. Any food kept in resident’s rooms must be sealed in a plastic container. Residents are encouraged to participate in the meal planning process. A meal planned by the residents is offered monthly. A recreation programmer is available on your unit to assist you if you have any suggestions. A registered Dietitian assesses the nutritional needs of all residents and ensures that therapeutic diets are provided if needed. If you have any concerns please contact please contact: Krista St. Cyr, Food Services Manager Extension 317 Lisa McCann, Dietitian

If you would like to celebrate a special occasion please call the dietary
department (Extension 317) for arrangements. Rooms are available upon
request to accommodate larger groups.
Ethical Issues/Ethics Committee
The Ethics Committee is available to any staff, resident or family member for
ethical consultative services. Staff members, residents and families are
encouraged to refer issues/concerns to the Ethics Committee prior to or
following a perceived violation of ethics. Referral forms are available on
each unit and from the front office. The committee can also be reached by
calling (613)735-6839
Linda M. Tracey
Adrian Chaput Pastoral Care Coordinator Ext 306
Family Council

Marianhill has Family Council to work co-operatively with the Home to
enhance care to the residents and to provide support to the families and to
liaise with similar groups in the community. The Family Council
representatives and their phone numbers are listed in the Family Information
display case. The council meets monthly in the Board Room at Marianhill.

Family Information Night

Family Information Nights are held every second month with the exception of
December, July and August. Topics are posted in advance.
The meetings are held in the auditorium at Marianhill at 7:00 p.m. Everyone
is welcome.
This informal meeting provides information to families concerning upcoming
events, program changes, changes in government legislation or changes in
Long Term Care guidelines, which may effect the residents of Marianhill.
Financial Services
The business office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday,
excluding statutory holidays.
Accommodation rates are set annually by the Ministry of Health and Long-
Term Care. It is expected that payments be made to Marianhill at the
beginning each month .
There are several additional costs , which are not included in the
accommodation fees. Examples of such costs are:
• Personal telephone service and television cable service • Audiology services provided at the Clinic • Companion costs for transportation to medical appointments (please
The staff in the business office can assist with all your financial questions. In
Ontario residents are guaranteed a comfort allowance, this means everyone
is entitled to have the comfort allowance available to them after
accommodation fees have been charged. To enable this there are a number
of government financial assistance programs available to citizens aged 60
years and over including Rate Reduction and Exceptional Circumstance.
The staff in the financial department will assist with these applications.

Fire and Emergency

Fire drills are held monthly, once on each shift focusing on random
scenarios. In the event of a fire drill, you are to remain where you are and
take direction from the staff. The fire exits are all marked with lit signs, and
fire extinquishers and hoses are throughout the building.
All exits are monitored and locked with a magnetic system. Doors alarm
when held open. Should the fire alarm sound, all exits automatically open.
Foot Care Services

Marianhill staff provide basic foot care. Basic foot care covers areas of
hygiene and nail care. Special foot care services are provided by
independent agencies. The cost of this service is your responsibility. The
nurse on the unit will assist you in making the arrangements if requested.

Funeral Planning

On admission, any funeral plans that have been prearranged by the resident
are noted in the resident’s chart.
Hairdressing/Barber Shop

Hairdressing and barber services are available at the salon on the ground
floor. Appointments can be made directly at the salon or via the nursing
department. You can also book an appointment by calling 735-6839

A price list is posted in the salon for your information. Payment is made
directly at the salon or charged to your trust account. Gift certificates are
available at the administration office.

