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Canberra Racing Club Incorporated
Friday 13 May 2011
Weather: OvercastTrack: Good (3)Rail: True J. D. Walshe (Chairman) C. P. Yeo, C. Polglase (Stewards), B. Delaney (Starter), P Selmes
(Assistant Starter), R. Staggard (Betting), M. Kay (Swab), S. Farrar (Judge), R. Joyce
Co-trainer Mr P Jones was fined the sum of $50 under LR 35 for the late declaration of App B
Vassallo as the rider of Come Prepared. Shout It Out, which was found to have an abrasion
above its left eye was examined by the club’s veterinary officer and passed fit to start. Fast
was slow to begin. After the 600m Seidnazar Glory laid in away from Enrol Again
and lost ground when reluctant to hold its position. Shortly after straightening, Pixie Rain
hung in despite the efforts of its rider and brushed Fast Money, which in turn tightened
Favali. Come Prepared hung in in the straight and proved difficult to fully test and passing
the 200m when shifting in, became momentarily awkward on the heels of Party Dress. Party
hung out throughout the early and middle stages and again over the final 100m.
The declaration of correct weight was delayed when B Ward, rider of second placed
Roccozar viewed the race vision to ascertain whether there were grounds to lodge an
objection against the winner, Beyond Expectation, before declining to exercise this right.
Spanish Halo (NZ) was slow to begin. Passing the 200m Roccozar shifted out briefly
inconveniencing Beyond Expectation and taking that runner out slightly. Over the final
100m, Beyond Expectation shifted in marginally taking Roccozar in slightly.
Murphy’s Prospect began awkwardly, shifted in and made contact with the hindquarter of
Jewel Flyer. Billy and Stake Knife were both slow to begin. A post race veterinary
examination of Tuscan Duke revealed no abnormality.
Trainer Mr L Hodgson was fined the sum of $50 under AR 140B(2) for the late application
for the removal of blinkers and the butterfly bit from the approved racing gear of Zargreus.
Zargeus shifted out on jumping. French Officer had to be checked shortly after the start
between Da Bateman Flash, which shifted in slightly and He’s A Mean Dude (T Phillips),
which after being contacted on the hindquarter by French Officer, shifted out under riding.
Phillips was advised that in similar circumstances he should have desisted riding and
attempted to straighten his mount. A post race veterinary examination of He’s A Mean Dude
revealed no abnormality. Zacasharnn had some difficulty obtaining clear running in the early
part of the straight and passing the 250m had to shifted out from behind the heels of the
weakening See My Baby to obtain clear running.
Trainer Mr M Smith was fined the sum of $50 under LR 35 for the late declaration of W
Pearson as the rider of Claim To Fame. Trainer Mr A Clarke, represented by Ms P Young
was fined the sum of $50 under AR140A for presenting Ranger Hill in the mounting
enclosure without pacifiers. Due to a misunderstanding, R Saxton was initially declared as the
rider of both Donna Sonora and Ranger Hill. Stewards subsequently permitted T Phillips to
ride Ranger Hill. In all the circumstances no action was taken against any individual. Trainer
Mr B Fraser was advised that a warning be recorded against Bella Allegra’s pre-race manners
behind the barrier, which included being reluctant to proceed to the start and then proving
difficult to load. Ranger Hill shifted out at the start taking Bella Allegra out onto Power
. Approaching the 1200m Donna Sonora (R Saxton) shifted in when not clear of New
which was taken in, resulting in Canny Cross having to be restrained. Saxton was
advised to exercise more care. Passing the 600m Donna Sonora shifted in slightly when
weakening, resulting in Malbec which was following, having to be checked. Daisy Cuttem
was held up for clear running until passing the 300m and had to be taken to the extreme
outside to obtain clear running. When questioned regarding the performance of Fiducia, App
T Lovelock-Wiggins stated that his mount never travelled well with him at any stage of the
event and did not respond to his riding in the straight. A post race veterinary examination of
Fiducia revealed the filly to be coughing. App G Castillo (New Recruit) was fined the sum
of $200 under AR 137(b) for making a celebratory gesture prior to passing the winning post.
Racing Green which struck its off-side hip on the gate post leaving the mounting enclosure
was examined on arrival at the start and passed fit to start. Michaels Gift pulled hard in the
middle stages of the event. Monte Ichiban shifted out under pressure over the final 200m.
Trainer Mr B Kimber was advised that Michaels Gift which bled on the first occasion, would
incur the mandatory three month ban from racing under AR53A. T Phillips (Michaels Gift)
was reprimanded under AR137A(4)(c) for using his whip on his mount which was out of
contention. When questioned regarding Red River leading today, J Penza stated that his
instructions were to obtain cover on the gelding. He added that after being slow to begin, he
initially rode his mount along, however shortly after, the gelding commenced to pull hard and
despite his endeavours to restrain, pulled its way to the lead. He added that Red River then
continued to pull hard throughout the early and middle stages and he was of the view that this
had been the main factor in the gelding failing to run on in the straight. L Moloney
(Valsamer) was fined the sum of $200 under AR145 for returning to scale in excess of one
kilogram above his mount’s alotted weight.

