kin care is a multi billion dollar industry in Australia fuelled by the desires of women and men to maintain glowing youthful looks in a country with some of the harshest conditions on earth. SCurrently this market is still dominated by imported American and European brands due to the notion that these products must be superior. However the tide seems to be turning with more consumers turning towards local products manufactured to suit Australian conditions. Here Dr Yasmin Edwards talks about Philou Skin Rejuvenation Technologies, her South Australian-based company that is rapidly rising to the forefront of the skin care industry.
Dr Yasmin Edwards
“I have always been fascinated with skin care and whilst These customized treatments, which include manicures, growing up was forever buying and trying”. “A career in cellular biochemistry pedicures, zonal body treatments and a full spectrum of facials ranging from gave me the skill-set to really understand the biological needs of the skin and 30 min intense treatments to 2 hour complete rejuvenation facials. it was at this point that I started to find it hard to reconcile some of the The fundamental point of difference to all Philou outrageous claims made by some skin care companies”. “Not only are many treatments is that they are totally customized to the individual which Dr product ingredients unnecessary and even harmful to the skin, there is also Edwards says “ is logical given that individuals have periodic variations in skin no physiological way that some of the acclaimed ingredients can penetrate care needs due to seasonal and hormonal triggers which will differ from the skin layers or maintain the correct molecular configuration to be of any those of another individual”. A client will therefore never experience any two use”. “Unfortunately as with many consumer-driven industries, just very clever marketing and high volume turnover rather than product “…point of difference to Philou treatments is that effectiveness has propelled many of the high profile cosmetic giants to where they are”.
they are totally customized to the individual.” “…hard to reconcile some of the outrageous claims Samantha Freeman, Philou’s Victorian-based trainer describes the Philou products as “an intelligent range of products that will challenge some therapists who are only used to offering standardized Philou Skin Rejuvenation Technologies® launched in treatments”. Philou therefore provides extensive training that has a strong November 2003 with three ranges – AboutFace® premier skin care, focus on skin diagnosis which is offered as onsite training to staff within the Clayful Oils® mask treatments and Munchkin® skin care exclusively for business owners own salon as well as at National training workshops. children. All products contain absolutely NO Artificial Fragrances, Colourings Comprehensive business development support is also extended to all or Preservatives, NO Solvents, Harsh detergents, Parabenes or Petroleum- businesses that take on the Philou products to ensure that they fully or Animal-Derived Products. All products are manufactured entirely in capitalize on the potential for rapid growth and increased profitability. Australia from concentrated ingredients that are quality tested in a Therapeutic Goods Act-accredited laboratory. “The journey so far has been amazing and the sensational results achieved daily by Philou therapists continues to excite and drive us to The Philou range of products is spear-headed by the develop and extend our product range. Becoming naturally skin savvy has AboutFace® and Clayful Oils® range of professional and retail products, been the best career decision I ever made”. For further information on Philou visit that enables salons to offer women and men customized in-salon services our web site,, or contact Monika Hindmarsh, Philou Business and a comprehensive range of home care products. Development Coordinator, on 0413 805 837.



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