Hazard Identification

Marianhill uses a red Hazard tag to identify any equipment/item that is
broken and not to be put in use. Wet floor signs, and other signage may
also be seen throughout the Home to advise of unsafe situations. Please
respect these direction and do not use tagged equipment or walk on wet
floors, etc.
Hearing Tests and Assessment

Appointments for hearing tests and assessments are made through a
referral from your attending physician. Marianhill has an Audiology Clinic on
site. Please call Audiology 735-6839 Ext 337 for information re costs of
hearing tests.
Housekeeping Service
Housekeeping service is provided on a regular basis. The cleaning of
closets and drawers is the responsibility of the resident and/or Advocate.
It is important to maintain closets in an organized manner.
Laundry Services

All personal machine washable items are laundered on site. Marianhill
provides all bed linens, blankets, spreads, pillows and towels.
On admission, and when new clothing is purchased, the family/advocate is
responsible for taking all personal clothing to the laundry room to be labeled.
Marianhill is responsible for the application of labels. Clothing must be
labeled. Marianhill is not responsible for unlabeled lost clothing.

You are responsible for your dry cleaning and clothing repair.
Arrangements can be made through the Laundry Department to have
clothing sent to the cleaners and for clothing repair.

Leave of Absence/Vacation
A casual leave of absence of up to 48 hours per week is available. Please
notify the registered staff on your unit at least 24 hours in advance, to ensure
your medications are ready for your leave. A vacation leave of absence of 21
days a year is also available.
Medical leave for the purposes of hospitalization is up to 21 days at a time.
This leave is for medical not psychiatric care. Psychiatric leave for the
purposes of hospitalization for assessment and treatment is up to 45 days.
During a leave of absence or stay in hospital, you are required to continue to
pay for your accommodation including any services purchased (ie. Phone)
If the absence is beyond the number of days permitted by the Ministry of
Health and Long Term Care and bed holding is not permitted, you will be
discharged from Marianhill.
You may hold a bed for up to 30 days in addition to the medical and
psychiatric leaves. You are responsible to pay for the accommodation
charges as well as a bed holding fee. Should you wish to have a bed hold,
the fee and required forms will be provided at that time. As of February 2009
the current bed hold fee is $53.00 per day in addition to the accommodation
Bed holding is not permitted to extend a casual or vacation leave of
Mail is delivered and distributed from the Nursing Station to each resident’s
room. Redirection of the mail is your responsibility. Mail may be posted at
the Front Office.

Medical Appointments

The Medical Director is Dr. Joan Tyler. She is also an attending physician at
Marianhill. A number of doctors have privileges and see residents regularly
at Marianhill. Should your physician not currently have privileges, please
notify us as soon as possible to arrange for coverage for you, or in the
alternative to apply for physician privileges for your doctor. The physicians
provide us with an on-call after hours schedule for coverage.
Medical appointments ordered by the attending physician will be coordinated
by the Nursing Department. Arrangements will be made for companions from
various health agencies to accompany you if the family or Advocate is
unable to attend. There is a charge for this service.

Medical Care

Regular visits/clinics are arranged through the nursing office for your Doctor.
At Marianhill your medication is reviewed every three months by your
physician and an annual physical examination is scheduled. A resident may
remain under the care of their community attending physician providing
he/she has admitting privileges to Marianhill.
The Nursing team is comprised of Unit Managers, Registered Nurses (RN),
Registered Practical Nurses (RPN) and Personal Support Workers(PSW). A
Registered Nurse is required in the building 24/7.
The Nursing team will notify the next-of-kin/representative in the event the
resident is injured or there is a change in the residents health status.
Current information for reaching the next of kin is required to help ensure a
prompt response to any events.
Mobility Equipment

The appropriate wheelchair and walker will maximize your safety,
independence and comfort. . If you require a wheelchair or walker on a
permanent basis , the Occupational Therapist from Community Care Access
Centre will assist you and your family apply for your new equipment through
the Assistive Devices Plan. (financial assistance may be available).
Maintenance of wheelchairs and walkers is important to optimize your
independence and safety and is the responsibility of the resident / family.
Marianhill arranges for equipment to be inspected and minor repairs are
completed at no cost to the resident/family. Should your wheelchair or other
equipment require significant repairs, you will receive a quote for your

approval before any work is completed. You are free to have your own
provider inspect and repair your equipment at your convenience as well.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is available to all residents. An information booklet from the
Pastoral Department is given to each resident after admission. The regular
services are also listed on the monthly activity calendar, which is distributed
to you.
Personal Furnishings

