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Information on handling lithium batteries

This document provides information about the requirements and conditions that have to be observed
when handling and transporting lithium batteries and devices that contain these batteries.

Information about lithium metal batteries:

Our devices exclusively contain lithium metal batteries, these cannot be recharged.
Lithium batteries are subject to the regulations of the dangerous goods directive and the European
agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR),
since they are
potentially hazardous. During a chemical reaction with water or combustion of the lithium batteries,
potentially explosive and unhealthy gases such as chlorine and sulphur dioxide are produced.
The applicable regulations require that lithium batteries or devices that contain these be specially labelled
before transport. In addition, certain packaging requirements have to be met.
Accompanying documents and marking of the transport box

The transport boxes or packaging for lithium batteries and all QUNDIS devices that use these batteries
are always subject to a marking requirement. We expressly recommend the further use of the packaging
used by QUNDIS GmbH for transport, since this fulfils all the necessary marking and labelling
requirements. Care must be taken that nothing is glued over these labels. The special requirements
concerning the protective function of the packaging are also fulfilled by the packaging used by QUNDIS
(furthermore, if the product becomes damaged as a result of the use of different packaging, warranty and
guarantee claims can be rendered invalid).
No transport documents are necessary in the case of measuring instruments (e.g. electronic water
meters, heat meters, heat cost allocators, add-on modules), but the following information must be
provided on the delivery note and the packaging: Caution. Lithium metal batteries. If the package
becomes damaged, it has to be isolated, checked and repacked. Further information under +49(3601)

Special regulation for network nodes

In addition to the points listed above, a transport document (see sample transport document) must
accompany the shipment of network nodes WTT16, RCU3 and RCU4, and labelling and marking must be
attached (see QUNDIS label document) (refer also to the original QUNDIS packaging).

Release in connection with the type of transport involved
The requirements of the ADR (according to C) do not apply when deliveries or return deliveries
are carried out from building sites or in connection with measurements, repairs or servicing work, but
measures must be taken to prevent the load becoming loose or damaged under normal transport
conditions. The labelling and marking obligations remain valid, see original packaging of the QUNDIS

Further notes

Lithium batteries must not be stacked or transported in loose bulk.
Please note the emergency instructions for accidents involving lithium batteries.


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