“Site Location Superhuman”
Chapter 1
Since I developed the product which is known throughout the bodybuilding-world as Synthol, the main-question that arose in bodybuilders’ minds was, “how do I have to use the stuff to get the best results”? When I developed the product, back in the 90ties, I had to use it on myself to find out how it would work decent. During this time, I used all kinds of protocols. I had to find out how to apply the product to gain the greatest benefit/risk-ratio.
Please keep in mind that I never intended to ever sell the product. I only got involved with the whole matter because I tried to find a replacement for Formebolone, an Italian steroid-solution used for bringing up lagging body parts right before a contest. And this was actually thought to be just for my personal use Formebolone was marketed under the trademark ESICLENE. Please do NOT mistake Esiclean for ESICLENE. Esiclean is just another cheap
knock-off of my development.
ESICLENE/FORMEBOLONE on the other hand used to be a PRESCRIPTION
MEDICATION for the treatment of hormonal imbalances like all other steroids

Formebolone induced a heavy swelling of the treated muscles. Under Formebolone, the treated muscles increased in size really well. This increase lasted for a couple of days only. This was sufficient to get through a contest. If one discontinued the use of Formebolone, most of the size disappeared after a short time. Due to the high price of Formebolone, which was round about 8 bucks per vial, 99% of the users had to discontinue the further use of the substance.
I was in the very fortunate situation to always get enough of the product to use it for as long as I pleased. Until it was taken of the market. If Formebolone was applied to a muscle continuous for longer periods of time, say, once a week for a period of six month, the treated muscles grew bigger and the size became permanent.
Of course did I explain how I used the substance. Everything I knew at that time was published in a small underground-publication by the name of “Hardcore Muscle”. For me, the story of explaining how to use the stuff ended there. At least that´s what I thought.
I could never imagine that anyone in the world would make such an issue out of my development and the possible applications of my development. To be honest, I never thought that anyone in the world would like to purchase the product. I could have imagined that one or another guy could perhaps be interested, sure. But never in a life-time could I imagine that my little gimmick would be so extremely interesting to practically the rest of the world, including the anti- doping-commission of the IOC and the numerous bodybuilding federations. During the last 15 years or so, since I developed and sold my first bottle of SynthosiZZe HP 877/3, a huge following of satisfied customers developed around the globe. And with it, the counterfeiters.
As they say, “there is no bigger compliment in life than to be copied”. Would be OK with me too, if the counterfeiters would at least do their homework and produce something that would not hurt the customers.
Chapter 2
let’s go to the beef now and check the competition”
As you see above, I had in mind listing up all the counterfeits and copy-cats of my development. But fact of the matter is simply. I do not have a real competition. Every copy-cat-product or counterfeit I held in hands so far was just a more or less inferior product. The producers do good work in regard to the advertisement of their products. They make statement after statement and develop an agenda around their products that would make big old Abe turn in his grave. But they have to.
Unfortunately, most of the statements made are lies. They imply to have developed another state-of the art-product. The truth is, they mix up all kind of very often more than questionable substances into their concoctions. For example, some of these ingredients are used in the cosmetic industry to make creams and lotions smoother. Others, like silicone, are used to seal the windows of your house and are dangerous. Nevertheless you could end up finding it in your freshly purchased product. Sounds great. “Longer standing-time” as they call it. Well, to me this statement sounds like advertisement for something increasing standing-time far below biceps and triceps. However, the price for silicone, applicable for human use, is quite high. I have done some research on my own. I have talked to many plastic surgeons who are familiar with this substance .And who have used the stuff at the times when it was not yet forbidden for the use in humans. And, as years of research finally showed, this is not a substance If you surf on the internet searching for a cheap SEO, you´ll stumble across a knock-off of my development that costs just 79 dollars for a 100 ml bottle. That´s all Ok with me if you want to take the risk. But the company implies that they have added 15% collagen. I personally don’t believe this because collagen for human use is very expensive. At an amount of 15% collagen, we are talking about USD 1800 just for the collagen. The specialist I have talked to mention these figures. You can surf on the internet yourself and get the information. How can a bottle of SEO be sold for 79 bucks if just one ingredient among many others would cost the producers 1800 dollars for this single bottle? In any case, be it silicone or collagen, you might end up with some ingredients which your body can not tolerate and will make you very sick in the end! Chapter 3
EO´s, Pro-hormones and B
Some companies claim to ad pro-hormones to their concoctions. The idea behind adding pro-hormones to their products is based on the theory that anabolic steroids possess local growth potential. I believe that anabolic steroids or testosterone do have these properties. Pro-hormones do not. Pro-hormones are used by athletes to raise their endogenous testosterone-levels. This might happen. In individuals with chronically low testosterone-levels, perhaps. To a far lesser degree, if at all, in individuals with a normal endocrine set-up. Pro-hormones up-regulate endogenous testosterone through a number of feed-back loops which all work via raising endogenous estrogens first.
