December 10, 2002

Matthew J. Driscoll, Mayor
For Immediate Release CONTACT: Congressman Jim Walsh
December 10, 2002

Mayor Matthew J. Driscoll

Syracuse, New York – Congressman Jim Walsh and Mayor Matthew J. Driscoll today
announced the approval of a $5,000,000 Section 108 loan and $1,000,000 Brownfields Economic
Development Initiative grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
(HUD) for operational expansion of Hanford Pharmaceutical Company in Syracuse.
“I’m pleased to have been part of this effort to assist Hanford Pharmaceuticals in expanding its
operations within the City of Syracuse,” said Walsh. “This HUD funding will allow the
company to create new jobs and develop an expanded campus plan on the city’s Near Westside.”
“This is an example of the City of Syracuse being able to utilize the economic tools necessary to
encourage business to expand and grow,” said Mayor Matthew J. Driscoll. “The efforts of
Congressman Walsh, Hanford Pharmaceutical, M&T Bank, S& W Redevelopment, and the City
of Syracuse have resulted in an Empire Zone Certified Business that will also take advantage of
the tax incentives of the Empowerment Zone. This means more jobs in the continued effort
toward economic growth.”
The City of Syracuse has been awarded a $5,000,000 loan guarantee under HUD’s Section 108
program for economic development activities. The Syracuse Industrial Development Agency
(SIDA), as the designated Public Agency, will borrow the Section 108 guaranteed loan funds and
re-lend them to Hanford Life Services (HLS), LLC, an affiliate of Hanford Pharmaceutical
In addition to the loan guarantee, the City has been awarded a Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI) grant in the amount of $1,000,000 to complement the Section 108 assistance. HLS, a for-profit entity, will use the guaranteed loan funds together with BEDI grant funds for purchase of machinery and equipment, acquisition, selective demolition, payment of interest, and environmental remediation. The project will consist of the current location of the company being expanded through the development of a campus plan which will ultimately include installation of three new production lines, a new laboratory and warehouse space. One hundred twenty (120) new jobs will be created through the project, of which 51 percent would be for low-and moderate-income persons. Hanford Pharmaceuticals is a world-renowned pharmaceutical contract manufacturer specializing in injectable cephalosporins, penicillins and penicillin derivatives. It was established in Syracuse in 1846 and currently employs 280. Headquartered on Oneida Street, Hanford is the world's largest producer of veterinary mastitis treatments, as well as America's largest producer of injectable penicillin. Owner and operator of one of the world's newest and most advanced cephalosporin facilities, Hanford Pharmaceuticals has, in recent years, become an outstanding contract producer of private-labeled cephalosporin products for human and veterinary use. More details on the company’s expansion project, slated for parcels on the west side of South West Street in Syracuse, will be released early next year.


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