Trainer Mr S Kazanc was fined the sum of $50 under LR35 for the late declaration of App T
Lovelock-Wiggins as the rider of Kriegspiel. Lawyers Limits was a late withdrawal at
12:21pm when earlier, found to be cast in its box. Al Ahmar raced ungenerously in the early
and middle stages. Kriegspiel was held up until passing the 250m. App T Lovelock-Wiggins
(Kriegspiel) accidently dropped his whip passing the 100m. When questioned regarding the
performance of Gato, J Penza stated that in accordance with the announced change of tactics,
he was instructed to ride the gelding further back in the field. He added that with Gato racing
in blinkers for the first time, and after beginning reasonably well, it took some time to come
back on the gelding in compliance with his instructions, and particularly as it was inclined to
over-race in the early stages. He added that Gato, however was nevertheless obliged to race
wide in the early and middle stages when inclined to over-race and as a consequence did not
run on in the straight. A post race veterinary examination of Gato revealed no abnormality. A
post race veterinary examination of My Mate Phil revealed no abnormality. C Chambers (My
Mate Phil)
was spoken to regarding using his whip both on consecutive occasions prior to the
100m and also on his mount when the gelding was out of contention. In not taking more direct
action, Stewards took into account that Chambers was resuming race riding in Australia today
after some time away and he was warned against a repetition.
Navaho Trail, which was fractious en route to the course and sustained lacerations to the near
hip and near hind leg was alate withdrawal at 2:45pm. Recondo shifted out at the start taking
Navaho Trail out onto Celtic Soul. After the 1000m, Capital Commander (B Ward), which
initially shifted out when over-racing after being awkward on the heels of He’s In the
, shifted back in to assume its position resulting in Allbeit which was pulling hard,
having to be steadied. Ward was advised to exercise more care in similar circumstances.
Allbeit then continued to pull hard in the middle stages.
Race 1: Mr P Jones (Come Prepared) $50 (LR 35).
Race 4: Mr L Hodgson (Zargreus) $50 (AR140B(2)).
Race 5: Mr M Smith (Claim To Flame) $50 (LR 35).
Race 5: App G Castillo (New Recruit) $200 (AR137(b)).
Race 6: L Moloney (Valsamer) $200 (AR145).
Race 7: Mr S Kazanc (Kriegspiel) $50 (LR 35).
Race 6: T Phillips (Michaels Gift) reprimanded (AR137A(4)(c)).
Race 6: Michaels Gift – 1st occasion – 3 months ban.
Race 5: Bella Allegra – Pre-race behaviour and difficult to load.
Change of Tactics:
Race 7: Gato: To be ridden quieter; settled back.
Race 8: Capital Commander: To be ridden with cover; off-pace
with cover.
Late withdrawals:
Race 7: Lawyers Limits – Cast in its box.
Race 8: Navaho Trail – Fractious en route to track.
Follow up:
Change of colours:
Race 5: Fiducia – White, Kamberra Wine Co Club Colours.
GENERAL: Swab samples were taken from all winners.

Source: http://www.racenet.com.au/stewards-reports/canberra-raceclub-act/stewards-reports/s110513.pdf


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