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Child health week

Mother and Child Week
Planning Tool
Name of District:
Total Population: ______________
Urban Population (wards): ___________________ million
Rural Population (villages): ____________________ million
Number of union councils: ___________
Number of Total FLCFs ________________.
Number of FLCFs involved in LHWs Program__________________
Number of FLCF staff
: ________________Health facilities × 2(M.O and LHV)
Number of LHWs: ____________________
Number of LHSs: _____________________
Number of Volunteers Required: ___________________
Number of vaccinators: _________________
Number of CDC Supervisors and other staff that can work as vaccinator___________

Names of potential NGO partners: ___ _______________

Children under
Pregnant women
Children 2-5 Yrs
B. Outreach Plans for Vaccinators

No. of Vaccinators/CDC
Any other requirement
staff/Other staff to be used as
and other staff with
Complete Plans

Orientation of Vaccinators/CDC and other staff on MCWeek Immunization Activity (can be
linked with District NID Training before the week)
No. of batches
20 participants/batch
EDO(H) and District EPI staff
D. Logistics to be demanded


Check balance and order full requirement of EPI supplies
Measles TT 0.05ml
• Tab Mebendazole : I Tablet/child (2-5 yrs. of age) =
Social Mobilization Material:

• Advocacy folders : 100 per district & 200 per province • 10 ANC leaflets/LHWs= • No. of Registration sheets required (2 set per LHWs & Volunteers)= • Banners : 22 per UC = • Mosque leaflets 100/UC = Training Material :
i. Trainers Guide =No. of trainees ( 2/FLCF staff + LHSs) = • Counseling card sets for trainers 1set /trainers+LHS= Refresher Training Plan Mother and Child Week
No. of batches
National Program
(EDO(H) & DC

2. TOT FOR FACILITY Staff not involved in NP

Total Number of Master Trainers: ____________
Total Number of Health Facilities: ____________
Total HCPs to be trained: ___________ (2HCP/Facility, Doctor & LHV )
No. of batches
25 part./batch

Training of ________ LHWs will be conducted at the Health facilities, and all the trainings
will be completed before the ________________________ 2009..
• LHWs will be trained at their own Health Facilities. • If number of LHWs at one Health Facility is less than 5 training will be conducted at • Video films on Child health already available at the Health Facilities will be a part of • LHS can be a trainer in case of non availability of female staff. • Detailed Facility wise micro plan will be provided by the District Coordinators by the __ __ of _.
• Provision of Training manuals in district by UNICEF Islamabad Two Weeks before the TOT in order to carry out the activity as planned. NO. of batches.
15 LHWs/batch
4. Training of Female NGO Workers/Volunteers ( If Applicable)
Training of _______ Volunteers will be conducted at the Health facilities, and all the trainings will be completed by------------- • Video films on Child health already available at the health facilities will be a part of • LHS can be a trainer in case of non availability of female staff.
1. Teaching Aids in functional status
• Child health video film • Counseling session films. • Participant Manual • Child Health Plastic cards and Training Charts 5. Monitoring Plan
Date of Visit
Name of Supervisor/
EDO(H)/Focal person MCW DPIU NP for FP& PHC. Mother and Child Week
Activity Plan
• Vaccination < 2 yrs • Deworming 2 – 5 yrs Mother and Child Week
District Monitoring Plan
It is preferable that one government and one partner representative to travel together.

Mother and Child Week
Checklist for field monitors
Monitoring Checklist for District/Tehsil Level

Name of Monitor: _____________________________________ Date: ________
District/Tehsil visited: ____________________ Team No: ___________

S. No.
A. District Level Activities
awareness through media (provincial/district) Participation of district officials and other messages on child health & sanitation through local media channels Mother and Child week Walk at the district B. Tehsil Level Activities
A special event for launch of Mother and Child week week in tehsil involving staff of local councils, traders, CBOs, Boy scouts, girl guides, LHWs and school children Special school based child health & sanitation week activities including debates and funfairs in all school Religious leaders and mosques imams make special talks on cleanliness during all Khutbas and prayers Mosque announcements for immunization camps are being done Local sports clubs has held local level sports competitions to create awareness on sanitation Walk arranged with school children including boy scouts and girl guides and DCOs/Nazims led the event
Monitoring Checklist for UC Level

Name of Monitor: _____________________________________ Date : __________
District/Tehsil visited: ______________UC No. __________Team No: ___________

C. Union Council Level Activities
1. Community level
No Comments
Launch of Mother and Child week held in UC NGOs, CBOs and CCBs arrange social mobilization events to promote child health & sanitation 2. School based activities
School flyers have reached all schools and teachers and students know about the event Walk arranged with school children led by 3. Mosque based activities
Mosque flyers have reached the local imam Mosque announcements for immunization camps are being done Mosque imams make special talks on cleanliness, hand washing and relevant subjects during all khutbas and prayers 4. Health facility based activities
Banner of Child Health and SanitationWeek Antenatal Care (ANC) pictorial cards available Availability of Vaccine/Drugs
Staff trained on Mother and Child Week
Does the facility toilet have running water and soap? Ask staff about what necessary advice needs to go to a mother with child suffering from diarrhoea? - Exclusive breast-feeding for all children under 6 - Treat drinking water before use ( Boil, filter, 5. Village based activities
Team members have received training before All vaccines and diluents available
D.Household level
Adult member aware of child health & sanitation week? Know about any new latrines being constructed during the week? Are there any child/children (0-5) years in this household? Are all child/children (0-2) years received immunization? Are all child/children (0-2) years received deworming tablet? If there is a pregnant woman in the household, did she receive TT injection and ANC pictorial flyer? Has the mother attended health & Hygiene Note: Ques No.7 under heading U.C Activities will be replaced by questions regarding Pneumonia in October round

Source: http://pakcyber.net/phc.gov.pk/Downloads/CHW/District_Planning_Tool_for_MCW.pdf

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