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Our twin barrel frozen cocktail machines add fun to any party! Delivered with 20 litres (10L in each barrel) of your choice of drink flavours – just add your own alcohol. Self serve means no more wasting time fixing your guests drinks. Less work and more time enjoying your own party, with no clean up! For your convenience, our Frozen Cocktail Machine is provided with a permanent stand and 100 spoon straws (not shown). Great for any occasion… birthday parties, engagements, hen’s & buck’s nights, weddings, Christmas & NYE parties, theme nights, school or office functions, club nights & fundraisers. FIRE ENGINE - Raspberry flavour with Redbull You add Vodka & Redbull
RASPBERRY CRUISER – Raspberry flavour You add Vodka
RASPBERRY MARGARITA - Raspberry with a kick! You add Tequila
SHOOTIN' THE BREEZE - Raspberry fruity flavour You add Bacardi
STRAWBERRY CRUISER - Strawberry flavour You add Vodka
STRAWBERRY DAQUARI - Strawberry fruity sensation You add Bacardi
STRAWBERRY MARGARITA – Strawberry with a kick! You add Tequila

BLUE LAGOON – Classic with a smooth lemonade tang You add Vodka BLUEBERRY CRUISER – Blueberry flavour You add Vodka MALIBU WAVE – Flavour of the islands. Lemonade, coconut & pineapple You add Malibu VIAGRA – Get your heart started! You add Vodka & Redbull COOL LIME CRUISER – Lime flavour You add Vodka DETONATOR – Melon, pineapple & coconut sensation You add Malibu ILLUSION – Delicious melon, pineapple & vanilla flavour You add Vodka KAMIKAZE – Lemon lime and triplesec flavour You add Vodka LEMON LIME DAQUARI – Classic lemon lime flavour You add Bacardi MARGARITA – Zesty citrus flavour with a kick! You add Tequila MELON CRUISER - Melon flavour You add Vodka E: LEMON LIME & BITTERS – Lemon Lime with a kick You add Vodka MANGO CRUISER – Mango flavour You add Vodka MANGO DAIQUARI – Mango sensation You add Bacardi MANGO MARGARITA – Mango fruit flavour with a kick! You add Tequila ORANGE CRUISER – Orange flavour You add Vodka PINA COLADA – Summer sensation of pineapple & coconut You add Bacardi SEX ON THE BEACH – Peach, passionf ruit, cranberry & triplesec You add Vodka TEQUILA SUNRISE – A great classic. Smooth orange flavour You add Tequila TROPICAL CRUISER – Orange, Passionf ruit & Guava flavour You add Vodka TROPICAL HEAD RUSH – Orange, passionfruit, pineapple & coconut You add Malibu TROPICAL TANGO – Mexico meets the islands! You add Tequila PINK or PURPLE FLAVOURS: COSMOPOLITAN – ‘Sex & the City’ Cranberry, lime & orange You add Vodka FRUIT TINGLE – Fruit fizzle taste sensation You add Vodka WATERMELON CRUISER – F ruity watermelon flavour You add Vodka WILDBERRY BREEZE – Wildberry taste sensation You add Barcardi WILDBERRY CRUISER – Wildberry flavour You add Vodka OTHER FLAVOURS: COLA – Classic favourite You add white/dark rum, scotch, bourbon or vodka LEMON CRUISER – Ref reshing lemon flavour You add Vodka PINEAPPLE CRUISER – Pineapple flavour You add Vodka PINEAPPLE DAIQUARI – Tropical pineapple sensation You add Barcardi Party Express recommends the following alcohol to drink mix ratio: Add 750-1000 ml of alcohol per 10 litres of cocktail mix (for each barrel) This will equal create a well balanced and refreshing cocktail. “Make your party the talk of the town!” E: Perfect for under-age parties, school functions, fetes, sports days, fundraising days and many other events! E:


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