To the Staatsanwaltschaft beim Landgericht Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Berlin District Court Turmstr. 91 10559 Berlin Germany Hereby we file criminal charges and initiate legal proceedings against Dr. med. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the German Medical Association (Bundesaerztekammer), Herbert-Lewin-Platz 1, 10623 Berlin, Germany, Prof. Dr. med. Günter Kirste, Chief Medical Officer of the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO), Deutschherrnufer 52, 60594 Frankfurt /Main, Germany. Offences liable to penal prosecution: murder and formation of a criminal association. The above named persons are the managers and marketing strategists of organ
trafficking. Under the pretext “brain death” patients are being murdered. The “concept of
brain death” is a medical killing-concept. “Greed” as criterion for murder is met. The
organisational merger and the common will to commit the killings meet the elements of
the crime of formation of a criminal organisation. It is requested to prefer public charges.
Furthermore, it is requested to prefer public charges also against all those physicians of the German Medical Association and the German Organ Transplantation Foundation who are involved in the perpetration of organ trafficking. The names of these accomplices in the killing business are to be ascertained by the Public Prosecutor. Organ removal is the surgical opening of the body of a living person who dies because of this surgical intervention. When applying the scalpel and the saw, it is already settled that the patient will be dead after the intervention. Organ removal is the knowingly and deliberately initiated killing of the operated patient. Living organs can only be removed from living persons. Any physician who removes organs is a murderer. That’s the legal situation. Consequently and rightly medical doctors who have removed organs and killed are taken to court for murder. In Japan, a transplant surgeon was convicted of murder. That was in 1968. One year before that, the first heart transplant had taken place. The medical doctors at once had opened actively this new market all over the world, removed organs in 70 cases and killed just as many people. That’s why medical doctors were taken to court. The organ business had just begun. Protection of life? Human right to life? The blood and agony of the slaughtered, just like that of the cut open recipients of the organs? Irrelevant to the medical doctors. The medical doctors, used to stop at nothing, would of course not miss out on this unique profit opportunity “just” because there is the human right to life. For it was about a killer business with killer profit, that you can’t find anywhere else! Anyone who wants to come into possession of a commodity must pay for it. This is the fundamental law of barter society. Quite different if one is a medical doctor! The medical doctors can avail themselves for free, take out organs, as many as they want, and pay nothing for it. Moreover, the exploited one also loses his life. All net profit goes to the medical doctors, without deduction, all for free, and they make undiminished profit in peddling organs! However, the protection of life and the law that punishes murder barred the way to this killer business. But the medical doctors, used to stop at nothing, here, too, found a way to push through their interests. In order to create for themselves a privileged area not regulated by law and to abolish for themselves exclusively the penal law, the medical doctors of the American Harvard University had redefined death in 1968. They invented “brain death”. A purpose-driven invention, a tendentious lie with an evil purpose, a fiction, devoid of any reality. We know that already from other areas: if it is opportune, the “limit values” are being
changed. The border to death was moved by definition, the inhibition level against
killing was reduced.
“Brain death” is no death. The word already implies that. When someone is dead, one says: he’s dead. You do not need another word to denote that someone is dead. So, why then the new word “brain death”? Because: declaring dead in order to kill. Without being held accountable for that. Who is “brain dead” is alive. Anyone who removes organs from a “brain dead” person is a murderer. That’s the legal situation. The American transplant doctors did a cost-benefit analysis: It would be much more
profitable, so they suggested, if the cost-intensive beds in intensive care units were
made available, because the very sick needed not to be cared for any longer but could
be diverted, as brain dead persons, to their exploitation as organ donors. Organ
procurement and hospital profitability are the parents of the brain death concept. A
killing-concept. Cold-blooded utility.
