Clinical Trials at Mission Hope Cancer Center
n For Colleagues in the Community:
1st Line/2nd Line Breast. A Phase
This publication is designed to inform our col eagues in the medical commu- III randomized, Double Blind Placebo Controlled Study of fulvestrant in nity, and especial y physicians who are considering treatment options for their patients with cancer, about current clinical trials and research studies available at the Mission Hope Cancer Center. We strive to provide the most advanced cancer treatments and newest technologies for an array of cancer disease types—and to do this as a col abo ra tive extension of your practice. We understand that the growth and viability of your practice is built upon the patients you serve. Our goal is to, not only have more treatment options at Mission Hope, but also to al ow you to have more options available for your patients. We hope you find the newsletter to be a valuable resource 2nd Line/3rd Line Breast. A Double-
For further information please contact Bob Dichmann, M.D., April
Kennedy, M.D., Todd Erickson, M.D., or Steve Vara, M.D., by phone at
349.9393. Additional y, our Clinical Research Coordinators are available by phone; please call Alison Fernandez, RN, MPH, OCN, at 346.3461, or
achieved SD, PR, or CR after at least 1 regimen of chemo or hormonal or Suzanne VerWest, RN, at 346.3466.
targeted therapy. HER2neu positive patients are eligible if anti-Her2 Breast: HER2 Negative
1st Line Breast. A randomized,
2nd Line/3rd Line HerNeg Breast.
inhibitor) plus letrozole versus placebo HER2 (-) breast cancer who have not received any prior systemic anti-cancer Clinical Trials at Mission Hope Cancer Center, continued
NHL. A Phase III, Double Blind Ran-
2nd Line Colorectal-KRAS
2nd Line or more NSCLC. ARCHER
Mutation. A Phase II Randomized,
Multiple Myeloma:
1st Line NSCLC. A Randomized,
2nd Line Colorectal-KRAS Wild
Type. A Phase II, Multi-Center, Open-
nib as first-line treatment for patients Pancreas:
2nd Line/3rd Line NSCLC. A Phase
2nd Line Gastric. Randomized, Open
ab in patients with ‘Traditional’ and Lymphoma:
3rd Line Prostate. A Phase II Trial
2nd Line (Follicular, Marginal Zone,
SLL, Waldenstroms). A Phase III,
Women’s Cancers:
Head and Neck:
2nd Line Endometrial. A Phase II,
ty of Clonidine Lauriad 50ug & 100ug 2nd Line (Follicular, Marginal Zone,
SLL, Waldenstroms). A Phase III
Mission Hope Cancer Center
Clinical Research Coordinators: 805.346.3461 • 805.346.3466

Source: http://www.missionhopecancercenter.com/clinical_trials_newsletters/MCC-CTnwslttr19Dec13FInal.pdf


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