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SRY:n vuosikokous Helsingissä 23.-24.01.2014 Kalastajatorppa Torstai 23.01.2014 12.00 - 12.05 Cochrane-katsausten tekeminen ja käyttö kliinisessä työssä Abstrakteja I (kesto 10 min sisältäen keskustelun) 12.50-13.00 Kalle Aaltonen: Rates of serious infections and malignancies among rheumatoid arthritis patients receiving either TNF-blocker or rituximab therapy 13.00-13.10 Heikki Valleala: Epstein-Barr virus in peripheral blood of rheumatoid arthritis patients predicts response to rituximab therapy 13.10-13.20 Leena Arstila: A serious disease course in a patient suffering from SLE treated with 13.20-13.30 Aulikki Kononoff: Adipokines in patients with newly diagnosed inflammatory joint 13.30-13.40 Aulikki Kononoff: Metabolic syndrome in patients with newly diagnosed 13.40-13.50 Aulikki Kononoff: Early active therapy of rheumatoid arthritis with combinations of traditional disease modifying antirheumatic drugs reduces the need for large joint surgery 13.50-14.00 Antti Puolitaival: Leg amputation – a serious adverse event of intensive therapy in chronic arthritides. Three case reports. 14.00-14.10 Heikki Relas: Outcome of transition phase patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis at Helsinki University Central Hospital adult clinic 14.50-15.00 Jaana Joensuu: The cost-effectiveness of biological drugs for rheumatoid arthritis: a 15.00-15.10 Mari Havukainen: Analyses on burden of various rheumatic diseases to health care 15.10-15.20 Anne Kerola: Cardiovascular Mortality in Early Rheumatoid Arthritis in Finland – a 15.20-15.30 Lauri Tuure: Aurothiomalate inhibits the expression of mPGES-1 in primary human 15.30-15.40 Vappu Rantalaiho: Initial infliximab is not cost-effective in otherwise actively treated early rheumatoid arthritis. The 2-year follow-up results of the randomized clinical NEO-RACo Trial. 15.40-15.50 Heini Pohjankoski: Väitöskirjaraportti 15.15.-16.00 Emilia 08.30-08.40 Hanna Säilä: Rehabilitation system for young juvenile idiopathic arthritic (JIA) 08.40-08.50 Juhani Koski: Detection of knee osteophytes with ultrasonography and conventional radiography in osteoarthritis: Intra- and inter-reader agreement and relation to arthroscopic degeneration of articular cartilage 08.50-09.00 Elina Nummenmaa: Effects of FGF-2 on MMP-enzymes in OA cartilage 09.00-09.10 Goncalo Barreto: Soluble bioglycan elicits an in situ catabolic effect in human 09.10-09.20 Oili Kaipiainen-Seppänen: Automated immunoassays for the autoantibodies to carbamylated or citrullinated telopeptides of type I and II collagen 09.20-09.30 Erja-Leena Paukkeri: PPARα agonist fenofibrate and PPARγ agonist GW1929 differently regulate classical and alternative activation pathways in macrophages 09.30-09.40 Jouko Takala: Survival of patients with Wegener’s granulomatosis diagnosed in 09.40-09.50 Tuomas Rannio: Challenges of therapy in patients suffering from granulomatosis with polyangiitis limited to the upper airways – two case reports. 09.50-10.00 Pinja Parmanne: Description of the baseline findings of nailfold videocapillaroscopy in systemic sclerosis and primary raynaud’s phenomenon – 12 months follow up multicenter study Satelliittisymposiumit vuosikokouksen yhteydessä: Ke 22.01.2013 klo 17.30-21.30 Roche To 23.01.2013 klo 09.30-11.15 BMS Pe 24.01.2013 klo 12.30-15.00 Abbvie


Guidelines for steroid use in ards

RLUH ICU: Guidelines for the Use of Steroids In ARDS in the ITU GUIDELINES FOR THE USE OF STEROIDS IN ARDS IN THE ITU Various regimens are described in the literature: 1. • Treatment commenced after 15 +/- 7.5 days • Methylprednisolone 200 mg bolus then: • 2–3 mgkg-1day-1 until extubated then taper over 6 weeks Refs: Meduri et al. Chest 1994; 105: 1516–1527 See also letter in


VOLUNTARY SECTOR Introduction Voluntarism is an integral part of Indian society and dates back to ancient times when it operated in the fields of education, medicine, cultural promotion, and in crises such as droughts and famines. Modern indigenous forms of voluntary organisations began to appear in the colonial period. According to the World Development Report (World Bank, 1993),"

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