“The consent of the donor is prerequisite”, “organ donation is charity” – the medical doctors, inebriated by the gold-rush atmosphere of that time, wouldn’t waste any of their time with such nonsense. The “remarkable coldness” of the transplant surgeons had stuck out already at that time. Again, for clarification: At the beginning of the brain death definition there was no “new scientific evidence”, no “results of a long-term study”, and suchlike empty phrases as they are commonly in use. Nothing of the sort. The brain death came into the world just at the moment the medical doctors opened up a new market segment for themselves. The invention of brain death coincided exactly with the introduction of this new business model, the organ trafficking, a killer business, exclusively and without competition reserved to the medical doctors. The killing business had to continue. Penal law stood in the way. Therefore the brain death definition. Only therefore. A new marketing strategy. A murder-market strategy. In the Rome of Cicero and Caesar, as already in ancient Greece, the deceased was put a bronze coin into his mouth, as ferryman’s fee for the passage to the afterlife, without which he did not arrive. All over the world it was and it is custom that the deceased are given something to take with them (grave goods, good wishes). Under the dictatorship of the medical doctors the deceased are deprived of everything. First, of their organs, then of their life, as if they were obliged to pay tribute, and the good wishes are swallowed by the noise of the saw when the chest is milled open. Grave robbers are prosecuted. And organ thieves? The managers and organisers of organ trafficking in this country – murderers and members of a criminal organisation – are the following: a. The so-called Bundesaerztekammer (the German Medical Association), an association that has no legal capacity. The term “Bundes-” (i.e. “Federal”) has nothing to do with a Federal Ministry, but is just a title such as: Federal Association of the Slaughterhouse Operators, b. the so-called German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO), a profit- orientated, also purely private-sector association. It is them who keep the organ-business running. The grease for the killing machinery is
the “brain death concept”. A killing-concept. The German Medical Association,
endowed by the people’s representatives with full powers over life and death, decreed
in 1998: “With the brain death the death of a person is scientifically and medically
The doctor of human medicine, Dr. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the German Medical Association: Brain-dead persons with their physical reflexes were comparable to frogs, which have been cut off their head. Brain-dead people can be killed with impunity, so the doctors’ credo. This is not new. A medical doctor in 1933ff: “Fully idiotic humans are biologically no humans at all, but just an apathetic vegetating matter without a functioning cerebrum. Fully idiotic creatures are not human beings, because they have no personality. Therefore, the extinction of these people means neither murder nor killing.” This is the view of the medical doctors. The view of the courts: death by hanging, the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial in 1947. The incriminated perpetrators are the managers and marketing strategists of organ trafficking. Under the pretext “brain death” patients are killed. The murder criterion “greed” is met. The organisational merger and the common will to commit the killings meet the elements of the crime of formation of a criminal association. It is requested to prefer public charges. “Brain death” is a marketing strategy of the medical doctors. In truth, there is no brain death. Here are the facts: • Who is “brain dead” is alive. His heart beats. • Who is “brain dead” is alive. He sweats. • Who is “brain dead” is alive. His body is well circulated with blood and warm. • Who is “brain dead” is alive. He is capable of digesting and may be suffering from • Who is “brain dead” is alive. He feels pain. • Who is “brain dead” is alive. Men are capable of erection. • Who is “brain dead” is alive. Women can give birth to children. • Who is “brain dead” is alive. Those persons whose organs are removed are put under anaesthesia before the surgery. There would be no need to narcotise an already dead one. • Who is “brain dead” is alive and can fully regain consciousness. It’s because the doctors can no longer suppress these reports that we now read about it every day: • London: Robin Gibb, singer of the Bee Gees, wakes from a coma. • Karl-Heinz Pantke, a Berlin professor of physics, hit by a stroke, declared “brain dead” by the doctors. He’s now back at home. • After a drug overdose (Baclofen) diagnosed as “brain dead”, the patient is still • Steven Thorpe, Great Britain, 17 years old, after a car accident diagnosed as “brain dead” by doctors. Today he is studying. • After being poisoned by pesticides “brain death” was diagnosed. The patient continued to live and he came to full recovery. • After the diagnosis of a Guillain-Barré syndrome (complete paralysis of the body) he was diagnosed as “brain dead”, the patient survived and came to full recovery. • Luz Milagros, Argentina, came into the world in the 26th week of pregnancy, she was declared dead by the doctors. Her parents did not believe the doctors. In the morgue refrigerator unit of the clinic, they found their child, covered by frost. She was moving her hands and feet and opened her eyes. She was alive. Even babies in the refrigerator are able to survive on their own. But only, if Death is counteracted. He wears a white coat. • Who is “brain dead” is alive. So states the Bioethics Committee of the USA, thus in the country, just where the brain death definition was invented. In 2008, the U.S. President’s Council on Bioethics has discarded the criterion of brain death. The cessation of brain function as definition of death has been disproved empirically: “Brain death can not be equated scientifically to death.” • 1997, thus 15 years ago, it was stated in the Hastings Center Report (USA): We need to move away from the brain death concept. • In 2010, the American Academy of Neurology, too, assessed the untenability of the brain death definition: It lacks any scientific foundation.
Do they have different brains in the USA, so that these statements are irrelevant
to the German Medical Association, so that they can be completely ignored by the
German Medical Association?!

The murderers know what they are doing. The medical expert from the German Medical Association, Professor Dieter Birnbacher, has admitted openly (2010): “The organs are taken from a living organism.” “We have to recognise that brain-dead people are not dead yet, but that we can use them nevertheless as organ donors.” “In the process of organ explantation from brain-dead people, the body organs are removed from a living human individual.” A German winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine: “Squads of medical doctors appear with a drawn knife at the deathbed of a patient, not to help her, but, feverish with greed, to slaughter and exploit her helpless body.” A doctor of the Hannover Medical School on television, self-forgotten and just as there weren’t any Public Prosecutors: “We need the brain death concept to remain capable of acting.” Trade & Change. Blood must flow, people must die, the show must go on, they play the song of death, full house every night, tills are ringing, the operation room booked up, bounty for the prey. In terms of criminal law: Who takes organs from the living, invoking a brain death that
does not exist, is a murderer in terms of criminal law. The concept of brain death is a
medical killing-concept. The incriminated perpetrators are the managers and marketing
strategists of organ trafficking. The murder criterion “greed” is met. The organisational
merger and the common will to commit the killings meet the elements of the crime of
formation of a criminal association. It is requested to prefer public charges.
