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Re-Structured or “Structured” Water for Pillar of Light’s Structured Water Filter Machine
The is a testimonial from Erika Louie, who while working in a specialty water store observed with herself and others over many months, the effects of drinking Pillar Of Light’s Re-Structured Water
produced by the Twin Vortex Living Water Machine.
I am very pleased to convey my knowledge about the effects of Pillar of Light’s “Structured Water” upon myself and the people with whom I have shared it. I have derived no financial benefit, direct or indirect, in return for this testimonial. I share my knowledge so that others may benefit. I am 42 years old and have consumed Structured Water for approximately five months. I tested for negative effects before drinking it freely by taking it in small quantities for several days, and always urge others to do likewise when trying new things. I believe that people should be well attuned to their bodies and how they respond to any influence that is potentially beneficial or harmful, no matter how slight. So far, there have been no obvious negative effects reported what so ever, no matter how much water I or others drink. The first positive effects were seen in my skin, which also gave a clue to how the water probably works. For about six months before I started drinking Structured Water, my feet had begun to “look old.” The area below the ankles looked more purple because the blood vessels were more visible, a sign that the skin had become thinner due to aging. About 1-1/2 weeks after drinking the water (quite liberally by now), I was shocked to note that the skin looked younger again. It was flesh-tone and very close to the thickness it used to be. The skin had obviously become firmer again through the effects of the water. I concluded that somehow, the cells were “holding water” differently than they had before. (Incidentally, I had consumed liberal quantities of distilled water (with no similar positive results) for several years before drinking Structured Water. So water drinking for better health was not a new experience.) Thicker, oily skin runs in my family, which is more resistant to damage and wrinkles than thinner, less oily skin. However, due to various reasons, I had been very abusive toward my facial skin. There was some bad pitting; very uneven texture overall, and extremely mottled tone. The only medical treatment I had undergone for my (then extremely slight) acne was (tetracycline and then Cleocin, for a total of one year, about 20 years earlier. ---Overkill by gung-ho military doctors had undoubtedly aggravated the problem. I was resigned that no simple, inexpensive solution would noticeably improve matters. However, I was further astounded to find that Structured Water cleared up the acne almost completely within one month. Pitting and uneven texture also smoothed dramatically, as did wrinkling. Skin tone became much more even. For the first time, my cheeks were rosy. Pores decreased in size, and they were no longer clogged with hardened bits of oil. My face has remained pretty clear almost continuously ever since, and is very often extremely clear and even vibrant. Again, the reason seems to be increased hydration of the skin, and probably the underlying tissues. I am ecstatic about the facial improvement alone. I also had suffered severe sunburn on my chest area as a teenager. The top layer of skin had actually cracked into small pieces like a sun-dried mud flat and dropped off. In the last several years, the damage from this old burn was showing more. The skin surface had become more “grainy” and blotchy. After about three months of drinking Structured Water, I was extremely surprised to note that about 75% of the damage seemed to be gone, or at least not evident that I could see. About two months later, I was further elated to find that the remaining roughness had diminished by about one half. The only side effect I would characterize as unusual or striking occurred about two weeks after first drinking Structured Water. For the better part of a day, my body felt like it was exposed to some form of internal electrical energy. It was mild but noticeable. I have not experienced a similar sensation before or since. I believe that Structured Water benefits other body organs because the skin can better fulfill its function as the largest elimination organ, thus helping to keep the entire body system running cleaner. I also believe that the Structured Water process somehow returns water to a much more natural state, like it used to come from the ground, instead of the treated, chemically, electrically abnormal, endlessly recycled stuff that comes out of our taps now. Not everyone experiences sudden or dramatic improvement of the physical symptoms. My estimate is that 40 to 55% of the people who have tried Structured Water for a period of time have liked the results upon their health. Others might have noticed a benefit had they used it longer. Besides that, everyone seems to like Pillar of Light’s Structured Water taste. Only one person has preferred their usual water (distilled), and that was because of a very slight tap water taste. Non CAP water is being used to produce Structured Water at the time of this writing. The following are several categories of symptom relief, which seem to occur somewhat regularly. Increased Water Consumption: People who never drank much water seem to turn into water drinkers when Structured Water is around. Many have had little interest in diet or health maintenance in the past and have usually consumed a typical American diet. Age doesn’t seem to matter. Both children and adults like to drink Structured Water. Calluses: At least 3 people besides me have experienced the near disappearance of calluses on the bottoms of their feet and toes within about 3 months of first drinking Structured Water. Headaches: Menstrual, migraines, allergic and ordinary types of headaches have disappeared almost completely in at least 3 people. Drug Side Effect