Winter Meeting
February 11-13, 2011
Dallas Marriott Las Colinas Hotel
Irving, Texas
“Successful Ridge Augmentation Using Today’s Biotechnology -
Bisphosphonates and How They Impact Your Clinical Practice”
Guest Speaker: Dr. Robert E. Marx
Professor of Surgery and Chief,
Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Director of Research
University of Miami School of Medicine
Miami, Florida
“Successful Ridge Augmentation Using Today’s Biotechnology”
Recombinant human Bone Morphogenetic Protein (rhBMP-2) is an acellular collagen
sponge (rhBMP-2/ACS) combined with the acceleration of the growth factors and cell
adhesion molecules in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) together with scaffolding graft materials
such as Crushed Cancellous Freeze Dried Mineralized Allogeneic (CCFDAB) Bone
(CCFDAB) are able to regenerate sufficient bone in large vertical ridge augmentations
without autogenous bone grafting. These materials together complete the classic tissue
engineering triangle of a signal (rhBMP-2/ACS), cells (the host, bony ridge, and PRP) and
a matrix (the CCFDAB and the cell adhesion molecules in PRP).

By avoiding an autogenous bone harvest this composite graft is able to reduce surgical time
and patient morbidity thereby allowing such procedures to be accomplished in an office
setting and gains greater patient acceptance.

Relate the concept of insitu tissue engineering as it relates to bone regeneration.
For the participants to be able to adopt the use of rhBMP-2/ACS and PRP in their
own practices.

“Bisphosphonates and How They Impact Your Clinical Practice”
Since 2003, the dental profession has been confronted with preventing and treating
osteonecrosis of the jaws first caused by intravenous bisphosphonates in the treatment of
cancer patients (Aredia/Zometa), then caused by oral bisphosphonates in the treatment of
osteoporosis (Fosamax), and recently caused by a new intravenous bisphosphonate used to
treat osteoporosis (Reclast) as well as a monoclonal anti-rank Ligand drug (Denosumab).
All of these drugs impair or kill osteoclast and target the jaws due to more rapid bone
remodeling. However, preventative and treatment guidelines in each of these groups have
reduced the incidence of this drug complication and have gained pain control and effective
management of most cases.

For the participants to understand the differences in incidence severity, prevention,
and management of osteonecrosis caused by oral bisphosphonates and intravenous

For the participants to learn effective prevention and management protocols related
to Bisphosphonate Induced Osteonecrosis of the Jaws (BIONJ).

Biographical Information:
Dr. Robert Marx joined the University of Miami, School of Medicine in 1984, became
Professor of Surgery in 1990, and became Department Chairman in 1995.

Northwestern University Dental School, 1967-1971
United States Air Force Internship, 1971-1973
Residency Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Miami School
of Medicine,1974-1977
Research Fellowship Bone Physiology – University of Miami, 1977-1978
Assistant Chairman Department of Surgery, Wilford Hall, US Air Force
Medical Center and Consultant to the Surgeon General, 1978-1984
Professor and Chairman – Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery –
University of Miami School of Medicine: 1984 – present
Recipient: American Association of OMFS: Research Recognition Award
American Association of OMFS – Outstanding Educator Award 1995
American Association of OMFS – Walter J. Geis Award for Scientific
Contributions to the Professions of Dentistry and OMFS, 1995
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society’s Albert Benke Award for
Scientific Contribution to the Understanding of Hyperbaric Oxygen, 1996
President of the Tissue Engineering Society 2010 to Present
Practice Location: University of Miami Division of Oral and
Maxillofacial Surgery
Deering Medical Plaza
9830 SW 150 Street, Suite 190
Miami FL 33176

Source: http://www.swsp.org/docs/2_2011Speaker_DrRobertMarx.pdf

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