The Transplantation Act (1997) does not preclude a conviction for murder. The Transplantation Act regulates the “post-mortem organ donation”. A ”post-mortem”
organ donation does not exist. No one ever got his organs removed after his death.
They all were still alive. They were killed by the organ removal. Every physician
knows that.
Any medical doctor who has removed organs from living persons has committed murder, and that’s what they all have done, they have all committed murder. The law does not cover them. Thus, preferral of charges for murder and for formation of a criminal association! No “transplant law”, no medical killing-concept can abolish the right to life. Compare Prof. H. Troendle, annotator of the German Criminal Code: The right to a natural death, as well as the guarantee of an undisturbed final phase of this dying is an integral part of the constitutionally guaranteed protection of life. This fundamental right cannot be taken away from anyone. A medical-scientific opinion (!) cannot limit the scope of fundamental rights.
Moreover, this medical opinion (!) basically lacks evidence for the average citizen
and the non-professional. Because it is noticeable to everyone that,
notwithstanding the total brain failure, all other organs fully function and so they
From official and interested quarters the brain death controversy is being trivialized. Imagine how the trust in the legislator would suffer, if these new findings in the field of medicine gain ground to a larger extent and if, then, it apparently no longer seems reasonable to put in one the brain death and the death of the body as a whole The transplant medicine would be entirely discredited. Every day, executions take place. Children, adolescents, adults, the old ones, men and women, all of them are dragged to the execution site and killed. There is no law. The tyrant has decreed it that way. Is that a scene from a movie, or taken from the history book, or does that happen here with us, day after day? The organ business is a business with death in duplicate. Who has had foreign body organs implanted – they fail sooner or later – is a dead-on-demand. But who is willing to donate organs, sits as well in Death’s waiting room. After an accident on the highway, for example, everything that could save him is omitted. Of interest are only his organs; with blue light flashing and siren wailing off to the next slaughterhouse. One must be very desperate, for sure, and see no other way out, to give one’s consent to be cut with a saw and have implanted the organs of another person, who had to die for this. This despair is produced artificially, is taken into account and is part of the business concept of the organ traffickers: creating dependency, suggesting hopelessness, then acting as saviour and redeemer. All other possibilities of improvement with respect to damaged hearts, kidneys and
lungs are systematically kept secret and suppressed, options free of medical doctors,
where you won’t die after 5 years (as it is the rule with lung transplants), but where you
live on. It’s like what happens in cancer therapy. Its chronic bankruptcy has been
obvious for decades. Nevertheless, year after year patients are lied to, are deceived,
put under pressure and terrorised, until they agree in their being poisoned by
chemotherapy and mutilated by surgical operations. How many have survived entirely
without medical doctors, many more than those with therapy, namely that everything
goes much better without medical doctors, all this is kept secret. Just like the medical
doctors suppress all the reports on the re-awakened “brain dead” who are studying
today, have been married for the third time, enjoy life, and think with horror about where
they were today, if they had not escaped the medical doctors.
These slave drivers! Preferral of charges for murder and for formation of a criminal organisation! The starting shot for the hunt for body organs in this country was given in 1997 (Transplantation Act). Since then, 15 years have passed. According to the death-traffickers’ own statement, up to 4.000 organ removals per year are carried out (in Germany). Thus, a total of 60.000 in 15 years. Sixty thousand murders. To get an idea what that means, what that is, you have to change the scene, and from a distance of several thousand kilometres the facts become obvious in all their drastic effect. Exactly the same thing, not here with us, but in Serbia or in Rwanda, and the reports would read like this: Unimaginable atrocities! Organs cut out alive! Butchers, blood drinkers, beasts in man shape! Indescribable horror and fright! Immediate deployment of a UN task force! Genocide! Crimes against humanity! All before the International Criminal Court! In terms of criminal law: Why isn’t this criminal association behind bars yet? Why is it
necessary at all to file criminal charge? These are offences liable to public prosecution,
the Public Prosecutor must take action of his own, without any criminal charge.
Only bureaucrats pulling the levers? Prof. Dr. med. Karl Brandt, chief physician of the Third Medical Doctors’ Reich, organiser and manager of the euthaNAZIa-mass murders, was hanged in 1947 in Nuremberg for membership in a criminal association and for crimes against humanity. The facts are known. Moreover, all the evidence is accessible to each Public Prosecutor as a consumer of the pertinent TV and newspaper coverage. It is requested to prefer public charges against the perpetrators for murder and for formation of a criminal association. To prevent the danger of suppression of evidence and the risk of absconding, the indicted persons must be taken into custody. In case the state authority is not available, everyone is entitled to act “in the place of a state authority” and to arrest an offender. This “right parallel to that of the state authorities also allows the use of force” (Troendle / Fischer on § 32 of the German Criminal Code). Does the inactivity in the matter demonstrated so far by the Public Prosecutor constitute an invitation to everyone to act correspondingly? Initiative Against Murder Doctors

Source: http://www.spkpfh.de/Criminal_charges_against_the_German_Medical_Association.pdf


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