reduction: The mental and physical effects of drugs commonly used to self medicate (illicit drugs) seem to be diminished by about 50%, including from use of Marijuana, Amphetamines and Alcohol. One person who had eaten chocolate religiously every day “for as long as I can remember – about 20 years” completely stopped eating it and has since felt no desire to buy it. She considered this an unexpected and bizarre side effect of drinking Structured Water. Bizarre but healthy. Physical and Mental Relaxation: At least 5 people say that they feel somehow more emotionally relaxed. I also experienced this effect and had considered several possible explanations. I concluded that since the cells were probably better hydrated; were possibly electrically charged somewhat differently and in line with the alleviation of long standing and/or painful symptoms, were working more efficiently. This resulted in a subtle state of “relaxation” on a cellular level, which had an indirect but subtle emotional effect. I asked these other regular drinkers to carefully consider whether they agreed with my explanation or if they had another. They agreed that this sounded like the most likely reason. Weight Gain: Several people have experienced some weight gain, including myself (at first about 8 lbs, now reduced to 4lbs.) One man gained 9 lbs, one woman around 8 lbs, and another man 7 lbs. Again, I asked these regular drinkers to carefully consider whether they felt any reason to be alarmed, or if this was more likely a harmless side effect of better cell hydration. They all thought for a while, and then said that they felt it was the latter and was actually a healthful weight gain. The following are some of the improvements noted by people who have used Structured Water for several months or less. 46 year old male: • Red patches of acne type infection on his chest cleared up. • He had headaches a couple times a week, but they are gone now. • Severe acne pitting is considerably less noticeable. • He was the person who gained 9 lbs; he had also previously consumed liberal quantities of distilled water for several years prior with little effect. • She initially used Structured Water to feed her baby because their home receives CAP water. (CAP – Central Arizona Project – Colorado River water is pumped from Arizona’s northern border and flows in an open canal across the state to within 90 miles of the Mexican border. Part of Tucson receives it; part still receives high quality groundwater.) Powdered baby formula did not dissolve well in CAP water. However, it dissolved readily in Pillar of Light’s Structured Water even when made with (filtered) CAP water. • She idly drank several glasses over a two week period and was amazed to find that her psoriasis suddenly decreased in size, thickness and pain/itching by about two thirds. She had psoriasis for over 20 years and made the rounds seeking medical relief through the years, but nothing except lecithin had ever done much good. The psoriasis is still there, but she can now use cleaning solutions without her knuckles cracking, itching, or burning like they used to. She is wearing shorts for the first time in years because the patches on her knees are much less noticeable. • She had also experienced Migraine headaches regularly since she was a teenager. They have disappeared. Allergy headaches used to occur frequently during allergy seasons. Since drinking Structured Water, a couple of slight headaches have begun, then subsided; only one real headache has occurred for her. • Her 12-month-old baby likes plain Structured Water and drinks it with as much enthusiasm as fruit juice. The baby is an extremely active and intelligent little person and is too young to be influenced by the notion that something is supposed to be good for her. The entire family (5 children and 2 adults) has turned into Structured Water drinkers. For reasons beyond their control, the family has stopped drinking Structured Water for about one month now and the mother’s psoriasis is now beginning to get worse again. • This man had about 30 tiny, thin patches of dry skin on the backs and palms of his hands for about 15 years. Nothing helped, even frequent use of lotions and creams. Within several weeks of drinking the Structured Water, only 2-3 patches remained on each hand. He also had very thick, large slabs of callus on the bottoms of his feet for many years, which were cracked in several places. Within 3 months, the calluses were at least 90% gone. • This man suffered a substantial stroke 5 years ago and has made a nice recovery. He has done electronic assembly work for a couple of years as part of his rehabilitation. Shortly after drinking Structured Water, he experienced renewed physical energy, which has been measured both statistically and monetarily. Now he works 1-2 hours longer a day, does not take a long nap after work like he used to and has increased his personal productivity about 20%. He broke company records at work, and as a consequence, brings home noticeably larger paychecks. In the muggy heat of the Tucson summer, he now spends time with his girlfriend every day after work, and is on the go even more than before. • This woman had a head injury from an automobile accident and also had a stroke. She had little energy and a very droopy demeanor before drinking Structured Water. Within a week, she was filled with energy and now seems to bounce around her apartment. • Formerly, she did not use her right arm and hand, which were paralyzed due to the stroke. Starting a couple days after drinking Structured Water, she started to use her paralyzed arm and hand in a limited capacity but she continues to work at it and has the energy to do so. • After drinking only 2 gallons of Structured Water, this mans moderate but persistent shoulder pain completely disappeared. He tried various medical treatments for years but never found relief. To his surprise, he and his wife now consume liberal quantities of Structured Water daily.


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