HE CAPITAL FLYER College Park, MD 20740-3752
July 2002
USDA Informs AFA That Animal Welfare Act
Will Now Include Birds
p 2
Giardia Conclusion
Federation of Aviculture, Inc. (AFA).
Willie and Me
My Adoption Story
AFA Convention Form
Tampa, Florida over 8-11 August 2002.
Club News
indicates that birds and certain rats and venue for aviculturists and other affected Club Information
specifically for research) are required to regulations that may result from the Act.
September 8 *
October 6
November 10 *
exhibitors, and carriers are all included December 8 *, **
defined is critical. Representatives of all to insure that reasonable definitions and passed in regard to U.S. aviculture.
etc.), it is critical to your operation and to the future of aviculture in the U.S.
American Federation of Aviculture, that your opinion be voiced. This is your relate to aviculture to those attending the “Baby Birds” By Lori Pikkaart
geranium her nest sat in, I carefully took to have two birds’ nests in our yard.
speckled white eggs. I took the spout off female house finch on the nest, her black around the nest so it wouldn’t get wet.
sweet little beckoning song. Later, while “Giardia. Conclusions” By Debbie Arbogast
part discussion of Giardia by citing some statistics are significant in learning about where a definite reason of featherpicking what we have seen through the clinic.
available in this country as an alternative 140 birds were tested through the clinic.
to look into its use, as it is thought that indicate have a high rate of Giardia, did resistant to treatment with the Flagyl.
all species of birds. In addition to these 28 positives, there were 4 others that we choice you can discuss with your vet.
call “assumed positives.” That is, these states that other species are insignificant as far as rates of Giardia are concerned, gathered through our clinic is significant symptoms of Giardia and were housed birds that had a fair number tested (5 or with other birds that tested positive.
that should not be ignored. We offer this (metronidazole). According to Avian Medicine: Principles and Application, New Parrot Species?
Parrot, which is a native of Brazil, there is speculation that it is not a new species exciting for bird enthusiasts worldwide.
region of Brazil has been discovered.
is lacking feathers on its head, thus the “Willie and Me” By John Davey
the tiniest crevice to escape the cold and still cocked trap and fresh (?) droppings and safe cracker that ever trod this earth.
short shrift of them, setting out a trapline summertime and the livin’ is easy.
appropriately called “rat tail files”).
so that the trap would spring with a puff with birds or psittacines or parrots. Well, it springing shut on my fingers. The next mice in the summer – and certainly never Parrot – spend the daylight hours of the the screened-in back porch of our home.
It’s really a great location – lots of fresh new brand of trap – sleek, deadly, with clean and still armed. It’s now personal.
sunlight, a chance to be outdoors without indirect joys of birdkeeping. I know that three clean kills. I laid off after the third adversaries. But after a day or so hiatus, tempt fate, he would tell you: “Because the birds and I were greeted with a shiny infesting our lawn and eating our shrubs, “My Adoption Follow-Up” By Dawn Case
has birds listed that are in need of a new almost purrs when she is on my shoulder.
future when he trusts me enough…. I’ll part of my activities with my other birds, advertised by our newsletter, and I get to scratch his head.
I had to let her go at her own speed.
lost interest in her 3 birds. A few months not help asking what the problem was.
prior to this, I had to put my much-loved 10 yr old parakeet to sleep, because of a she just didn’t have time for anymore.
she learned the routine of the day. I even to do laundry, so it was left alone all the I didn’t want one, but I just felt so bad turned out I adopted Virgil 2 days before for this bird all alone in the basement. I the World Trade Disaster, so I will never in our newsletter to find it a home.
newsletter to come out, I couldn’t help quite a few months for him to settle in.
be. But it’s relative. She did try to get with a little mirror in his cage and I let Club meeting, but she is still rather timid still working on that issue, but it takes him playing with a toy for the first time of the time, probably to keep her quiet.
pellets I put in a separate dish for him.
of trust with a bird, but I certainly feel around more than eat them, but I do think day I fell in love. I decided right away I started playing with his pellets. I image AFA 2002 Convention Registration Form
AFA Convention 2002August 8 – 11, 2002 Hyatt Regency at Tampa City Center
Full Registration includes lectures, workshops, exhibits, a banquet ticket and all specialty
meetingsFee does NOT include tours, proceedings or hotel accommodations. Full payment must be sent with this form.
Refunds: Postmarked on or before June 29, 2002, 100%. Postmarked on or before July 20th, 50%.Refund requests MUST be in
writing and mailed or faxed to the AFA business office.Hotel Accommodations are not included. AFA Convention rate of $89 single
or double & $114 triple/quad if reservation is made by July 16th 2002. Call 1-800-233-1234 for reservations. Make sure you state

