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Ear/Teleprompter: very proficient & articulate including all aspects of broadcast journalism, narration & writing.
*SAG Eligible.
*Skilled spokesperson, can retain information quickly for training and presenting to clients.
*Excels at all sports & physical activities including but not limited to track and field, yoga, rollerblading, kickboxing, Frisbee,
*Precision driver (non-certified)
*Can play a variety of musical instruments (mellephone, trumpet, French horn).
*Office Culture/Proficient with MS Office, PowerPoint, Visio, Windows 2000/XP, and the Internet.

*Sky Bank ☺
*Safe Auto Insurance/Sunday & Low Monthly Payments ☺
*Ford Motor Company/Who Needs the Bus? ☺
*Koons Suzuki Automotive/The Grumblers 3-Part Series ☺
*Lombardo Communities
*Ford Motor Company/The Andersons ☺
*Ford Motor Company/Cruising & Rabid Fan ☺

DaimlerChrysler Automotive
*Procapper’s Magazine - Cover
*Braid World International ☺
*Braids and Beauty Magazine
*Kmart Department Store
*Michigan Lottery/Club Keno
*Acorn Women’s Department Store
*Everette’s Cornrows *Artistic
*Kinks, Braids/Locks & Natural Hair Journey
*Braid World 10th Anniversary Edition *Sears Essentials

Delphi Product & Service Solutions Game Day Report
*University Of Michigan/Social Research Interviewing ☺
*Detroit Medical Center/Patient Bill Of Rights
*Autowire ☺
*Standard Federal Bank
*Ultracet and Caduet Pharmaceuticals ☺
*RGIS/Career Opportunities☺
*Family Independence Agency
Intranet Training/Is This Job For Me?/Volunteer Services ☺ Host
*Ford Motor Company/Fordstar Mobility
*Family Dollar/Inventory Specialists☺
*Fundamentals of Personal Fitness
*Fash Bash

VOICEOVERS: All Principle Roles
You Sell Marketplace
*RGIS/Family Dollar ☺
*The Future is Here ☺
*J.K. Koons Automotive ☺

*ESPN Super Bowl Super Quarterback Challenge
*The Black Eye Peas Super Bowl Event
*Global Leadership Conference
*Toyota Motor Company
*Prius Experience VIP Tour
*Jim Rome World Tour
*Solaras/Macy Ride & Drive Tour
*Bronner Brothers Hair Show
*GNC Show of Strength
*Milky Way Hair Company
*GM AutoShow In Motion
*King Cobra Girl
*K-Mart, In the Spirit Campaign
*FAME Ms Bikini Universe
* NASCAR Nextel Cup
*Burger King 3-On-3 Half-Time Show
*General Motors Corporation
BA/Sports Broadcasting
*Voiceover Instruction
*Art Of Narration

Source: http://www.tyewarner.com/docs/tye_resume.pdf


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