This is perhaps not 100% correct, but I am not writing a text-book on endocrinology or about the use of anabolic steroids and such. For information on that, check out my new book on steroids onsters in the making”
To make a long story short, pro-hormones will raise your endogenous testosterone less than a six-pack of miller light. My personal opinion. And that for, are practically useless You might screw-up your hormone-system quite a bit. If that´s what you are shooting for, go for it. You´ll perhaps end up dancing in mini- skirts and high heels.and date your neighbour’s son.each his own, as I feel. Other companies add lots of benzyl alcohol. BA is used to kill bacteria in substances and to conserve a substance. Small amounts in the range of 1 to maximally 2.5% are commonly used in pharmaceutical products. In regard to SEO´s, I have seen products which contained 10% and more of the substance. As with almost everything else in life, more must not be better. Added to an SEO, 10% or more benzyl-alcohol can really be fatal. If you use such a product, you will experience a tremendous pump. Bodybuilders like good pumps. That´s why a user might get the impression to have hit on a really great product. Unfortunately, the subjective impression about such a product covers up most of its actual very bad actions. BA, when injected in muscle-tissue in high dosages repeatedly, can lead to necrosis of the muscle-fibres. Are you familiar with the term By definition: Necrosis is the Greek designation for “local tissue-death in a living Read this until you truly understand it. If you inject BA into your muscles, or a product which contains a large amount of this substance for this sake, chances are pretty high that you develop symptoms of fibre-necrosis. One of my customers used to use such a product. And he didn´t know about the correlations between BA and fibre-necrosis. He ended up having holes in his biceps and triceps. Holes through which anything he put into this muscles just dripped out again. It took him more than a year and about 6 operations until the tissue started healing again. All the dead tissue had to be cut out first. After that, the wounds could not be stitched together, but had to heal by themselves. Needless to mention that his arms do not really attract people in a positive way anymore. Haven´t we all seen the pictures of one of our bodybuilding-heroes whose arms look like someone chewed on them for a while? I still recall reading that this was linked to Synthol. Possible. But not my product. The formerly south-african gentleman , who sold that stuff , even had the guts to spread the rumours that I stole his patent. Criminal energy has many faces. That´s another one.
Wake up and don’t blindly believe what you are told by these people. They are all in this business to make a buck. They have to pay the same bills as you do. The difference between me and them is simply that I don’t want to make ends meet at any cost. In this regard that would be on the expense of YOUR health. Unfortunately, most people don’t value their health enough. Especially bodybuilders. They don’t, until they lose it. One of the bigger problems with applying SEO´s is the formation of scar tissue. You don't want any scar tissue build up when you use site oils. Scar tissue is collagen build-up due to the trauma caused to the muscle by sticking a needle in there. You see? Why inject collagen into your muscles when you can make your own first-grade collagen? Just kidding.
Besides my doubts about those copy-cat products in general, I can imagine that most of these concoctions are not produced under sanitary circumstances. In the “old days”, when we did not have to worry about “political correctness”, one would have called that stuff “bath-tub-brews “, but we do stay political correct until it hurts. Yes sir. Chapter 4
How Bodybuilding works
In our world people always tend to build groups. People of the same interests come together and build communities. Cooks, religious people, soldiers, musicians, gamers, just name it and you sure will find a community on the internet or even just around the corner of your house. Bodybuilders have come together in bodybuilding-communities.
This is something good. To a degree. We can sign up to a forum and voila´ we are connected to uncountable fellows which body build too. Great! We start exchanging ourselves about our workout-schedules. About our diets, how long we sleep, how many gallons of water we drink, whatever. And we are happy about it.
If we have a problem, all we have to do is dial in to the forum and ask for help. Within a short time our mailbox will be flooded with replies to solve our problem. Have you ever thought about who is giving you this great advice? It´s not a professional trainer. Not a studied nutritionist. Well, most of the time these “specialists” really screw you up anyways. The advice comes from regular people. Like you and me. People that are as desperate to find the “holy grail” as you are. Chances are almost 100% that get help from helpless people. A deaf and numb guy asking a blind to show him the way. What a wonderful setup.
If you are desperate enough and a couple of hundred dollars don´t hurt you, your next step could be to ask a professional bodybuilder for help. Someone with a physique like we see them in the magazines must know how it´s done. Sure. In many cases this could be a step in the right direction. That is, if you do not know diddely about training or nutrition or anything related to our great sport. If you take the time and compare the training-programs which you got from your online buddies with the ones you pay for, you will find out that they are all almost identical. And what´s the reason for that? Very simple.
