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Driver Improvement
Program (DIP) Test
1. The privilege of driving a State vehicle will be suspended if you accumulate more than (?) points on 2. When driving a State vehicle what must be used by the driver and all passengers? A. Operator’s Daily Checklist Form B. Seat belt C. Dramamine D. Reflective vest 3. All State vehicle accidents shall be reported to the Agency’s fleet manager immediately, and in no A. four (4) hours after the time of the accident B. the close of business the day of the accident C. the following business day D. the end of the current pay period 4. Maryland State Law requires you to use your (?) , if you are using the vehicle’s windshield wipers? A. Headlights B. Four-way emergency flashers C. Fog lights D. High beams 5. What percentage of crashes are preventable? 6. How far will a vehicle travel in just one second while driving at 65 mph? A. 50 feet B. 100 feet C. 200 feet D. 300 feet 7. In addition to a vehicle’s speed, stopping distance is determined by which of the following factors: A. Perception distance B. Reaction distance C. Breaking distance D. All of the above 8. Which vehicle has the right to proceed first at an intersection with four-way stop signs if more than one vehicle arrives at the stop signs at the same time? A. The vehicle to the left B. The vehicle in the center C. The vehicle to the right D. The first vehicle to move forward 9. If a collision occurs because of your inattention it’s: A. not an accident B. your fault C. preventable D. all of the above 10. Anyone convicted of Aggressive Driving will accrue (?) points on their driving record? 11. Roads are extra slippery at the start of a rain shower because: A. the road surface temperature is warmer that the rain B. water makes any surface slippery C. oil on the road surface has not washed away yet D. a vehicle will hydroplane on any amount of water. 12. How much more stopping distance is needed in the rain? A. road under an overpass B. railroad crossings C. bridge surfaces D. asphalt 14. Where should you look if blinded by high beams coming toward you at night? A. the horizon B. the left edge of road C. your speedometer D. right edge of road 15. If you must pull off onto the shoulder of the road because of foggy conditions, A. turn off your driving lights and turn on your four-way emergency flashers. B. turn on your four-way flashers and leave your driving lights on C. turn on your right turn signals and turn your driving lights off. D. turn on your left turn signal and turn on your fog lights. 16. One out of every three cashes occurs A. Backing up B. At an intersection C. Following too closely D. Checking a map. 17. Who is responsible for passengers using their seatbelts? A. The passenger(s) B. The driver C. Nobody, if the passenger sits in the back seat D. The State Police 18. What is the leading cause of crashes/driver error? A. Driver inattention B. Speeding C. Following too closely D. Failure to yield A. Take extra caution at intersections B. Stay out of blind spots C. Recognize need for preventive action in advance D. All of the above 20. A safe following distance in ideal road conditions is at a minimum A. Two Second Rule B. Two car lengths C. Four Second Rule D. Three car lengths


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