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o Legislation imposing tariffs on opiates, cocaine and marijuana o Controlled Substance Act (1970) imposes strict bans on drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines. o Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) established in 1988, with the aim of eradicating all illicit drug use in the US by ƒ Allows for central coordination of the broadly defined War o Direct funding for the War on Drugs exceeds 18 billion dollars in o Tobacco results in approximately 390,000 deaths annually o Air Pollution results in 50-100,000 deaths annually o Heroin and Cocain result in less than 5,000 deaths annually o Marijuana (overdose) has never been listed as the primary cause of death on a death certificate, and no observable evidence has been shown to indicate that anyone has died from marijuana use. o Aspirin results in about 2,000 deaths annually o Marijuana – Schedule 1 Drug – CNS Depressant o Heroin – Schedule 1 Drug – Analgesic that causes Euphoria o Cocaine – Schedule 2 Drug – CNS Stimulant o Methamphetamine – Schedule 2 Drug – Stimulant & Depressant o Stopping Drug use before it starts through education programs o Healing America’s drug users through treatment and intervention • Rimonabant is used to treat Marijuana addiction • Methadone, Naltrexone, RF9, and Buprenorphine are all used to treat Opiate addiction (Heroin) • Baclofen, Modafinil, and Disulfiram are all currently being tested for use in treating Cocaine addiction Isuru Kumarasinghe – Brooke LaFlamme – Robert Portley – Arvind Vijayasarathi – John Widen • Selegiline and Prometa are used to treat • Not much is known about the mechanisms of these Anti Drugs, and as such many of their side effects or o The Global Drug Trade accounts for 400 Billion US Dollars of o Drug producers can reap profit margins of greater than 300 % o Accordingly, interdiction is not as effective as it may seem, because only a small amount of drug needs to pass through international borders to keep the Drug Lords profitable. o Majority of Cocaine ( > 90 %) is cultivated in, or at some point o Are the motives behind the War on Drugs just? o Does the War on Drugs constitute a necessary and effective use of o Can a clear line be drawn between legal drugs and illicit drugs? o By what criteria does the government (FDA) decide which drugs are o Decriminalization would save the country approximately 35 billion o Non-incarceration / Drug treatment therapy would be more beneficial for drug addicts rather than warehouse imprisonment. o De-emphasis of the War on Drugs – spending less money and focusing less governmental attention on the Drug trade. These saved resources could be redirected towards education, healthcare, social security, and the national debt. o Handout Material emanates from the sources provided at the conclusion of the PowerPoint presentation. Please refer to the course website, and download our PowerPoint presentation for a Isuru Kumarasinghe – Brooke LaFlamme – Robert Portley – Arvind Vijayasarathi – John Widen

Source: http://quiz2.chem.arizona.edu/chem436_536/presentations/reading/war_on_drug.pdf

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MIKE LISTON TALK TO JERSEY SAFETY COUNCIL ASBESTOS SEMINAR 9TH OCTOBER, 2008 If I seem a bit disorientated or confused, it’s not my age – despite my hair having gone white and pink I’m actually only 56. It’s just that in the eight days since I retired from my “day job” as Chief Executive at JEC, the global financial crisis has turned my non- exec Chairmanships of two energy c

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Health Advisory: Oseltamivir resistant novel Influenza A H1N1 August 14, 2009 Action requested: • Be aware that two cases of oseltamivir-resistant novel influenza A H1N1 infection have been reported in patients treated in King County health care facilities o Both were immunosuppressed patients treated with oseltamivir o No epidemiologic links were found between these cas

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