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these courses. They have a duty to pro-vide the best possible facilities.” Do youfeel like that’s the case at the moment?“No.” It seems that the support networkfor students with depression is not assecure as it seems.
years of your life? selling helped: “I found it much easier talking to someone who didn’t knowme. There are certain things that youwouldn’t want your friends or yourmother to know, but if you’re talking tosomeone anonymous in complete con-fidence, you can be as honest as you Student depression is a misunderstood condition, says Liv Evans. want. I found getting everything off my
chest and knowing what was wrongcathartic, but I was looking for aninstant solution, and there wasn’t one.” Picture this. It’s a Friday evening. A first year. I’ve never felt like I’ve fitted need anybody else, they don’t like me’, the illness took hold. “I went straight Rebecca doesn’t think that she will feel evening. It’s noisy, everyone’s talking, everyone’s having fun. But there’s one social life, he gave up all his recreation- uni is such an elusive concept. I used to al activities. “I was busy nearly every thing. I felt that everything was getting the older I get, the worse I’ll become. I ral until people told me I needed help.” fulfilled, and that’ll make me feel even “Definitely. When I leave here I’ll prob- the future. “But if you’d asked me this far down as they were, but that’s at the the same way. And that’s not true; I’m mental distress whilst at university.
you’re depressed, recovery takes a long cost £80, when I had a return ticket for time and you can’t predict it. But am I feeling as good as I was before? No. I’m tating condition. “There’s this voice in to a degree very difficult. “The pressure ing. But I wouldn’t say that there’s a me. I feel like it’s not even me anymore.
I don’t know what to do with myself. It sort of feels like a panic attack, but it’s a depression than others. “I think it can lot more sustained. It will last for days.” this can be fatal. Gareth explains: “At Earth. It’s something that can be trig- depression in October 2008. “There’s a gered and it could happen to anyone.
me, perhaps I wouldn’t be alive today.
That’s how low you can get. You’re not you feel like you can’t climb out of bed.
now, ‘do you want to die?’, of course I don’t. It’s an altered state of mind.” you’re going to cause a nuisance to peo- you you’re the best person in the world, port they can really offer. “I’m quite cynical; I don’t see an objective coun- sufferer will experience intense feelings they’ve turned into the three worst.” lack of interest in everyday life. It can the worse you feel.” And so few contact hours makes things worse? “Definitely.” dent depression? “Definitely. There’s a are a bit sick of it. I hate putting pres- fun life. For a depressive it’s the exact problems. I think that I have to learn to respect and trust myself before I go to a counsellor and trust them. I don’t know tional difficulties, I could say, ‘it’s OK, your life during your university career.
I’m doing really well at school and I will be really successful in my career’, and from his course after his diagnosis.
worse. The instinct of a depressive is to university. “I haven’t moved out of my lock themselves away. It feels like it’s responsibility in these cases, particular- *Names have been changed. M



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