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NZ Microbiological Society Conference 2013
Draft programme - still subject to change Monday, 25 Nov
Waikato University, Lecture Block 'S', Room SG.01 Registration
Welcome Mixer
Dr Jonathan Broadbent (University of Otago)
Preventing bacterial destruction of teeth through community water fluoridation Tuesday, 26 Nov - Day 1
Waikato University, Lecture Block 'S', Room SG.01 Registration
KEYNOTE: Tjakko Abee (Wageningen University )
Marta Pajak (Plant and Food Research Ltd) The food borne pathogen Vibrio vulnificus, why is it even here?
Characterisation of V. vulnificus strains isolated from Pacific oysters. Graham Fletcher (Plant and Food Research Ltd) Attempting to validate a predictive model for numbers of
the food-borne pathogen Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Pacific oysters. Shanthi Parkar (Plant and Food Research Ltd) Microbial metabolism of plant foods in the gut – an SCFA
based approach for appetite control. Morning Tea
Neethu Jose (Lincoln University) Low pH tolerance and antibiotic resistance in lactobacilli isolates.
Carlo Carere (University of Manitoba) Genomics of cellulolytic clostridia and development of rational
metabolic engineering strategies. Amy Van Wey Lovatt (AgResearch Ltd) Successful prediction of coculture growth kinetics between
Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron and two Bifidobacterium strains from monoculture parameter values. Carolyn Mander (AgResearch Ltd) Carbon utilisation and organic acid production by phosphate solubilising
KEYNOTE: Cindy Morris (INRA France)
Joel Vanneste (Plant and Food Research Ltd) What we have learned about Pseudomonas syringae pv.
actinidiae, three years after its discovery in New Zealand: A short review. Graeme Attwood (AgResearch Ltd) Rumen methanogen diversity and the need for representative cultures.
Andrew MacKenzie (Callaghan Innovation) Analysis of bacterial polar lipids.
Matthew Stott (GNS Science) Extremophile ecology in the Taupō Volcanic Zone.
Jackie Aislabie (Landcare Research) Culturable bacteria from soils of the Ross Sea region, Antarctica.
Kevin Lee (GNS Science) The genomics and ecology of the extremophilic scavenger Chthonomonas
Afternoon Tea
KEYNOTE: George Kowalchuk (Netherlands Institute of Ecology)
Wednesday, 27 Nov - Day 2
Waikato University, Lecture Block 'S', Room SG.01 Registration
KEYNOTE #4: Ed Louis (Centre for Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits, Dept. of Genetics, University
Rashmi Ramesh (Massey University) Visualizing protein-protein interactions in vivo in real-time to
understand the spatiotemporal regulation of the protein kinase Gcn2. Evelyn Sattlegger (Massey University) Gcn1 binding to the 40S ribosome head region is essential for fully
activating the ancient nutrient-sensor-kinase Gcn2. Richard Cannon (University of Otago) Inhibition of the Candida albicans major facilitator superfamily
transporter Mdr1p responsible for fluconazole resistance. Morning Tea
Bikiran Pardesi (University of Otago) Screening and characterization of Porphyromonas gingivalis
mutants and preliminary identification of specific heme-binding sites. Yang Li (AgResearch Ltd) The genome sequence of the rumen methanogen Rumen Cluster C sp. ISO4-H5.
Nick Heng (University of Otago) A tale of two oral streptococcal genomes: the human type strain
Streptococcus salivarius NCTC 8618T and Streptococcus trichosurus CB1, a new species isolated from the New Zealand brushtail possum. Xue Zhang (Massey University) Genetic analysis of succinate utilization genes in a plant growth-
promoting bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens SBW25. NZMS Annual General Meeting
KEYNOTE #5: Al Brown (Aberdeen Fungal Group, University of Aberdeen)
Jonathan Broadbent (University of Otago) Identification and enumeration estimation of bacteria in
dental plaque in a New Zealand birth cohort. Stephen On (Institute of Environmental Science and Research) Distribution of C. concisus
genomospecies 1 and 2 in faecal samples from healthy volunteers and diarrhoeal patients. Rakesh Sehgal (University of Yaounde I, Cameroon) Plasmodium vivax as a cause of complicated
Afternoon Tea
Alka Sehgal (Government Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh, India) Laboratory evaluation of
women with vaginal discharge and comparison with clinical diagnosis. Rakesh Sehgal (University of Yaounde I, Cameroon) In vitro antiamoebic properties of Euphorbia hirta
(euphorbiaceae) aqueous extract and fractions against clinical isolate of Entamoeba histolytica. NZMS Oration
Conference Dinner
Thursday, 28 Nov - Day 3
Waikato University, Lecture Block 'S', Room SG.01 New Organism Initiative
Morning Tea
Journal Writing Workshop


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