It is all born out of the same background. Desperation. Trial and error. If you go on
and re-read your old magazines, you will see that your new training-program is pretty
similar to the one that was published in a magazine in December 2007. Or June 2006. Or may 1999. Or September 1972. Or in any magazine of the last 50 years. All programs I’ve seen in the last 30 years in this sport all look alike. The system behind it all? No system. Pure guesswork. No science like in other sports. As you probably guessed, I don ´t like the way money is made from people within our sport. Nevertheless, instead of laying your bodybuilding-future and your health into the hands of a fifteen year old moderator of a forum or trust the expertise of an specialist with a solid 6-month-18 magazine background, PLEASE seek professional help from someone with a solid I will personally check the “market” and let you know who I would recommend to you for help, given that you want to spent the money.The same stands for almost every other aspect of our sport. Take nutrition for example. We have 3 basic components in our nutrition. Protein, fat, and carbohydrates. All nutritional systems that you can buy, circle around these 3 basic components. Of course, by mixing these components in different ratios, you can make your body work a bit better one way or the other. Or worsen the situation.
Creatin is probably the only halfway new or advanced part of modern sports-nutrition. But it was always there. In the meat we ate. We just didn´t have it in powder-form. Like today. Can you remember asking “the big guy” in your local gym what you should eat to get stronger? He perhaps advised you to eat lots of red meat. That´ll make you strong, boy, try it. Remember? The numerous articles on red meat in our nutrition? Published a million times. Creatin. That’s why red meat makes you stronger. Good news. Old news.
The above applies to almost any aspect of bodybuilding. Information about steroids and GH as well as SEO´s and anything else.
At least in regard to training there is some good news. There is one man who made an effort to research training on a scientific basis. And I have to admit, jealously, it´s not onsters in the making”
If you surf on the internet in order to find information on how to use SEO´s for maximum results, you will perhaps step into the same trap as you were when searching for the Bodybuilders and pain
Bodybuilders seem to enjoy pain. That´s common knowledge. At least, someone from the “outside” of bodybuilding could end up with this impression if he or she starts working out at a “real hard-core-gym”. The mean grimaces many big guys strut walking around the gyms somewhat manifest this. Some producers of SEO´s seem to use this fact to generate larger turnovers of their products. The protocols which are published as “how-to” guides for best results speak for themselves. Even critically viewed. Not only seasoned bodybuilders should think twice when they are advised to take uncounted numbers of injections per week. But, quite to the contrary, many of these athletes just follow such advice blindly. These manuals advice the athlete to use 1 cc in each head of the treated muscles up to 7 times per week. Let us assume you´d treat your arms and your shoulders. Let´s do a little math.
2 shoulders of 3 heads each.That´s 16 shots 7 times per week. That´s up to 112 injections per week. Following such a protocol requires almost FOURHUNDREDANDFIFTY shots in one month! Even if you rotate the application-sites, you will end up with hundreds of shots per week or month respectively, depending on how many muscles you need to improve. In think that´s ridiculous. Nobody wants to do that. Would you? I wouldn´t. And nobody with their marbles in the right place. Please, don´t get me wrong. How can anybody advice others to follow such a protocol. And here the loop closes again. Ever thought about why somebody would have athletes follow such a protocol? The more often you have to use such a product in the advised manner, the more of the product you have to order. Good for the seller, bad for you.During the last couple of month I was told by many sources, that they have to use very large amounts of those products to get any results, if at all. I know of guys using 20cc´s for triceps and 15cc´s for biceps with very poor results. That´s almost ¾ of a bottle for one treatment. Honestly, if SynthosiZZe HP would produce such poor results, I wouldn´t even care about selling it to anybody. I could never advice anybody to follow such a protocol, not for all the money in the world. It all seems to be connected to the so-called “pain-barrier” that you have to overcome supposedly,if you want to body-build successfully.
In my book, switch from the “pain-barrier” to the “brain-barrier”. I am convinced that this little switch helps more than any steroid in the world.
How SEO´s work, facts versus fiction
How does SynthosiZZe HP work? Back in the mid-nineties, we thought that the oil stays in the muscle, trapped between the muscle-fibres. This was a simple explanation, a quick-fix for the lack of knowledge and at least in the layman´s understanding somehow When I mentioned above that practically the rest of the world raised interest in my development and my theories, I meant just that. The press hunted me down wherever they could. No mercy. I gave interviews for Flex at 2 o’clock in the morning. A wild time in my life. I was reached around from magazine to magazine and from event to event like a cold pizza in the morning after a schnaps-party. After a short while, the medical community showed strong interest in my product and the ideas behind it. A couple of doctors and scientists began to observe the phenomenon of Synthol. And we did our own research. Just like in the old days when steroids were still new. We became our own test-animals. Once again, we had to. To begin with, SEO´s do not stay in the muscle for 3 to 5 years. Not my product. If you find that the product which you use stays in your system for such an extended period of time, you have probably hit on a product which you might as well use for your windows too. Or you could use it to solve other problems. What´s the opposite of constipation? SEO´s don’t take month to dissipate from the application-site. Our research showed that within a couple of days the product is gone. The original 3-to5-year-fairy-tale which is still published on the internet and else, developed because all the guys using the product kept their gains. For years. And as with everything else, the lack of proper knowledge formed a nice agenda. As you see, most of the stories about SEO´s are fairy-tales. More or less. However, some of my theories still stand strong and are plausible. To this day.

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