AFA affiliation to get the rate.
All minors attending the AFA Convention must be accompanied at all times by a registered adult participant.AFA is not responsible for
minors who attend without proper adult supervision. AFAMember
Early Bird must be postmarked by June 28, 2002. Indicate banquet choice below: V = vegetarian or N = non-vegetarian
Indicate banquet choice - V = vegetarian or N = non-vegetarian | Type: _______
Full Registration June 29TH thru on site. Indicate banquet choice below: V = vegetarian or N = non-vegetarian.
Indicate banquet choice - V = vegetarian or N = non-vegetarian | Type: _______
Extra Sat. Aug. 11th Banquet Tickets | Type: _______
Thursday Aug. 8th
Florida Fish Feast with open bar & DJ. No reservation taken after July 31st. Includes transportation. $40
Friday Aug. 9th fee includes lectures, exhibits, & specialty meetings. $75
Saturday Aug. 10th fee includes lectures & exhibits. Banquet is NOT included. $75
Sunday Aug. 11th 8 am – noon Avian Workshops
Advance purchase of proceedings by Aug 3rd (pick up at registration desk only - will be $30 on site)
Convention T-Shirts for Pick up at AFA Booth - Size Med, L, XL, XXL | Size: _______
If you are not yet a member join now for full privileges: Individual $40 Family $45, Supporting $75, Commercial $125$______ Use one form per person. Name of registrant, as it is to appear on badge. Date:_______________ PLEASE PRINT Name:___________________________ Phone:___________ Fax__________ Aviary/Business name___________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________ Member #__________ City_______________________________ State___________ Zip________________ If you are an AFA Officer, or State Coordinator enter state, region. If you are a Club Delegate, please name club.
Title:_____________________ Region:___________________ Club:_______________ Make checks payable to AFA or provide credit card information. Check enclosed___ MC___ VISA___ AMX___ Total due Name (Please Print) _____________________________________ Authorized Signature _________________________________ Credit card #_________________________________________________ Expiration __________________ Mail to: American Federation of Aviculture (AFA), P. O. Box 7312, N. Kansas City, MO 64116 Phone (816) 421-BIRD (2473) | Fax (816) 421-3214 | E-mail AFAOffice@aol.com | web site http://www.afa.birds.org
“Baby Birds” continued
Treasurer’s Report
time I thought of those little babies. As July 2002
mother came back to her nest. She did.
Beginning Balance:
the oak tree in front of our house, singing prettily, as if to encourage his mate while Total Income:
Total Expenses:
Ending Balance:
plant down to look inside the nest. It was Membership Report
sat in the grass in front of the deck and persistently scolded. I couldn’t imagine where the nest was until I saw it nestled beam. I could see three blue robin’s eggsfrom above through the slats of the deck Total Memberships
robin wasn’t around either. She didn’t sit on the fence and wait for me anymore.
the frequent visitor with the water hose.
I looked into her nest. It too was empty.
place that I could not explain. It was like like. I became fond of privately referring to them as “mother bird” every time I singing in our oak tree out front. He and that they will be back to nest. I am also time, the bottom of the finch’s nest was huddled so closely together, I couldn’t this way it is comforting to see that life CLUB INFORMATION
NCBC Advertising Policies
Vice President
advertiser’s claims or the quality of their Secretary
BIRDS are normally welcome at
Audit Committee Chair
responsibility for their safety or welfare.
NCBC Editorial Policies
Hospitality Committee Chair
REFRESHMENTS: Please bring a
Library Committee Chair
the Editor, the Club or its members.
you can. It doesn’t need to be fancy or Newsletter Committee Chair
appearing in The Capital Flyer may be to the author and The Capital Flyer. To Publicity Committee Chair
be obtained from the original source.
Ways & Means Committee Chair
AFA Delegates
NCBC is affiliated with the American
Virginia, and Bird Clubs of America.
Annual DUES are payable on January
1 of each year: Individual - $20; Family- $25. After June, dues are one-half theabove amount. Make checks payable toNCBC and send to: National CapitalBird Club, 4615 Harvard Road, College Your new membership card
is stapled here for paid members.
Club MEETINGS are normally held the
first Sunday of each month at 3:30p.m.
at the McLean Government Center, 1437
Balls Hill Road, McLean, VA; (703)
August 8-11, 2002
http://www.afa.birds.org/convention/index.html August 25, 2002
Mid- Atlantic Bird Mart
October 27, 2002
Mid- Atlantic Bird Mart
December 1, 2002
Mid- Atlantic Bird Mart
National Capital Bird Club
4615 Harvard Road
College Park, MD 20740-3752

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Source: http://www.ncbc-dc.org/newsletters/2002-July%20Capital%20Flyer.pdf

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