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Tone Set Up
Portable Door Chime (54535)
No wiring is required for this Door Chime.
The tone selector is a small black button located inside the Push Button When the Push Button is pressed, it sends a wire unit, below the battery compartment, marked with the letter “S”.
The tone is pre-set at the factory to the “Westminster” chime. free signal to the Door Chime that activates the If you wish to change it to one of the other seven tones, press and release chime sound. The operating range is up to 100 the button and a tone will be heard from the Door Chime unit. Continue metres (320 ft. approx) line of sight; however, the pressing and releasing the button until the desired tone is heard. range of the wire free signal will be reduced if the The last one heard is the one retained in the units memory.
signal is transmitter through a number of walls or ceilings. Metal, and UPVC reinforced doorframes will also reduce the operating range.
Channel Set Up
The unit comes from the factory on a pre-set channel. However should your door chime activate intermittently or for no apparent reason, it is Push Button Unit
possible that another unit is operating nearby on the same channel.
1 x 3 volt Lithium battery (CR3032) has been installed.
To change the channel
The door chime has a self learning channel feature so no adjustments are required. Simply remove the batteries from the Chime Unit, and leave to rest for 60 seconds.
Remove and re-insert the battery in the Push Button. Put the batteries back into the Chime Unit and a double beep will be heard. Press the Push Button to confirm the new code is working. Should you need to change channels, this process can be followed many times as there are over 250 Door Chime Unit
To change the batteries
To change the Battery
Slide open the battery compartment door. Insert 2 x 1.5 volt Remove the back cover by using a small, flat screwdriver push in the tab on the bottom. AA alkaline batteries ensuring the battery polarities match the Lift out the old battery and insert 1 x 3 volt Lithium battery (CR2032), ensuring the internal markings. Replace the battery door.
positive (+) side is facing you Refit the back plate.
To mount (if needed)
For carrying around the home and garden, there is a belt clip
fitted to the Door Chime. Should you wish to mount the unit Use the double sided pad supplied. Alternatively punch out the 2 holes on the back plate there is a slotted hanging hole on the rear of the unit, behind and use this as a template to mark the fixing position. Drill holes and secure the back plate the belt clip. Drill your hole (fit wall plug if necessary) and fit with the screws and wall plugs supplied. Fix the front on the back plate.
screw into fixing position. Leave a gap of 3mm between the Caution - Do not punch out the holes if the screw fixing are not to be used, as this will screw head and the wall. Remove the belt clip and locate the affect the weather resistance of the unit.
keyhole slot on the back of the unit over the screw head.
Additional Push Buttons units may be purchased and installed at other locations i.e. the back door etc. This can then be adjusted to a different tone so that the source of the chime Push Button unit
can be identified. Additional Push Button units can be obtained from your retailer or from : 1 x 3 volt Lithium battery CR2032 (included) Important
Door Chime unit
: 2 x 1.5 volt AA Alkaline batteries (not included) The Portable Door Chime is a sensitive electronic product and the following precautions - The Door Chime unit should only be used in dry conditions.
- Do not expose the Door Chime unit to direct sunlight or moisture.
- If leaving the Push Button or Door Chime unit for long periods remove the batteries and R2 Device - device where the sound output is created by the initial operation of the - Do not drop either unit or subject to excessive blows.
control and where the period of sound output continues for designed duration irrespective of condition of the control.
Warranty: This unit is guaranteed against faulty parts or workmanship for a period of one
year from date of purchase. The guarantee does not cover batteries, damage caused by
This product is supplied with 1 x CR2032 Lithium battery in the Bell Push and battery leakage, damage caused by incorrect installation, or physical damage to the casing.
uses 2 x “AA” alkaline batteries in the Chime Unit. These should be removed prior to disposal of both units.
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
Help the environment by disposing of your product and batteries responsibly.
The wheelie bin symbols indicate the product and batteries must not be disposed of in the domestic waste as they contain substances which can be Trouble Shooting and User hints
damaging to the environment and health.
Please use designated collection points or recycling facilities when disposing Possible causes
Suggested remedy
More information can be found on: http://www.recycle-more.co.uk; Uni-Com (Global) Ltd.
1 & 2 Enterprise Way Important note: there are no user serviceable parts in the unit: do not attempt to open the
Symbol   indicating separate collection for electrical and electronic equipment.

Source: http://www.uni-com.co/instruction_manual_pdf/54535_portable_door_chime.pdf

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