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City Council District 6 „ Corona del Mar & Newport Coast
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Newsletter: May 2011 Newport Beach, California
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energy on maintaining the controls at JWA. celebrate, come along on a Family Fun Ride, General Information
We have a committee that meets monthly, a Sunday, May 15, leaving at 8 am from the consultant who works closely with us, and we Oasis parking lot and taking a family-friendly Departments 644-
have built a coalition of cities that support our route to the ferry (bring money for your fare) efforts. Unfortunately, unlike Teddy and down to the Wedge and back. For more Roosevelt, when it comes to the airport we don’t have a big stick since the county owns the facility and the FAA determines flight paths. As a result, when we get complaints WATER AND ENERGY
that planes are not flying the path they are supposed to, we cannot march into the FAA energy use in California is to move water. and shout “Off with their heads!” like the Red We move approximately 21 million tons 400 Queen. Well, we could, but we would either miles from Northern to Southern California be tasered and carted off to a regimen of every year. That’s like moving 6,000,000 g them look less kindly at our requests. $474,000,000, one more reason our Ground Instead, when we get complaints, we look at Water Replenishment System is so valuable. the flight path data. If the data don’t support the claims, we don’t just abandon the issue. system where water is filtered through the ground into the aquifer and then, before it is obsequiously as Uriah Heep but very nicely indeed) to see if we can discover what else treatment. At a recent all-day water seminar might be generating the complaints. If you (and you think council people don’t have feel that you are experiencing a difference, fun), I heard about DPR or Direct Potable Reuse, the thinking being that since the type in your address, and it will show you the water’s treated anyway, why not eliminate that first slow step. A big challenge is convincing people that it would be safe—the FROM WEEDS TO WHATEVER
same challenge that had to be met with IPR. Much of our basic enforcement is complaint- Meanwhile, two plans for the delta are being driven. Whether it’s a neglected property prepared, and if you want to know more, go illegal unit, construction runoff or other issue, it’s easier than ever to make a confidential In the right hand COUNCIL MEMBER
corner you’ll see “I want to . . . ” Scroll down to “Report a Code Violation” and there you are. And don’t forget the 24-hour graffiti hot you’re out walking and see something on city WHAT DO YOU THINK?
This is a two-way process; please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas and opinions.


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