According to legend, tea was first discovered by the chinese strong, sleek & sharp – just how we know you like them emperor and inventor shennong in 2737 bc. It is said that the emperor liked drinking his water boiled, so that is what his servants did. One day, on a trip to a distant region, he and his army stopped light lively & clean, with the classic keemun long, strawberry and coconut purée shaken with strawberry purée, homemade vanilla sugar & to rest. A servant began boiling water for him to drink, and a dead toasty finish. high in caffeine, pickled early in leaf from the wild tea bush fell into the water. It turned into a april- the earliest picking of black tea in china.
brownish color, but it was unnoticed and presented to the emperor anyway. The emperor drank it and found it very refreshing, and cha lychee juices shaken with rose petal syrup kalamansi purée, rose syrup & jasmine iced tea lively, garden fresh flavor and liquorices complexity. the most famous green tea in china. good for pineapple juice shaken with lemon & our feisty The way that tea is normally categorised is by type - this refers mix it up yourself with: kalamansi, strawberry to the six main production methods which result in green, white, yellow, oolong, black and puerh teas. Teas which are scented with light, delicate, fruity flavours with cucumber flowers form one further type, these are called scented tea or tall, strong & completely irresistible fresh lemon, vanilla sugar & lemonade vivid, fresh, floral and perfumed. has a low and fresh impact on the mouth. low in caffeine.
fresh lemongrass, lime & lychee juice In order to make green tea, the tea leaves are picked, allowed to dry up, then fired to kill the enzymes in the leaf and prevent oxidation; therefore they are rich of antioxidant. It tastes green and alive elegant, fresh & summery with a sappy and offering the experience of drinking the essence of spring.
fresh orange juice, lime, mint & kumquat individually-wrapped tea with an earthy, rich texture & taste. extremely low in caffeine.
Most white teas are produced in Fujian province. Many believe that peach purée, fresh lime shaken with lychee white tea production is defined by the use of bud (tips) only. This is not the case. The term, white tea, refers to the processing method surprisingly sweet and soft, with lingering, lifted alone: picking, withering and ambient drying.
ping pong’s unique blend of spicy tomato juice perfumer’s flowers. baroque, decadent, irresistible.
Yellow tea is picked and processed in a similar way to green tea – up to the point of final baking. After wok firing the tea is slowly fabulously – inventive flavor combos, courtesy tiny & precious green tea leaf buds, scented with cooked to prevent oxidation over a very gentle heat up to ‘yellow’ fresh jasmine flowers. unfurling their petals in the leafs. This removes the grassy flavor found in most green teas; your glass, flowering teas are true show girls.
It lacks the vegetal taste of green tea and instead offers a clear, muddled cardamon, shaken with basil seeds, (coke, diet coke, tonic water & ginger ale) sweet and fruity mango flavours with light spice and peppery notes. high in caffeine.
coconut purée, shaken with lychee juice, The production of oolong tea is complex and its aroma unique. After withering, the leaves are wrapped tightly and tumbled to allow further oxidation and at last fired dry to stop oxidation. silky and thick mouth feel with flavours of pea and umani. sweet finish with light hints of rocket and fresh strawberries muddled, passion fruit the island nation of fiji is a cluster of green jewels set in the endless blue of the pacific. fiji water is drawn from an artesian aquifer that Black teas are fully oxidized. After withering, oxidation is lies hundreds of feet below the edges of a primitive rainforest encouraged through rolling which bruises the leaf and exposes its strawberry and peach purée, shaken with juices to air. The enzymes in the leaf act as a catalyst for oxidation and the leaf turns from green to vivid red. Firing and sorting hildon (available still in 500ml & sparkling in 750ml) hildon natural mineral water comes from beneath the chalk hills of a base of green tea buds which unfolds flame- the beautiful hampshire countryside in the south of england.
coloured lily petals and bursts of orange osmanthus naturally low in sodium & naturally high in calcium blossoms. floral & fruity. no caffeine.
The basic production method of puerh tea involves picking, fresh cucumber and apple juice shaken gently withering, drying, rolling, firing, fermenting and compression of the tea leaves into ‘cakes’ and careful storage. Similar to wine, this tea insistent, deep, grippy mint flavours with an oily oxygizer is high-quality table water* with the following contents: mid-palate, subsiding cleanly towards an intensely natural mineral water from the sextner dolomites, enriched with fresh ginger and carrot juice shaken with Any tea can be scented but green tea and a small proportion of beautiful, whole verbena leaves with all the aromatic watermelon muddled, shaken with passion fruit masafi unveils lightest 500ml water bottles 23% less plastic black teas are usually used. In the case of a flower scent teas these qualities of a garden in southern france. fresh and protecting the environment at weight 13g. the source of masafi are made by vast piles of fresh blossoms placed on top of the tea to vivid with mint-like freshness and pressed lemon pure and natural mineral water lies among the foothills of the absorb the aromas overnight. In the morning, after being separated masafi mountains in the ras al khaimah region from the flowers, the tea is fired to reduce the moisture and soak up the flavor. Scented teas are velvety and with thrilling aroma.
strawberry purée and a touch of reduced balsamic fresh mint leaves, fresh ginger, honey and green tea. with or without caffeine – however you like it fresh cucumber juice and apple with non alcoholic Herbal infusions are the product of infusing a herb, flower or dried fruit in boiling water; it is not a tea. They have a fragrant, clean all health benefit of hibiscus caffeine free tea taste and are a delicious, caffeine free drink.
Herbal teas broken down into dust do not pass on the flavour that they should. Only a whole leaf herbal infusion will impart such a all health benefit of hibiscus mixed with apple served cold, cranberry juice, blended with anise with or without caffeine – served in martini glasses slices of fresh ginger shaken with lychee juice & lemon skin, vanilla sugar and espresso shaken with ice fresh grapes muddled with fresh apple juice &



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