A nightstand, lamp, bed, chair and dresser are provided as part of the room’s
furnishings. The building services department must approve any personal
belongings or furniture you wish to bring to Marianhill for safety reasons to
ensure the room can be cleaned and care provided in a safe manner.
All electrical appliances such as radios, lamps, televisions, etc must be
inspected by the Maintenance department prior to use.
Pet Visitation

Pets with a current record of vaccination are welcome visitors.
It is the responsibility of the owner to have the animal under control at all
times. The owner is liable for the action of their animal while visiting
Marianhill has a pharmacy contract with Mulvihill’s Pharmacy. Most
medications are covered under the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan or supplied by
the Ministry of Health. There is a dispensing fee for each prescription written
by your Doctor. You will be billed monthly and payment is to be made
directly to Mulvihill's Pharmacy.

Recreation Services

Activities are offered in large group, small group and on a one-to-one basis
depending on the type of activity and the needs of each individual person.
Activity boards are placed throughout Marianhill announcing upcoming
activities as well monthly activity calendars are circulated to all residents.
Activities are open to your family and friends.

Resident Council
To enhance the quality of services and programs which Marianhill provides,
a Resident’s Council has been established. The Resident’s Council
represents all the residents of Marianhill Inc, with the purpose of being a
channel of communication in relating needs, opinions and ideas. The
Resident Council meets on a regular basis with all meetings recorded.
Safekeeping of Resident’s Valuables
You are encouraged to ensure that all valuables i.e. heirlooms are safely
secured and placed in a safety deposit box. Arrangements may be made to
place monies in a trust account so that monies are not kept in your room.
Marianhill is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
Marianhill does not have any storage area available for general storage of
resident off season or other belongings. Arrangements to store these items
off site must be made by the resident/family.
Safety & Security

Marianhill is equipped with smoke and heat detectors, with a direct
emergency service alarm to the Pembroke Fire Department. A
comprehensive fire safety plan is in place to ensure our resident’s safety.
Fire Alarm pull station boxes are located in the hallways. As per regulations,
fire drills are conducted monthly.
Marianhill is equipped with a security system that locks all exterior doors
automatically at designated times. For resident safety the security system at

Marianhill is fully activated and the front doors locked. The posted code
(5683 Enter) is used to enter and leave the building.
If entering or leaving the building prior the designated times, nursing
assistance is required. A call system is located at the front door for this

Marianhill is a Smoke Free Environment.
Residents must leave the property in order to smoke. Anyone wishing to
smoke off the property must be assessed as able to do this independently
and safely.

New residents who wish to have telephone service will be provided with a
telephone and a new telephone number. The cost to the resident is $ 20.00
for installation and $25.00 per month. If long distance calls are placed then
long distance charges will apply. A monthly statement will be issued for the
telephone service. Should the resident prefer, the telephone charge can be
deducted from the resident’s trust fund.
Residents who want their phone number published in the Bell Telephone
directory may call Bell and have their number listed for a fee.

Therapy Services

A Physiotherapist provides an assessment and develops a restorative
program for each resident able to benefit from this therapy. This service is
provided at Marianhill by ActiveHealth. Other therapy services can be
arranged with the Champlain Community Care Access Centre (occupational
therapy, speech pathologist)
Trust Accounts

A trust account may be established with Marianhill’s Finance Department to assist with payment for services such as foot care, beauty salon, etc and to provide access to funds for personal spending. You may arrange to have pension cheques deposited directly to your trust account. Additional information regarding trust accounts may be obtained at the administration office, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30. p.m. excluding statutory holidays. Statements of your trust account are provided each quarter. It is recommended that the balance of your trust account not exceed $500.00.



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